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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Finally Accepted to College

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Presents These Students Who Have Been Waiting
For Their Acceptance to College All Their Lives

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Jessica Wants to Go to a 3 Year College
Yhao Cuilan (Jessica)
Yao Cuilan

Yhao Cuilan 赵翠兰 graduated from the best high school in Yangshuo and wants to major in Tourism, the main industry in Yangshuo. She especially needs a $500 scholarship since three year colleges are subsidized by the government and cost a lot more tuition.
I am a high school graduate ready to enter the doors of a college but my family can't support me because of their financial limitations. I wish to obtain your help.
There are six people in my family. My grandmother is old and weak. She has lost her ability to work and is often sickly. Some money has been set aside for her medical needs. I have a younger brother attending school. His weekly expenses are at least 50 yuan ($7.50 USD). My mother thinks and moves slow since she has ha some brain illness since childhood. Dad is the only worker in my home to sustain my and my brother's expenses in school. We have only 1.1 measures of land. We planted fruit and orange trees, but the harvest is not good in recent years. Since the price is low, our income has decreased even more. Since we don't have rice fields, we have to purchase the rice we eat.
I like to study, and college will give me a good chance. We don't have enough money to let me go to the university, so I hope you can give me a little help.
 Thank you,
Yhao Cuilan
 You can see her video at this link. 
Click on this image to see photo workshop selected pictures.
She took this photo at the photos workshop.

Alice Liang Lianyu 梁连玉

Alice Liang Lianyu
 Alice wants to be a nurse. She has always wanted to be in the medical field.
She already has $200 in sponsorships from a tour group that enjoyed her company this summer and were impressed with her ability and personality. She just needs $300 more to go to college. Her essay is below.

I come from a little village. Our village has many poor families.  I wish I can go to college and change my lie.  I dream I can become a nurse and help the others.  My parents are both farmers.  My family just grows rice for a living, so I have no money to pay heavy tuition. Their lifeblood depends on rice planting, and their income is very limited.  My grandmother is very old, and she sometimes needs to take medicine. My grandfather died in 2008, using up all the family's savings.  
So I need help.  I want to gain more knowledge and understand society through attending college. Knowledge changes one's fate. My parents work hard hoping that my younger sister and I can enter a good school and attain a good life. When I find a good job, I will repay my parents and also help those who, like me, want to study and have no financial means.
Please help me,  
 Liang Liangyu                     Alice's video at this link.  
Liang Lianyu took these photos at the photo workshop. Click on the above photo to see more.

Help for Wei Senbao and his Village

Wei' Village School

Laura White reports that  another $1000 has come in for Wei Senbao's medical care. A wonderful article was written about Laura and her funding raising project in the Trail Blazer, the newspaper of her college. 

The school in Wei's village will soon be getting a $200 library in honor of Mike Cleveland, a donor who works for UOP, a Honeywell Company doing business in China. This rural Yao school will get many new Chinese picture books and a bookcase.
The Vacation Bible School at Lexington Chinese Christian
Church collected $150 to give to the school for school lunches. Now the kids will get some meat or eggs occasionally. Our health assistant at Liuzhan is the son of the village school teacher, so he will know exactly how to administer the food program. The average monthly income is $9 so $150 will go a long way. Many of the children do not have meat but once a month. Research shows that China's  rural children's scores rise significantly when they are given an egg a day. Too many are anemic.
If you want to adopt a school's lunch program, let us know.Food is a basic need.


Betty Cutts
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