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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Li Zhaochun (Lee) Needs a Scholarship to Study Auto Mechanics

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Li Zhaochun Wants to Study
Auto Mechanics
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Li Zhaochun here.

Li Zhaochun (Lee) 

The first time I saw Lee he came to his school to meet me during a summer break. He and his grandfather traveled an hour on the bus after walking for an hour. He gave me some fruit from his family's trees. He was in lower middle school then. I was impressed by his determination and modest manner.
Since his father had died and his little brother would need money to start first grade, he almost didn't go to high school. His mother wanted him to go to work to support the family. We started sponsoring his little brother, and Lee was able to finish high school.
His teachers gave a good report of him through the years, and this year he has applied to go to a three year college. He wrote me recently that he has been accepted into a auto mechanics college, and was working for the summer in a hotel in Yangshuo. He had hoped to go into medicine, but in China they can't always decide easily for themselves what they study.
He took some great pictures at the photo workshop. I have put them to the left.
Lee's Scholarship Essay

Li Zhaochun this summer
 Several years ago my Father passed away because of a deadly disease.  In order to cure my Dad, they used all the money up in the family.
Now there are five people in my family including my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my younger brother and myself.  However, my grandparents are so old and weak, and my younger brother is still studying in primary school. They cannot make money for their daily life, so my mother is the only laborer. She has to bear the pressure that comes from making money to support the whole family. 
I really want to go to university for further study because I firmly believe that only knowledge can change the future.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for my family to afford the expensive cost of the university.  I look for a strong word with emotion to ask your help.
See his video on youtube here. 
Give any amount for his scholarship here.
Send checks to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351
Wei Haitao has gotten half of his scholarship now.  Wei Senbao, the little boy with the cyst on his face, has gotten a new $500 donation and even other donations on top of that for his medical treatment.
We are very thankful to all of you generous folks. We have a few students in their second or third year of college who have not had their sponsors respond this year. If you would like to help some of these older scholarship students  remain in school, they would appreciate it very much. You can give any amount on this page.

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