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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Scholarships Needed

Scholarships Needed
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More Scholarships Needed
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Lisa Needs a Scholarship to Study

Liao Xiaoling
Lisa wants to study tourism in a three year college. Since Yangshuo is a tourist destination for people from many nations, she should have no trouble getting a tourist job close to home. The strange rocks and hills there are admired for their beauty.  She took the photo below on her beautiful high school campus.

Liao Xiaoling (Lisa)
My name is Liao Xiaoling.  My family has five people. They are my mother, father, two sisters and me.  I am from a far and poor mountain village.  My parents are farmers.  
My home has little land and fruit trees. In order to give my two sisters and me a chance to go to school, they work hard every day, but they still can't pay for our tuition. Our relatives are not rich, but they know my family is poor. They deliver some food and some money to us. 

Photo taken by Lisa at the
  photo workshop
When we studied in middle school, my parents had to borrow much money from our relatives and our parents' friend, because my family is too poor. So my two sisters had to leave school to repay the money to others.  In order to let me go to high school, my parents borrowed more money.  
They have been ill starting from two years ago.  My father's leg has a disease.  It is serious.  He had to have an operation, which cost us much money.  My mother's eyes are not good. She sometimes can't clearly see people and things. Her eyes need much money to become well, but our home is poor, so we can't help her eyes.

By the time I graduated from high school, my parents had borrowed nearly 20,000 yuan ($2,985 USA) from others.  My parents hope I can go to college, and I also want to go to college.  It is my dream.  I like 
Liao Xiaoling (Lisa)
studying and want to learn more knowledge.  I want to learn how to become a useful person in college. Although my family is poor, I hope to have a chance to go to college and have my dream come true.  

Lisa's scholarship movie  is athis link. 
You can get information about how to give to Lisa here.
 or give with a credit card online here.

I Am Proud to Be a Teacher

 He Aizhen

When students in China are not accepted into the college of their choice they sometimes decide to go back and study another year to get a better grade and qualify for a better college. Aizhen is one of those determined students, who would not give up. She returned to high school twice looking for the best situation and grades to fulfill her dreams.  Now she has been accepted.  

He Aizhen 何爱珍
I am He Aizhen who comes from Qinzhou No.1 Middle School. I have been a Blessing Hands student since 2005. Blessing Hands gives me big hands to continue my study, which inspires me all the time. Whenever and wherever I go, I always remember all applications that I receive, and I do try my best to help others around me.

I hope to enter the university to continue my study, but the tuition in the university is much more than middle school. What is more, my family is poor, so I need your support to continue my study in a university.
As a matter of fact, I have been a senior 3 student for three years. I once felt tired and lost my heart to head for a bright future .When I came back to my poor house and saw my aged father, I knew I had no reason to say "No" to my study.
Knowledge is power. Strong people never give in to difficulties, right? 
I know, I am not the most cleaver student, but I do know, as long as I study hard, I will become better.
Though I have to spend more time and energies than others, at least, I have enough courage to face the fact that I might not be admitted to an ideal college or a key university. Betty said: "Though your dream will come true later than others, you can use your determination to create your bright future!" 

I live in a poor family. My mother died when I was nine years old. I have two sisters. My father is a farmer whose age is more than sixty. The family`s income is too limited to support my study, so I really need some help. Without your help, my father cannot afford to send me to a university.

I am poor, but I never suspect that everything will not come out bright. What is more, I do believe that I can help others who are in troubles through my hands one day. Just as Blessings Hands teaches me " Be thankful for everything. Pass on love"!    Don`t abandon life.  Don't give up.  I hope everyone can have dreams come true and create a wonderful future!

Best wishes to all of you!
                      Give to He Aizhen here.
                                                                                                               He Aizhen 

You can see Aizhen's scholarship move at this link.  

Tang Mengxue (Candy)
Tang Mingxue

My family has five people.  My entire family work as farmers and depend on my parents. I have an older sister who goes to college. Her school expenses take 6000 yuan ($896 USD) every year. Every month the living expenses add up. We need more and more money. Each time school starts, we must borrow money in all directions. 

My parents' health is not good. They cannot do heavy labor. I also will have to go to college now and also need money for many school expenses. I want to study. Therefore, I hope I can obtain your help to pull through. 
Photo taken at the Photo Workshop


Candy wants to study for a degree in hotel management. That will serve her well in Yangshuo where tourist come from all nations to see the beautiful, strange mountains.
Tang Mingxue's Scholarship movie is at this link.  
You can give to Candy with a credit card at this Link, or writefor donation instructions for a direct deposit wire.                                                        

Liang Lianyu (Alice) has finally gotten her full scholarship. She can go to nursing school with a peaceful mind now. She has 4 sponsors. If you want to share a college scholarship with another sponsor let us know.
The 8 Blessing Hands students who have found sponsors are headed off to college about now. Some, like these girls, are still hoping you will help them and their families. It is really hard for girls in Asian cultures. They often are over looked for education, jobs, and life in favor of their brothers or other boys. They try very hard to succeed. Won't you help them? They are just as talented and have just as much drive as boys. Help them help themselves.

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands