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Friday, December 23, 2011

Give a Gift that Blesses Two Families

Subject: Give a Gift to a Chinese and US Family

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Give a Christmas Gift that Changes a Life 
Feng Keli Photo
Feng Keli has a sponsor now for a year.

        Recently a Christmas gift was given to an American Family and a Chinese family all at once. I received a sponsorship for one of our high school boys that was given as a Christmas present to an American family. What a great idea, especially so close to Christmas when it is almost too late to shop. In one act of blessing, the gift reached into a Chinese and US family. I've seen catalogs of Christmas gifts, but this one keeps on giving to both families. The student can write to both his sponsor and the family that received the gift and keep them updated on his progress in school and life.  

You can see pictures of more students who need sponsors at this link. Be a blessing to one of them and give a sponsorship as a Christmas gift. It just cost $160 to pay their tuition for a year.  You can also see more students at this link on our website. There is even a Google Checkout button there where you can give by credit card. Do it now before the end of the year. 

Write and tell us which student you have selected, and we will update our sponsorship records. 

Portraits to Help Students

Water color portriats
Portraits for Kids
         Dengfeng Li, an award winning international artist, is offering the value of two portraits to Blessing Hands. Li is a teacher at Morehead State University. He is offering to do two portraits and give the proceeds to Blessing Hands. He will do a portrait of any individual, but he prefers to work from photos.
Click on the photos to see more photos. You can learn more on our website.

Portrait by Dongfeng Li

Give a portrait for Christmas or the New Year. 
      He is offering the items below.

       1. A charcoal portrait in black & white for a $300

       2. A watercolor portrait in color for a $600 

 To purchase a valuable portrait from Dongfeng Li ! Contact us!
Water Purifiers given to Village Primary Schools
Children enjoy fresh water
Shang Mei Primary School Students
Get a Fresh Drink of Water

Shang Mei Primary School no longer has to boil water to keep their kids safe. Their water purifier was installed December 6th.  Looking for a end of the year giving opportunity? Maybe you want to give a water purifier to a primary school in Du'an County. I recently got photos of the new water purifier installed there. It cost $1,785. One more school never has to worry about  water borne diseases again or boil water to protect their children. 

Shang Mei Water Purifier Holding Tank
Water Purifier Holding Tank in Shang Mei Village
You can click on these photos to see more pictures. Use this link to give online to our water purifier project.
Any amount is welcomed.

You can read more about our water project at this link.

Water Purifier at Long Wang
Water Purifier Installation at Long Wang Primary School
Merry Christmas from Blessing Hands
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Art for Blessing Hands

Art For Blessing Hands

Paintings by Dongfeng Li  

Portrait by Dongfeng Li

Tranquility in Spring Drizzle

 Dongfeng Li's  Paintings

Dongfeng Li - Famous Artist Offers Portraits
Professor Dongfeng Li at WKYT - Feb 7, 2011
Professor Dongfeng Li at WKYT - Feb 7, 2011

        Dongfeng Li, a well known artist internationally, is offering the value of two portraits to Blessing Hands. Li is a teacher at Morehead State University. He recently offered to do two portraits and give the proceeds to Blessing Hands. He will do a portrait of any individual who will come to him in Lexington or Morehead for a sitting. He is offering the items below.

1. A charcoal portrait in black & white for a $300
2. A watercolor portrait in color for a $600 

Purchase a valuable portrait from Dongfeng Li ! Contact us!
Dongfeng Li


Dongfeng Li
Dongfeng Li
      Dongfeng Li is a nationally acclaimed artist in oriental brush, watercolor/pastel portrait/figure painting, and plein air painting. He began his art education in China and earned a MA and MFA since 2000 in the United States. He has taught workshops in all of these media for the last 12 years. He currently teaches at the Department of Art &
Design at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

     His work has won 
awards in competition including the IDE Memorial Award at the 2008 American Watercolor Society International Exhibition. Li is a national award-winning painter and an American Watercolor Society Annual exhibition award winner.

     He is a professional and experienced educator, who has also taught school children for many years. He organized and taught in painting workshop tours of China in 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009.
Specialty: Chinese brush painting, Watercolor, and Drawing  

Dongfeng Li Painting a Portrait.

    You can get a unique portrait for yourself and help our students in China all in one move. Dongfeng Li's generous offer is designed to bless our rural students and bless you as well. He is donating his creative gift, so others can also prosper and grow. 
Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Give is to Love

Blessing Hands
Great News!

♥ To Give Is To Love ♥
   I received a very encouraging letter recently from a person in Singapore who gave online for one of our scholarship students. H
 e said he took a month to search all the websites for a child to sponsor. It made me cry when he explained why he selected Blessing Hands help him sponsor a student. I have put his own words here so you can see why I cried.   

Liang Dianhui
Liang Dianhui

 I really admire your ambition and thank you for helping the rural students in China. It is definitely not easy to setup a charity foundation, moreover have to run it. Yes, I'm from Singapore.  I appreciate that you added me into Blessing Hands family.

  I was browsing the internet using Google search engine to find an organization to sponsor a child, however, to my amazement, I was being overwhelmed by the number of websites. I slowly browsed through them since August, however, most websites are either not user friendly or did not state how much percentage of the amount donated will benefit the child. I was surprised by the transparency of your foundation hence I decided to go into this. 

  Yes, I did see her profile and would like to thank you for your strategy of posting their videos. At times by looking at words and pictures, I would be afraid that such a charity foundation might be a fraud. However, after looking at the video, it really touched me deep down. Hence, I should not deprive them from going forward and be eager to excel and learn. 

 Wow. Her letter to 
you is so full of love also. Thus this proves what you have done is extremely meaningful.

  One reason I chose Blessing Hands is that it is not a large organization. A huge organization normally has funds from authority and is well known by everyone. Hence, their monthly intake of donations could be unbelievably high. Hence, there are possibilities of anyone misusing the funds.

 I decided to sponsor a child, and there goes one month of hunting. I believe in fate. It's fate that brought us together. From the website, the videos, the Facebook application, I could see you put in a lot of effort, not to mention your love for the kids.
♥ To Give Is To Love 
Liang Dianhui 

Do you want to trust Blessing Hands to help you sponsor a child also? To sponsor a middle school, high school, or college student with Blessing Hands' help. Go to our website

Jeff Mattingly and Eric Zhang
Charles Jeffery Mattingly and Eric Zhang

225 Rubber Neckin' T-Shirts Given
Jeffery Mattingly of Rubberneckintshirts, LLC has given  225 shirts, smalls & mediums, for our kids in China. We will be looking for people willing to carry them to the Guangxi Province of China as second luggage. If you can volunteer to carry some, contact us
Thanks goes to Jeff Mattingly and Eric Zhang for arranging the pickup of T-shirts. 

Eric and Destiny Zhang with their children, Christina and Sophia and
 volunteer Hao Zhang
Lexington Moon  Festival
The Zhang family and volunteer Hao Zhang hosted a table to raise money for a water purifier at the Moon Festival. They made baked goods and jewelry to sell. The family raised $110. Eric is one of  the members of our board. 
Hong Lin, who went to China last summer and met Wei Senbao, raised $817 by selling moon cakes before the festival and winning the prize for the best moon cakes. She donated it all for his medical needs.
You can be a partner with these two families to raise money for Blessing Hands projects. 

Morehead Arts and Eats Festival
Arts and Eats Festival
Volunteers at the Arts and Eats Festival
sold great food from China Star Restaurant. 
Left to right: Jin Qu, Dandan Li, Rui Zhang, Fei Li, and Janet Gross were great volunteer servers.


Blessing Hands sold Chinese food at the Arts and Eats Festival with half of the proceeds going to Rowan County Christmas. This local charity helps families have a fuller Christmas each year in Rowan County. 

We had a great group of volunteers including ten Chinese students and teachers from Morehead State University. Two brought their children, who helped give away postcards made from Yangshuo children's painting. The festival was a great success.

Betty Cutts and Friends at the Blessing Hands Display Table

     These cute kids were in a church class I visited to share about our kids in China. If you would like a Blessing Hands person to speak to your convention, church, school, or club, let us know. The kids came the next day with money they wanted to give to our Chinese children. They sold some items to make the money.

 Nine Sponsored 
Scholarships Students  
     These students were chosen by sponsors to receive college scholarships this year. Three of them had the same sponsors in high school, so we did not feature them in our newsletter. 
     Counting both old and new scholarships, we are helping 38 of our Chinese students attend colleges in China. You can see more students, who have notbeen sponsored yet on our website.Look on the sidebar for their individual feature pages. 
Feng Huan
Feng Huan
Marya Zhang Yu
Marya Zhang Ju
Tang Ling
Tang Ling
Li Yanlan
Li Yanlan
Li Dongyu
Li Dongyu
Karen Liang Lulu
Karen Liang Lulu
Amy Huang Tianyan
Amy Huang Tianyan
Evian Mo Yuanhong
Evian Mo Yuanhong
Air Ye Xin 

Thanks goes to all our wonderful supporters and sponsors that made this newsletter possible. You can join our Blessing Hands family too. Sign up for our newsletter.

Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give them a Blessing Hand

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Blessing Hands
Lisa Wu  
Lisa Wu Qinyan

You can give a $500 scholarship to any of these students at this link.  
You can see students featured in past newsletters at this link
You can also send a check to:

 Blessing Hands 
106 Timber Lane 
Morehead, KY 40351 
       We are featuring our remaining students applying for scholarships all at once in this newsletter. The time for them to receive scholarships will soon be gone. We hope that you will select one to help. They are all seeking to better their lives and help others better theirs also. We have taught them to be blessing hands to others.

 Please extend your hands to them. 
Blessing Hands

 Lisa Wu Tells Her Story

Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu Qinyan
Click picture to see her movie.

      I am Wu Qinyan, a science student. I come from Qinzhou No.1 Middle School.  I am sincerely grateful for the help of Blessing Hands. With Blessing Hands' help, I was able go on studying in school. I will never forget the help Blessing hands gave me.
       I grew up poor living with two sisters and one brother. My mother died of an illness just as I started  to go to primary school. My father is a farmer. We have little money and few possessions. My sisters got married four years ago. Therefore, my family's able-bodied members decreased. My father is 59 years old, and his labor strength is weak. My brother dropped out of school, because of sickness.

      I will go to college in the near future. My dream is to be an English teacher. I will always be ready to help others and to do more for society in the future to make my Life more meaningful. I hope you will help me to achieve my goals.                                                 
Thank you very much.                                                                                                                                     
 Yours sincerely,

 Wu Qinyan 吴溱艳
     Lisa wanted to be an English teacher but has accepted a place at the Beihai College of Beihang University to study accounting  for 4 years. Students in China do not always get to choose their major. It depends on what major the college that accepts them wants.  She was so earnest in her interview that she almost cried. 

Evian Mo Yuanhong

Evian Mo
Evian Mo Yuanhong 
Click the pictures to see her movie.
     Evian will study clinical medicine at Guilin Medical College for three years. Evian wants to be in the medical field. There are 6 in her family, including her parents, who are handicapped and can't work much, and three younger children. She herself has an illness. They are farmers but have little income. She is from Qinzhou, China. She interviewed early so she could go to work for the summer to help herself with tuition for college.

     My name is Mo Yuanhong. I come from Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School. Now I intend to study medicine. My mother and father are farming at home. There are four children to study at home. The family cannot afford expensive school fees. The hands of my parents have had serious injury (arthritis that always pains them). They do not do heavy work.

Evian Mo Yuanhong
San Niangwan, my home, is a beautiful place. I'm doing summer work now. I wish you are happy everyday. I'll be like you with love to warm other people. Helping othersis a happy thing. I will keep it in mind.  I thank you that 
you told me to help others.

 Thanks again!

 Evian (English name)    莫远虹

Lewis Young (Huang Yangxing)

Huang Yanxing
Huang Yanxing (Lewis Young)
 Click on pictures to see his movie. 
      Lewis' mother is from a minority group, but he lives with his father and grand- mother. He will go three years to an agriculture college, Guangxi Agricultural College to learn gardening and agriculture technology. He is from Pingji High school, a rural school in Qinzhou Prefecture. This is the first year that students from his school have applied for scholarships.

      My family is very poor now. I can't change it, but it can't defeat me. Because I have a dream and there are a lot of people concerned about me-kind people. I thank you.

      Let me introduce my family. We live in a small village named Da Tian Pin in the Qinzhou Prefecture. There are three people in my family, Grandma, Father and me. We are happy though our family is poor. I got Blessing Hands' tuition help in high school, which made us more happy than before and relieved my father. I believe that if the world has love, the world will be more beautiful. 

Huang Yanxing 杨兴皇

Hannah Huang Zhifeng 

      Hannah's father was electrocuted when she was 7. Her mother could not accept his death and later left Hannah and her younger sister with their grandparents and went away. Their grandparents have aged and are less able to support them now.  Hannah is thankful to the sponsors who helped her 5 years during the most difficult time of her life. She has been accepted
Hannah Huang
Hannah Huang Zhifeng
Click photo to see her movie.
into a marketing program in a two year college, Jiangxi Lantian College.

      I was born in a small village in 1993. I was happy with a peaceful family. Unluckily, when I was seven years old, my father died from electricity in our village's water system. My mother couldn't accept the fact and left us alone. 

      After my father died, my sister and I lived with our grandparents. OUr daily life income depended on our uncle. At first our grand- parents could grow vegetables and corn to support our poor family. When they became older and older, their bodies got worse and even to do some small things they needed greater power. Last summer, grandpa suffered from several kinds of diseases and was in danger of dying. Luckily, he came to life finally. 

     When I needed food in senior high school, I had to rely on other's help to graduate from Yangshuo Experimental Middle School. Recently my mother came back, but she married another man. I and my sister still live with my grandparents, because we can understand why she left in a hurry. 

    We are satisfied with our life. Thanks to hope, Blessing Hands' help, and my grandparent's insistence on bringing us up, when I got into difficulties, they taught me how to find my confidence and gave me hope. As our family has it hard, I need help to complete my college dream.

Thank You! 黄志凤

Li Hong

      Li Hong is the youngest member of her family. Besides her parents, she has an older brother and two older sister. One of the sisters has married. The expenses
Li Hong
Li Hong
Click on photo to see her movie.
of the family are all on her mother since her father has fallen sick. Hong has been accepted at Yongjiang University, and will study three years to become a secretary. She got a summer job in Guangdong but came all the way back on the train to Qinzhou to interview with us for a scholarship. She is from Pingji High School. 

       I am Li Hong from Pingji Middle School in Guangxi, Qinzhou City. My family has six people - my mother and father, a older brother and two sisters. I am the youngest child in my family. With Blessing Hands' help my family has greatly improved, reducing the burden of my mother.
     My family's living expenses are all on my mother since my father suddenly became sick and cannot farm or work. We need a lot of medicine to treat him.  I watch my mother work so hard. I would give up school, but she will not agree. She tells me to hold on to my dream. My family has no ability to pay for me to go to the university. If you can give me help, you will change my fate. You can help me realize my dreams. I am waiting for your good news. 

     If I get your help and have the ability, I would help those that need help and do volunteer work. I want to do good deeds to return to society what I have received, transferring that love to everyone. Finally I sincerely wish you and your home joy, health, and happiness every day. 

From Li Hong 李红
       I hope you see how special the Blessing Hands students are and how high their dreams and hopes fly. I am proud of them and hope they succeed with the resources they have. You can increase their chances and bless them with an investment in their lives.  You can contact us at this email or give any amount at this link

     You can see all the students that we have featured in our newsletters at thiswebsite. They are also on our blog site.

Blessings and thanks, 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands