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Monday, January 17, 2011

Plans in Longfu Township

Longfu Township Needs 
Kindergarten Children eating
Children enjoying milk and eggs. Click on this photo to see a movie of the school. 
Liushan Kindergarten group picture
Kids at Liushan Kindergarten.
Liushan Kindergarten
Cooking eggs
Eggs Cooking
Kids Receive food

Lexington Chinese Christian Church's Vacation Bible School sent $150 last summer for Liushan primary school kids to have some nutritious food. This one room school is high up in the mountains a 21/2 hour hike from the main Liushan Primary School. The kids at this school are too young to board at the larger primary school, so they teach them in their village for the first few years.  The kids received a treat of an egg and milk along with their regular rice lunch. 

Kids eating
There are about 30 kids in the school.
The kids also had no outdoor play equipment. Through
Ping Pong table
Concrete Ping-Pong Table
the generous help of the Rhead family they now have a ping-pong table and other outdoor play equipment. Dr. Tang's camera broke, so we don't have an actual picture of their concrete table. Perhaps someone would like to buy another camera for them. 


Longfu Township Hospital Needs a Van

A van is needed this Size. See more pictures of Longfu Hospital by clicking on this photo. 

The staff of the hospital has given up their New Year bonuses to pay for half of the cost of a van ($4,500). We have raised $1,500 in matching funds so far. People live so far from the hospital that they can't get care soon enough. Dr. Tang told us of hiking two hours to reach a stroke patient. 

Scene of Town of Longfu
The town of Longfu  in Longfu Township
A van is needed to transport patients and staff of Longfu Hospital. This 18 bed hospital serves 17,934 people of whom 6,210 are children under 15. It is where we will have a health assistant workshop in June. Two graduate nurses will be teaching village first responders from the book,Where There is No Doctor
Clinic at hospital
A doctor helps patients in the clinic area of Longfu Hospital
We already employ seven Yao health assistants in Longfu Township. They teach  hygiene in the schools, encourage vaccinations, and give simple medical care. 
Health assistant picture
Meng Jinzhi 蒙金志,  Health Assistant at Liushan, serves 998 Yao villagers of whom 400 are children under 15 years of age.  

 We also need medical supplies like bandages, tape, thermometers, syringes, band aids, stethoscopes, and other items to go in medical backpacks the assistants will carry.Contact us for a complete list of supplies needed in donations. 

China Through the Eyes of Children

Our photo art show will be on display for the whole month of January at the Rowan County Arts Center. They are open every afternoon but Monday. Come and see the pictures if you live in Morehead, KY.  All the photos were taken by our Blessing Hands students in Yangshuo last summer. The exhibit is financed by a grant from the W. Paul and Lucille Caudill Little Foundation and Sister Cities of Morehead. 
Volunteers Left to right: Doris Wells, Leanna Gilliam, Phyllis Nickel, and Carole Karwatka
Debby Wang and George Cheng Serve Chinese Tea to Priscilla Gotsick


We had a great reception and sold two photos. Framed prints are $25. Unframed they are $5. Tehwan Tso, a professional artist that volunteered at the photo workshop,  gave several brush painting that are $250 or $200 depending on size. You can also buy photo books of the exhibit. One is 10 pages for $2 and the other is 40 pages for $2.75. The larger book needs to be stapled together to make sense of the file. You can see the books at the links below. 
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