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Monday, May 23, 2011

We are going to be on TV!

Longfu Children
The path to Lin Wang takes 2 1/2 hours to hike.
Lin Wang Children
Yao Children
Lin Wang
Lin Wang Primary School

Greg Stotelmyer of WTVQ.com
Greg Stotelmyer of WTVQ.com
 Reporter Greg Stotelmyer of Channel 36 WTVQ.com tells me Blessing Hands' Medical Shower will be on TV this Thursday, May 26th at 6 pm on ABC (Channel 10 on cable) as a story during the news. The same clip will air again on Sunday, May 29th at 11pm. 
Kentucky Backroads is a short human interest feature that highlights what regular people love doing.  Greg and Tim, his camera man, came to our medical shower in Owenton, Kentucky last Thursday. Kasey Towles' Long Ridge Baptist Church hosted a wonderful shower to gather things for Longfu kids and health assistants. 

If you miss the clip on TV, you can watch it archived on WTVQ.com by searching forKentucky Backroads. Even folks in China can see it on the internet.  Go to this link to see sample of one of their human interest stories from Kentucky Backroads.

Items given at Medical shower
Items Given at Medical Shower
Our medical assistants were showered with gauze bandage rolls (1, 2, and 3"), medical tape, medical scissors, pointed tweezers, thermometers, catheters, suction bulbs, forceps,  blood pressure cuffs,  Ace bandages, reflex hammers and other donations at the shower given by the Long Ridge Baptist Church. 

Kasey Towles opening shower gifts
Kasey Towles opens shower gifts for primary kids.
There were showers of small gifts for the primary kids in Longfu township too. 

Click on the pictures to see more photos of the shower. 
Shower gifts.
Gifts for the primary kids in Longfu.
View our videos on YouTube  If you didn't get to come you can still give at this link. We still need money to buy drugs and other items like backpacks in China. 
Vacation Bible School Opportunity
Holly Lucas and Janie with Bible School Material
Holly Lucas giving material to
 Janie at the Methodist Church

Having taught Vacation Bible School myself, I know that teachers are interested in children's charities that will inspire their students. I was touched as a child by giving to other nations. I once gave my $1 allowance to buy a bicycle for a minister in Nigeria. I have never forgotten that joy of giving. 

One way Bible School kids can experience the joy of giving to others is to collect lunch money for our kids, so they can have eggs and milk with their rice. $2.75 will feed one of our students three meals a day for a week. Too many rural children in China are anemic from lack of good nutrition.

We have found it effective to put brown paper, lunch bags at the front of the church to represent each $2.75 that the kids give. That way they can see in a real way how many students they are feeding for a week. Your students will be blessing hands to our Chinese students. 

I have a video of kids that need meals, a small poster, and our brochure
Kids enjoying donated milk and eggs
Lin Wang kids enjoy the extra eggs and milk given to them by Lexington Chinese Christian Church
that I could send you to assist in your Bible School. We have a volunteer, Holly Lucas, who is helping us mail letters to those that might be interested in this opportunity. Let me know if you are interested in this idea for your Vacation Bible School. 

  Click on the picture to see more photos of the Lin Wang School.

If you want to give for this purpose you click this linkContact us for more information.

China group
Group going to China
Our China group is getting excited about leaving on June 18th. Leanna Gilliam met Kasey and John Randall Towles for the first time at the medical shower. They immediately bonded. Janet Gross will come in from Africa on June 16th to make the five in our group. Later Hong Lin and her family and Eric Zhang will join us in China. We hope other Chinese friends will join us also. 

We  encourage you to come help us if you will be in China already. We especially need native Yao, Zhuang or Mandarin speakers familiar with medical terms for translation at the health assistant's workshop.  Contact us if you want to participate either in person or by donations of medical supplies. Volunteers are welcomed. 

We especially welcome any Blessing Hands University students who can attend a dinner in Nanning on July 4th or any Nanning scholar friends who can visit the evening of July 4th.  Contact for details. 

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