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Saturday, June 04, 2011

ABC Kentucky Backroads Video Posted Online


You can watch the Kentucky Back Roads feature about our Medical Assistant Shower online at this Link. Greg Stotelmyer did a great job on the feature. You can also see Kasey Towles' Chinese daughter Jubilee.

These are two of the health assistants from the Yao minority that we support in Longfu Township. They will be studying in our Health Assistant Workshop in June for 10 days. The book used in the class is called, Where there is No Doctor. We leave on June 18th and will be gone for three weeks. I will try to keep up with E-mail while we are gone, but I can't post to our blog from China.

You can contribute to our expenses for the workshop by clicking on this link.  We are helping the Yao people help themselves.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Watch TV Feature about Blessing Hands' Medical Shower

Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands
June 2, 2011
Dear Betty,

Be sure and watch WTVQ Channel 36 Lexington at 6:00 pm news Thursday, June 2nd to see the Kentucky Backroads feature story about Blessing Hands' medical shower. It is Channel 10 on cable. It will air again on Sunday, June 5th at 11pm.

Watch the Kentucky Back Roads feature on Online also!

 If you get this alert too late, you can still see our Medical Shower featured online at WTVQ@.com. 

We will be leaving on the 18th of June for China. We are packing every last medical item we can fit into our 44 pound suitcases. Holly Lucas has been great to help us get everything listed and packed.People's Clinic and St. Claire Medical Center have also given many supplies. Thanks goes to them for helping the Yao minority people of China. 
Volunteer Intern Holly Lucas helped
record and pack the items.
Medical Items given by People's Clinic
Medical Supplies given by People's Clinic
 and St. Claire Medical Center
A Big Thank You goes to everyone who made these supplies possible. You have helped many people. I also thank all those who carried extra suitcases of supplies. Soon they and we will be in China. 


Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands