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Thursday, August 25, 2011

They Plan to Manage

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Blessing Hands Students

Join Us in Helping Scholarship Students
Wang Yuanfeng
Air Ye Xin
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Thanks Letter from Health Assistant

Your scholarship gift can make such a difference in their lives.  Where else could you change a life so drastically for so little and pull a whole family out of poverty?

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Alice Wang Yuanfeng
Alice has an older brother and sister. Four years ago, she lost her father in an accident, which left a big scar in her heart. Her grandparents are too old to work but her mother and sister do. Her national college score is good at 488.She has been accepted into Guangxi University of Technology to study construction management

Alice Wang Yuanfeng
Alice Click to Hear her Own Words Yuanfeng
Alice Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤
Plans to be a Construction Manager

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Alice Wang
Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤
Alice Wants to Study Management

       When I was young, I lived a happy life. I have a big family, and then, we can stay together happily .But happy times don't keep too long.  An accident happened. Up to now, I still remember the dark night when I heard the bad news, and I burst into tears -- my father was dead in an accident. 

     I nearly burst apart. I don't know why the catastrophe happened in my family, and I lost my familiar father. My father, who loved me deeply, was gone forever, and I no longer see him again though I miss him very much. Every time I remember the days when I stayed with my father, my tears will fall. There is a big scar in my heart. I never forget it.
     Four years have passed since God took away my father, but I have a great mother. Now my mother is working hard, and so is my older sister. They are working hard in order to keep our family. However, my old grandfather is in poor health, and my grandmother is too old to do anything.
     The world is filled with love.  I dream that one day I can make money myself. I'm sure there is something, which I can do for the poor. Only when we can take a small step, will the world have a big change!
                            Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤

Click on the arrows to see movies of the students telling their stories in their own words. Most pictures will take you to picture pages of all students who have applied for scholarships this year and hope to be accepted into colleges. We only feature those who have proof of acceptance letters.
Air Ye Xin 
Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin 叶心
Air Ye Wants to Study a Foreign Language
 or be a Construction  Manager

Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin 叶心

My name is Ye Xin and my English name is Air. I like foreign languages and the subject of Distribution Management, so I will choose from these two subjects when I enter college. 

However, the cost of my schooling is still a difficulty to my family. My mother and father have been divorced for one and a half years. Now, I live with m mother. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. Though she is better now, the treatment has destroyed her so seriously that she can't go to work even now. 

My grandparents have to give our cost of living. During vacations, I also get some part-time jobs to earn our living. I know there will be more cost of schooling in college, so my grandparents and mother will suffer more pressure. I think it is my duty to share their pressure, especially now that I am a grown-up. But my energy is limited, and I pretty well need your help. Can you give me a chance by supporting my cost of tuition? 

I intend to be a volunteer to help children who have no families and older people who need love from society. I think it is my responsibility as a person to help others. I learned that from you, Blessing Hands. I want to share my volunteer work by taking photos and writing diary entries to send you every month. I think that will be a meaningful thing not only to me, but also for my country. 

Also, after I graduate from college, I will get a job and earn money as fast as possible to return your support and earn my family's keep. Meanwhile, I'll try my best to aid more poor students to enjoy education and let the love and power I have gotten from you spread  all around, even to all over the world one day. 

This is my application for a scholarship. I'll apprecaite it very much if you help me. I wish you a happy life. 


Air Ye Xin 叶心

Betty Cutts and Alice
Betty Cutts and Alice at her Interview
Please help Air and Alice

We interviewed students personally while I was in China this summer. I heard their stories and saw their tears of hope and tension. 
Our board hopes that all who are accepted into universities will have sponsors.   Only one so far, has a confirmed sponsor.  Please help these wonderful students. 
You may receive more newsletters that usual while we are featuring students for scholarships.  Please bear with us while we are seeking to find sponsors for our very deserving and needy students.  Each one has a unique need and story. 
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Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands Director and Founder

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Village Health Assistant
Village health assistant who wrote the letter
A Thanks Letter to Blessing Hands

Dear Janet and Miss Ma,

How are you? Welcome to Longfu and thanks for giving us classes. It is our honor to attend those ten-day classes. 

After training classes, we really know what health is. What's more, we have learned very basic but important knowledge from both of you. Now we can use this theory to cure our patients in daily time. 

Thank you very much.  The book whose name is Where there is no Doctor is very useful. I think this book is perfect for remote villages where there is a lack of doctors. It can guide us to promote our health system. 

We will use the knowledge which we learned from you to serve our villagers, to cure our patients, and to keep healthy. 

I want to represent all doctors and villagers to say thank you. We know that Janet and Mandy worked very hard for us these days, so we appreciate both of you. Except thank you, we don't know what we can say. We are looking forward to seeing you next year. 

Congshan Village's Doctor

Meng Chenggeng

July 6, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Teacher and a Doctor

Carole Wants to Be a Doctor
You can make it possible.
Tang Ling Carole
 Carole Ling (Ting)       
Wants to be a doctor to help others

Carole's Dream
In her own words   
Carole Tang
Carole Tang at the Photo Workshop
My Mom has been dead for 13 years. Mom suffered disease after I was born. Mom still loved me very much. To treat my Mom's disease, our money was used up.

My father is just a farmer, and we couldn't pay the money to treat my Mother's disease. So, we borrowed money from friends, 20,000 yuan ($3,125 USD) in all.  But, unfortunately, My Mom died when I was 5. 

We just have a little farm land with no house. We must rent a place to live. I need a scholarship to go to college. I always studied hard, because I want to study in the university. I want to be a doctor and help anyone. 

 Tang Ling (Carole) 唐玲

Click on the movie to hear Carole in her own words. 
Carol Tang Ling
Carole Tang Ling
Dear Betty,

Carole still remembers holding her mother's hand when she first went to kindergarten. Her heart warms when she sees a mother holding hands with a child.  As a child, she was especially happy when she helped her father plant rice.

Contact us to arrange a $500 scholarship for her or send a check to Blessing Hands at 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351

You can see more of our scholarship students by clicking on the photos.

Karen Liang
Karen Liang (Lulu)
Karen Wants to teach 
You can help her help others

Karen Liang (Lulu)
States Her Need

Karen Liang
Karen Liang (Lulu)

I am a science student and want to teach children who need knowledge. I want to change their lives. Now I am studying hard at school, hoping to go to the university, but my family cannot afford my tuition. 

There are six members in my family: Father, Mother, elder sister, younger sister, younger brother and me, but unfortunately, my parents are ill. They can't do too much work. Now, what worries me most is if my family can't afford my tuition, so I can't continue to study at school.

Although I live in a poor family, I still have a dream. I will never give up my dream.  I love life and Mother Nature as well as peace. I have been blessed to get tuition help in high school for the last three years. I wonder if I am able to get your help again. I will value the chance and try my best to study hard.

Though my family is poor, I also want to help others, so I have become a volunteer of my school. Because of your help, I understand love is power. I will spare no effort to help others forever. 

With your help, I am sure I will become a good teacher in the future and help others who need help. I will appreciate it if you can give me a hand and make it possible for me to realize my dream. Thank you very much for reading my application. I am looking forward to hearing for you soon.
                                                                        Liang Lulu
  Watch her movie by clicking the arrow below.  
Karen Liang Lulu
Karen Liang Lulu
Please help Karen by giving at this link.

Karen Liang has been admitted to Guilin University of Technology for a 4 year course to become a teacher. She wants to teach science, English, or Chinese. She is from Pubei in Quangxi Province. She is very thankful for Blessing Hands' help that let her finish high school, and hopes to have a $500 scholarship for college. 

Betty Cutts, Director
Blessing Hands
To give Carole or Karen a $500 Scholarship click on this link. If you want to share their support with others, just give. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

College Scholarships needed

Blessing Hands' Students
Seeking College Scholarships 
Dear Lucy,

It is up to you.

If you choose one of our student to sponsor, they will go to college. If not, many of them will have no other way to pay for their college educations.

Four out of the twenty-five students, who applied for our college scholarships, have now been accepted into the colleges of their choice. We will start to feature them in our newsletters in the rank order that our committee assigned to them. We had them interview in person, so we could post their videos for you. 

We will feature two per newsletter. We have the goal of giving them all $500 scholarships. If you want to give half of that, we will try to find another sponsor to share a student with you. 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
In This Issue
College Scholarships Needed
Amy Huang
Beth Huang

Give Amy and Beth a Chance to Go to college. 
These two girls have dreams of going to college.  They have been accepted into the colleges of their choice and only need your help to fulfill their dreams.

Amy Huang
Amy Huang
Huang Xiuping
Huang Xiuping Beth
You can Sponsor a

Amy Huang
Amy Huang 黄天燕 with her admission letter
Amy Huang 
In her own words

My name is Amy, and I am from Pubei High School. There are five people in my family: my parents, younger brother and sister, and me. My parents are both farmers. They work hard but only earn little money. My brother is in senior high school, and my sister is in primary school. 

Now I want to go to college to become a nurse. Then, I can help my mother because she has vertigo, and I can help more people who are ill. This is my dream, but my family is poor. 

My father says, if we believe something is true, we should hold on to it.  I will hold on to my dream. I find that helping people is a happy thing, and I will hold on to it. I will study hard to realize my dream. 
Huang Tianyan 黄天燕

Amy, has been accepted to Guixi Medical University,  and will take a three year nursing course.  With two younger children to support in school her parents can't afford her tuition. You can hear her own words below.

 Write to this  link if you want to support her college scholarship.

 You can give online at this link.

Amy Huang Tianyan
Amy Huang Tianyan
Huang XiuPing
Beth Huang Xiuping 黄秀萍
Beth Huang
In her own words
My dream is to become a doctor. I hope to do more for my family and society, save more patients, and help them alleviate their pain. When I was a child, my mother suffered from a rare blood disease, but my family was very poor. My father needed to borrow a lot of money from here and there to save my mother. However, unfortunately, when I went home from school, my mother had passed away, and I didn't have time to see her last face and talk to her. We were very sad.
In order to bring us up and let us go to school to study, father worked himself too hard. Two years ago, my father began to bleed and was diagnosed with liver disease.  However, he just took some medicine and continued to work hard every day. His liver disease became more and more serious. Now my father needs to go to the hospital for treatment. Father doesn't have a job and needs to take care of my grandma, because my grandma fell down and broke her leg last year.
Therefore, I hope to have the opportunity of your support. Because my family is still very poor and can't afford my expensive college tuition, therefore, I write this letter to you.  Where there is a will, there is a way. 
Beth Huang Xiuping 黄秀萍
Beth has a younger brother and two younger sisters.  She wants to be an engineer and has been accepted into Quangxi Engineering Institute. Her scholarship video is below. 
You can give a scholarship to Beth by writing to this link or giving on line here
Beth Huang Xiuping
Beth Huang Xiuping

Four Buyi Minority High School Students

Still Need Support

A great big" thank you" goes to the sponsors who took three of the An Long students to support. We still have four needing sponsors at $80 a semester.


Click on one of the four below to change their lives. 
Lin Fali
Lin Fali
Cen Xianlan
Cen Xianlan
Zhan Xianneng
Zhan Xianneng
Tuo Tanying
Tuo Tanying

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Update of Wei Senbao and New Students Who Need Sponsors

Wei Senbao and Leanna Gilliam
Wei Senbao with Leanna Gilliam
Wei Senbao Drinking Milk
Wei Senbao Drinking Milk
 Given by American Children
韦森宝 Wei Senbao Update                                                                  August 2011

We were anxious to find out the condition of Wei Senbao 韦森宝  this summer. He is the four year old boy, who has a malformation from birth that causes his cheek to be swollen. It is a cystic Lymphangioma that is a "malformations of the lymphatic system, which is the network of vessels responsible for returning to the venous system excess fluid from tissues".  The blockage will get worse as he grows, but treatment too soon is not advised either. However, waiting too long is also a problem since it can affect the growth of his neck. 
Wei Senbao and his mother
Wei Senbao and his
 Mother in a Beijing hospital

"The prognosis for Lymphangioma is generally very good. Surgical removal of the tumor is the typical treatment provided, with the understanding that additional removal procedures will most likely be required as the Lymphangioma grows. Most patients need at least two procedures done for the removal process to be achieved, " Dr. Ke tells us. He was with the group that hiked up to see the Ling Wang Kindergarten children and Wei Senbao. He is from Shanghai and may be able to suggest the proper specialist when the time comes for treatment.  

Generous donors made possible Wei's diagnosis in Beijing last summer. $3,134 USD is left for his future treatment, so we have about half of what is needed $6,268 (40,000 yuan) for his medical care. If you would like to give for his future operations when they are appropriate, please go to this link. We are keeping an account of what is dedicated to his care. 

Ling Wang Kindergarten and Primary School
You can see more pictures of Ling Wang Kindergarten and the food and gifts that were taken to the school by our volunteers this summer by clicking on the pictures. Wei lives in the village where the kindergarten is.  See more pictures of Wei Senbao by clicking on pictures about him. 

Kids Receive gifts
Ling Wang Kids Receive Gifts
Qiao Danmei
Qiao Danmei
An Long High School 
Support a Buyi Minority Student
An Long Students
Buyi Minority Students Who Need Sponsors

      There are 6 people in Danmei's family. All her siblings are girls. She has one elder sister and two younger sisters. Her parents are farmers. She lives in the countryside outside An Long. She is rated no.1 in her class from lower middle school to now. She wants to be a architect in the future. Three of her sisters are in high school at once. Her family needs tuition help to keep all their girls in school.  

    We have opened a new aid program in the Buyi minority area of Guizhou Province. It was an 8
Yaya Luo's Mother
Yaya Luo's Mother - click to see more pictures.
hour train trip from Nanning to get to An Long. Guizhou is the poorest province of China I hear. We went to the An Long No. 1 High School to find three Buyi students to support with tuition. Yaya Luo, one of our staff members who is a Buyi herself, invited us to visit her family and opened the door for Blessing Hands to help her old high school. 

     We intended to select three students, but when the financial aid office arranged for us to interview seven students, we just could not turn any of them down. John Randall Towles, who is about their age, really identified with them. 

      Now we need your help to sponsor the five students who don't have sponsors yet. We have their interviews posted online. You can take your pick andwrite us. Their support is $80 a semester or $160 per year. Go to this link to give online or send your gift to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351

 You can see them by clicking on the videos here. 
Tuo Tianying
Tuo Tianying

There are four children in Tuo's family, two elder brothers and one older sister. His father and mother are farmers. He is the youngest child. When he entered junior middle school he was no. 1, and now he is number 2 in his whole grade. Two older siblings are married. He wants to be a teacher of math. He is a senior 2 student at An Long No. 1 High School. He enjoys solving math problems. His mother gives him 240 RMB a month for living

Lin Fali
Lin Fali

Lin Fali is a Senior 2 student at An Long High School in the Guizhou Province of China. He will graduate in the spring of 2013. There are four people in his family. They are all healthy except his mother often gets a fever. His younger brother is a junior middle school 3 student. Lin Fali wants to be a math teacher someday. He was rated no. 7 in his lower middle school and is now rated No. 5 in his whole high school class. He boards at the school, going home once every month. His family lives on 250 RMB a month 

Cen Xianlan
Cen Xianlan

Cen Xianlan is an Senior 2 student at An Long Higher Middle School in Guizhou Province. She needs a scholarship because her father is ill with heart disease. Her mother is the only support of the family. An older sister is married and can't contribute to the support of the family. Her village is far away and poorer than other villages. She was 63th in her class when she first entered high school, but now she has raised her rank to 14th in her class.

Zhan Xiameng
Zhan Xiameng

 Zhan Xiameng Click here for Video and wait through commercial please.

This student's father was disabled in a construction accident. Only his mother supports the family in An Long Town. He is a Senior 1 student starting in the fall of 2011 and will graduate in the spring of 2014. His high school entrance score is more than 400, which is good. He has two elder sisters. One works in Guangdong and the other is in high school as a senior 3 student. The family lives on 800 RMB a month for the support of the whole family. His father is Han and his mother Buyi. He lives at home in An Long. 

Blessing Hands / 106 Timber Lane / Morehead, Kentucky 40351 / 219 232 8887