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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Teacher and a Doctor

Carole Wants to Be a Doctor
You can make it possible.
Tang Ling Carole
 Carole Ling (Ting)       
Wants to be a doctor to help others

Carole's Dream
In her own words   
Carole Tang
Carole Tang at the Photo Workshop
My Mom has been dead for 13 years. Mom suffered disease after I was born. Mom still loved me very much. To treat my Mom's disease, our money was used up.

My father is just a farmer, and we couldn't pay the money to treat my Mother's disease. So, we borrowed money from friends, 20,000 yuan ($3,125 USD) in all.  But, unfortunately, My Mom died when I was 5. 

We just have a little farm land with no house. We must rent a place to live. I need a scholarship to go to college. I always studied hard, because I want to study in the university. I want to be a doctor and help anyone. 

 Tang Ling (Carole) 唐玲

Click on the movie to hear Carole in her own words. 
Carol Tang Ling
Carole Tang Ling
Dear Betty,

Carole still remembers holding her mother's hand when she first went to kindergarten. Her heart warms when she sees a mother holding hands with a child.  As a child, she was especially happy when she helped her father plant rice.

Contact us to arrange a $500 scholarship for her or send a check to Blessing Hands at 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351

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Karen Liang
Karen Liang (Lulu)
Karen Wants to teach 
You can help her help others

Karen Liang (Lulu)
States Her Need

Karen Liang
Karen Liang (Lulu)

I am a science student and want to teach children who need knowledge. I want to change their lives. Now I am studying hard at school, hoping to go to the university, but my family cannot afford my tuition. 

There are six members in my family: Father, Mother, elder sister, younger sister, younger brother and me, but unfortunately, my parents are ill. They can't do too much work. Now, what worries me most is if my family can't afford my tuition, so I can't continue to study at school.

Although I live in a poor family, I still have a dream. I will never give up my dream.  I love life and Mother Nature as well as peace. I have been blessed to get tuition help in high school for the last three years. I wonder if I am able to get your help again. I will value the chance and try my best to study hard.

Though my family is poor, I also want to help others, so I have become a volunteer of my school. Because of your help, I understand love is power. I will spare no effort to help others forever. 

With your help, I am sure I will become a good teacher in the future and help others who need help. I will appreciate it if you can give me a hand and make it possible for me to realize my dream. Thank you very much for reading my application. I am looking forward to hearing for you soon.
                                                                        Liang Lulu
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Karen Liang Lulu
Karen Liang Lulu
Please help Karen by giving at this link.

Karen Liang has been admitted to Guilin University of Technology for a 4 year course to become a teacher. She wants to teach science, English, or Chinese. She is from Pubei in Quangxi Province. She is very thankful for Blessing Hands' help that let her finish high school, and hopes to have a $500 scholarship for college. 

Betty Cutts, Director
Blessing Hands
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