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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give them a Blessing Hand

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Blessing Hands
Lisa Wu  
Lisa Wu Qinyan

You can give a $500 scholarship to any of these students at this link.  
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 Blessing Hands 
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       We are featuring our remaining students applying for scholarships all at once in this newsletter. The time for them to receive scholarships will soon be gone. We hope that you will select one to help. They are all seeking to better their lives and help others better theirs also. We have taught them to be blessing hands to others.

 Please extend your hands to them. 
Blessing Hands

 Lisa Wu Tells Her Story

Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu Qinyan
Click picture to see her movie.

      I am Wu Qinyan, a science student. I come from Qinzhou No.1 Middle School.  I am sincerely grateful for the help of Blessing Hands. With Blessing Hands' help, I was able go on studying in school. I will never forget the help Blessing hands gave me.
       I grew up poor living with two sisters and one brother. My mother died of an illness just as I started  to go to primary school. My father is a farmer. We have little money and few possessions. My sisters got married four years ago. Therefore, my family's able-bodied members decreased. My father is 59 years old, and his labor strength is weak. My brother dropped out of school, because of sickness.

      I will go to college in the near future. My dream is to be an English teacher. I will always be ready to help others and to do more for society in the future to make my Life more meaningful. I hope you will help me to achieve my goals.                                                 
Thank you very much.                                                                                                                                     
 Yours sincerely,

 Wu Qinyan 吴溱艳
     Lisa wanted to be an English teacher but has accepted a place at the Beihai College of Beihang University to study accounting  for 4 years. Students in China do not always get to choose their major. It depends on what major the college that accepts them wants.  She was so earnest in her interview that she almost cried. 

Evian Mo Yuanhong

Evian Mo
Evian Mo Yuanhong 
Click the pictures to see her movie.
     Evian will study clinical medicine at Guilin Medical College for three years. Evian wants to be in the medical field. There are 6 in her family, including her parents, who are handicapped and can't work much, and three younger children. She herself has an illness. They are farmers but have little income. She is from Qinzhou, China. She interviewed early so she could go to work for the summer to help herself with tuition for college.

     My name is Mo Yuanhong. I come from Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School. Now I intend to study medicine. My mother and father are farming at home. There are four children to study at home. The family cannot afford expensive school fees. The hands of my parents have had serious injury (arthritis that always pains them). They do not do heavy work.

Evian Mo Yuanhong
San Niangwan, my home, is a beautiful place. I'm doing summer work now. I wish you are happy everyday. I'll be like you with love to warm other people. Helping othersis a happy thing. I will keep it in mind.  I thank you that 
you told me to help others.

 Thanks again!

 Evian (English name)    莫远虹

Lewis Young (Huang Yangxing)

Huang Yanxing
Huang Yanxing (Lewis Young)
 Click on pictures to see his movie. 
      Lewis' mother is from a minority group, but he lives with his father and grand- mother. He will go three years to an agriculture college, Guangxi Agricultural College to learn gardening and agriculture technology. He is from Pingji High school, a rural school in Qinzhou Prefecture. This is the first year that students from his school have applied for scholarships.

      My family is very poor now. I can't change it, but it can't defeat me. Because I have a dream and there are a lot of people concerned about me-kind people. I thank you.

      Let me introduce my family. We live in a small village named Da Tian Pin in the Qinzhou Prefecture. There are three people in my family, Grandma, Father and me. We are happy though our family is poor. I got Blessing Hands' tuition help in high school, which made us more happy than before and relieved my father. I believe that if the world has love, the world will be more beautiful. 

Huang Yanxing 杨兴皇

Hannah Huang Zhifeng 

      Hannah's father was electrocuted when she was 7. Her mother could not accept his death and later left Hannah and her younger sister with their grandparents and went away. Their grandparents have aged and are less able to support them now.  Hannah is thankful to the sponsors who helped her 5 years during the most difficult time of her life. She has been accepted
Hannah Huang
Hannah Huang Zhifeng
Click photo to see her movie.
into a marketing program in a two year college, Jiangxi Lantian College.

      I was born in a small village in 1993. I was happy with a peaceful family. Unluckily, when I was seven years old, my father died from electricity in our village's water system. My mother couldn't accept the fact and left us alone. 

      After my father died, my sister and I lived with our grandparents. OUr daily life income depended on our uncle. At first our grand- parents could grow vegetables and corn to support our poor family. When they became older and older, their bodies got worse and even to do some small things they needed greater power. Last summer, grandpa suffered from several kinds of diseases and was in danger of dying. Luckily, he came to life finally. 

     When I needed food in senior high school, I had to rely on other's help to graduate from Yangshuo Experimental Middle School. Recently my mother came back, but she married another man. I and my sister still live with my grandparents, because we can understand why she left in a hurry. 

    We are satisfied with our life. Thanks to hope, Blessing Hands' help, and my grandparent's insistence on bringing us up, when I got into difficulties, they taught me how to find my confidence and gave me hope. As our family has it hard, I need help to complete my college dream.

Thank You! 黄志凤

Li Hong

      Li Hong is the youngest member of her family. Besides her parents, she has an older brother and two older sister. One of the sisters has married. The expenses
Li Hong
Li Hong
Click on photo to see her movie.
of the family are all on her mother since her father has fallen sick. Hong has been accepted at Yongjiang University, and will study three years to become a secretary. She got a summer job in Guangdong but came all the way back on the train to Qinzhou to interview with us for a scholarship. She is from Pingji High School. 

       I am Li Hong from Pingji Middle School in Guangxi, Qinzhou City. My family has six people - my mother and father, a older brother and two sisters. I am the youngest child in my family. With Blessing Hands' help my family has greatly improved, reducing the burden of my mother.
     My family's living expenses are all on my mother since my father suddenly became sick and cannot farm or work. We need a lot of medicine to treat him.  I watch my mother work so hard. I would give up school, but she will not agree. She tells me to hold on to my dream. My family has no ability to pay for me to go to the university. If you can give me help, you will change my fate. You can help me realize my dreams. I am waiting for your good news. 

     If I get your help and have the ability, I would help those that need help and do volunteer work. I want to do good deeds to return to society what I have received, transferring that love to everyone. Finally I sincerely wish you and your home joy, health, and happiness every day. 

From Li Hong 李红
       I hope you see how special the Blessing Hands students are and how high their dreams and hopes fly. I am proud of them and hope they succeed with the resources they have. You can increase their chances and bless them with an investment in their lives.  You can contact us at this email or give any amount at this link

     You can see all the students that we have featured in our newsletters at thiswebsite. They are also on our blog site.

Blessings and thanks, 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

Monday, September 05, 2011

Give Me Wings and I will Fly

Sue Will Be a Physics Teacher          

Sue Rong Shijiao

Sue Rong Shijiao
 I'm eager to go to college where I can learn more, but a lot of money it needed if I go there. It's too much for my family of six people - my grandparents, my parents, my brother and I. Both of my grandparents are over 70 and my parents are famers. My father is 50 with a heavy stomachache for years. For years, my father must work at Guangdong to make ends meet, but that is far away from my hometown.
    I know that going to college is the best way for us students, who come from poor families, to change our fate. If we can go to college to receive further education, we will have more ability to help others who need help, and maybe we can change many other people's life just as you do. I believe that the world will be more peaceful and full of love.

   I dream of going to college, but my family can't afford the tuition. I wonder if you will help me! Best wishes.

Rong Shijiao 容 世娇 
Click the arrow to hear Sue in her own words. 
Sue Rong Shijiao
Sue Rong Shijiao
Sue Rong Shijiao wants to be a teacher of physics. Her parents and grandparents are farmers, but her father has had to work away from home in Guangdong to support the family, even though he has severe stomach aches. They family can't afford to send her to college. She wants to help people like Blessing Hands has helped her. Guangxi Normal College has accepted her into their four year program. 

You can help her go to college by giving to her college fund. We like to give $500 to our college students, but you can give any amount on this page. A future is a terrible thing to waste. 
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Anny Fu Dexiu 符德秀 

Anny Fu Dexiu

Anny Fu wants to teach math and is interested in the cost and descriptions of buildings. She will go to Guangxi College of Education for a three year degree. Her younger sister is in middle school, and her older brother doesn't have a job. Only her mother supports the family of four. 

 If you choose to help her, go to this page to donate by credit card or send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351. You can contact usat 606 784 4785 or by this e-mail.

In Anny's Own Words
Give Me a Pair of Wings and I Can Fly.
Anny Fu Dexiu
 Click to hear Anny Fu Dexiu state her case.
I'm from Qinzhou Number 1 Middle School. My name is Fu Dexiu. I think I am a lucky dog, because I'm a member of Blessing Hands. I feel kindness and helpfulness between the others in Blessing Hands. I have a chance to study. They have given me wings that I can fly to the sky where I belong. 

After taking the national exam my score is 385. I am not satisfied with the score but I believe that if I study hard, I can create space that belongs to me. I plan to go to the university. I want to study. I believe my dream will come true in the future by studying hard.

I want to go to college very much, but my family can't offer help now. I have a sister, a brother, and a mother. My younger sister is studying in a middle school. My brother doesn't study in school. He is 20 but he can't find a job. Only my mother works hard, but she can't offer me help. Because of my family's situation, there is no offer of help for me. I really want to go to the university, so I hope I can get your help to go to the university. 

I will study hard and do some things to help others in my free time. If people need something, I will spare no effort to do something to help them. I will take the love you give and spread it around me to make people also be full of love. 

Finally I want to say thank you to you. I appreciate you. I wish you a good time everyday. If I can, I will do more and more things in return. 

From Fu Dexiu    Like us on Facebook

Nancy Ye

Nancy Will Go to Wuzhou University to Study Business 

Nancy Ye Caizhen

Ye Caizhen is from Pubei High School. Her mother died when she was young, and her father is seriously ill. She has a younger brother and sister. She will study business at Wuzhou University for three years. 

She worked in a restaurant this summer to earn money to go to college. She is very anxious about her lack of enough money for her tuition. She has contacted me on the Chinese chat qq many times hoping that her video and essay will be soon viewed. 

Nancy Speaks for Herself 
Help me Make my Dream Come True
Nancy Ye Caizhen
Listen to Nancy Ye Caizhen.
I am studying business. However, I'm afraid that my family can't afford my college tuition. There are five people in my family: grandma, father, younger brother, younger sister and I. My younger sister will go to senior high school and my younger brother will go to junior school in September this year. I will go to college, too.  All of us will need tuition or school aid.

My mother passed away when I was very young. What's worse, my father got ill seriously many years ago, and he can't work any longer. Besides, my grandma is so old that she can't work to support us, either. Now, what worries me most is that I can't afford the tuition of college.

I would like to know whether you could help me. Though my family is poor, I will never give up. I love my family. I love life. If I am lucky enough to get your help, I will value the chance and try my best to study hard. Where there is a will, there is a way. With your help, I am sure I will become a good teacher in the future and help many people who need help. I will appreciate it if you can give me a hand and help me to make my dream come true. Thank you very much.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                                       Ye Caizhen 叶 彩珍

I am featuring three students at a time in this newsletter. Their school acceptance letters have come in and time is running out before they start to school soon.  Their hopes are very high. Please help them. 

Betty Cutts
Director of Blessing Hands                                                     Donate Here
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Friday, September 02, 2011

Blessing Hands
Sand Lu

     Sand Lu Yuanlian will study computer science. His father passed away when he was 13. His little brother had to leave school when he was 15. His mother is a farmer but is often sick. His older sister is in Guangxi University.  He is from Xinzhou High school in rural Qinzhou Prefecture. Sand needs help to go to Guangxi University of Technology in Liuzhou for 4 years.  His national score on the entrance exam is 503, which qualified him to a high level college. 

Susan Chen   
      Susan has 8 people in her family. She is the youngest with three older sisters and a brother, who do not have stable jobs. She is from Qinzhou, China. Her national score is 416.  She has been accepted into the Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University.  Her major is finance, a 4 year course. She also wanted to study medicine, but accepted finance when that major admitted her. Students in China do not always get their choice concerning what they study in college. It depends on what major program the college that accepts them has available.
Sand Lu
Sand Lu Yuanlian

Susan Chan
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
Two Students Selected by Sponsors

       We are delighted to have sponsors select Amy Huang and Carol Tang for new scholarships.  We have at least 6 more students to feature yet and more may receive college acceptances in coming weeks. Some colleges do not start for four more weeks and some have already started classes. 

       You can support the student of your choice by giving a $500 scholarship on this page by credit or debit card. If you want to share a student, that is fine too. Just tell put any amount in the "Other" entry place. 

       We have had some old sponsors drop their sponsorships because of sickness or finances. If you want to help a student who has lost their college sponsor, please let us know that too.  

Blessings and Thanks,  
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands Director                                                      View our profile on LinkedIn

Sand Lu                                                                             View our videos on YouTube
Sand Lu Yuanlian
Sand Lu Yuanlian
         Hello, I am Lu Yuanlian of Xinzhou Middle School. Sand Lu is my chosen name. I feel honored to be a Blessing Hand student.  I want to say, "thank you" to you, all the workers of Blessing Hands and those whoever have helped me and my family. Except for you, I would have no chance to go to high school and meet so many good teachers and friends, and have no chance to pass such happy years.  I met many friends who spend important time in my life.

         When asked what subject I like, I just say I like chemistry very much. I know I am not excellent in Chemistry, but I think I can do so much to get to be. I like studying.   Now, I am going to go to college to achieve my next goal. However, my family can`t afford my college expenses, so I need help.

        My father passed away when I was thirteen, and my grandma left us last year. My mother, the only person who can support the family, but she always gets in trouble with sickness.  Lu Liang, my little brother, left school when he is only fifteen. Lu Hong, my sister, who always did well in class, is studying in
Sand Lu Yuanlian
Sand Lu Yuanlian 2010
Guangxi University. 
          My Mother often asked us to study hard to make a difference in our lives. All  who do, can be seen in the future, I think.  Now, my mother is farming in my hometown. She has very hard work to support us. I feel so honored to have such a mother. 

        So please give a hand, so that I can go to college to achieve my dream. I will do my best in my study to reward everyone who has helped my family and me and reward the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       陆 源炼  Lu Yuanlian 

Susan Chen                                                                                                                                              View our videos on YouTube
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
My name is Chen Qiuxiang. I have graduated from Qinzhou No.1 High School and am going to college this fall. The Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University has accepted me to study finance. I am deeply grateful. Finance is one of my favorite majors. I want to go to college and realize my dream to help more and more poor people. I believe finance will help me make my dream come true. I will study hard, but the tuition is 12000 ($1875 USD) yuan every year. I will study there four years.

I live in a big family. There are seven people, my parents and we five children. We live in a small village and live a poor life. My parents are farmers. They have little money.My Mom is sick, so she can't work at all. My Dad and my oldest sister work to support the whole family. They cannot afford our tuitions every year. We have to borrow the tuition from the bank and ask the rich to help us. My third older sister still studies in college and also needs support.

Knowledge is power. It is known that knowledge can make people stronger. I desire to learn more and more knowledge. It is very expensive for us. My family cannot afford it. My parents are worried about it every day. I desire to go to college. I want to help my parents, and I do not want to add too much burden on them. 
Susan Chen
Susan Chen
 I need your help deeply. Blessing Hands has helped me in the past years, and I want to pass this love to other people and let brightness and hope be everywhere in the world.
Please help me. Help me, please! 

Thank you so much!

Chen Qiuxiang 陈秋香  (Susan) 

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Moon Festival in Lexington, KY

Blessing HandsBlessing Hands andLexington's Chinese
Moon Festival
Blessing Hands
  Wei Senbao and the Moon    
Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao with
 Lianna Gilliam

Friends of Blessing Hands will be selling jewelry, baked goods, and cakes for the benefit of the Wei Senbao's medical fund and other Blessing Hands projects at this festival. 

Last year a special friend of Blessing Hands won the moon cake contest and gave the prize money to Wei Senbao.
She was able to meet him this summer when her family traveled to China. This
year she is taking orders for moon cakes and has already raised $600 for Wei. It is very time consuming to make moon cakes so that might be her limit. 

You can give to Blessing Hands right on your computer at this link. 

Look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying the moon. Come by our table and pick up some of our new brochures and newsletters to share with your friends. 
Chinese Moon Festival 
Free Admission

Chinese gather during the full moon in the month of September to enjoy the moon and family. They eat special traditional moon cakes and share in family fun.
Lexington's moon festival is Saturday September 10 at the Moon Dance Amphitheater in Beaumont Centre Circle, Saturday 4 pm - 8 pm, September 10, 2011.

Activities include a talent show, drawing contest, moon cake competition, Chinese essay and drawing contest, dance and music performances.

To participate in the essay and drawing contest, please fill out the Painting and Essay Competition Registration Form. More information is at this link. 
The event is hosted by the Kentucky Chinese America Association every yearThere will be displays by community groups & vendors especially from 2 to 4 o'clock.

Free access to Beaumont Centre Family YMCA facilities and lantern making activities (For more info, call 859 219-9622 ext. 24).

Delicious Chinese foods available for purchase but free to members of KCAA. For more information, call 267 280-3537 or 859 533-6183.
e-mail wei.luo@uky.edu.  
 Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands has given some type of school aid to 635 students in China over the last 6 years.  
Blessing Hands,106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351