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Friday, December 23, 2011

Give a Gift that Blesses Two Families

Subject: Give a Gift to a Chinese and US Family

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Give a Christmas Gift that Changes a Life 
Feng Keli Photo
Feng Keli has a sponsor now for a year.

        Recently a Christmas gift was given to an American Family and a Chinese family all at once. I received a sponsorship for one of our high school boys that was given as a Christmas present to an American family. What a great idea, especially so close to Christmas when it is almost too late to shop. In one act of blessing, the gift reached into a Chinese and US family. I've seen catalogs of Christmas gifts, but this one keeps on giving to both families. The student can write to both his sponsor and the family that received the gift and keep them updated on his progress in school and life.  

You can see pictures of more students who need sponsors at this link. Be a blessing to one of them and give a sponsorship as a Christmas gift. It just cost $160 to pay their tuition for a year.  You can also see more students at this link on our website. There is even a Google Checkout button there where you can give by credit card. Do it now before the end of the year. 

Write and tell us which student you have selected, and we will update our sponsorship records. 

Portraits to Help Students

Water color portriats
Portraits for Kids
         Dengfeng Li, an award winning international artist, is offering the value of two portraits to Blessing Hands. Li is a teacher at Morehead State University. He is offering to do two portraits and give the proceeds to Blessing Hands. He will do a portrait of any individual, but he prefers to work from photos.
Click on the photos to see more photos. You can learn more on our website.

Portrait by Dongfeng Li

Give a portrait for Christmas or the New Year. 
      He is offering the items below.

       1. A charcoal portrait in black & white for a $300

       2. A watercolor portrait in color for a $600 

 To purchase a valuable portrait from Dongfeng Li ! Contact us!
Water Purifiers given to Village Primary Schools
Children enjoy fresh water
Shang Mei Primary School Students
Get a Fresh Drink of Water

Shang Mei Primary School no longer has to boil water to keep their kids safe. Their water purifier was installed December 6th.  Looking for a end of the year giving opportunity? Maybe you want to give a water purifier to a primary school in Du'an County. I recently got photos of the new water purifier installed there. It cost $1,785. One more school never has to worry about  water borne diseases again or boil water to protect their children. 

Shang Mei Water Purifier Holding Tank
Water Purifier Holding Tank in Shang Mei Village
You can click on these photos to see more pictures. Use this link to give online to our water purifier project.
Any amount is welcomed.

You can read more about our water project at this link.

Water Purifier at Long Wang
Water Purifier Installation at Long Wang Primary School
Merry Christmas from Blessing Hands
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