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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cupcake Party

Cupcake Party

 Give a Fresh Drink of water

Come join us for a fun time that will help a 
Lot of children in China
Blessing Hands is a US Public Charity that is currently helping 316 students in China with school aid. This number includes students from primary age all the way to college. They also are involved in projects to improve health and living conditions for those living in remote areas of China. 
Water purification is one of their projects to supply 2,630 Yao minority children with affordable water purification systems in 8 village schools. The cost of one system is $1,750. 
Christine Zhang
Christine Zhang
$25 to $15 contributions will go a long way toward financing one of these purifiers, or you can give one completely yourself.  Christina Zhang has taken this fund raising project to her heart and is cooking wonderful cupcakes. She is a high school senior determined to help others.  Come help her reach her project goals. She was a Governor's Scholar last summer. Her father is Eric Zhang from Yunnan Province, who serves on our Blessing Hands' Board of Directors. 
Installed water purifier
Water Purifier with
Holding Tank

Water purifier Unit Photo
Water Purifier Unit
Shang Mei Primary School
Shang Mei Primary School
Gets Clean Water.

    Shang Mei Primary School got pure water for the first time without boiling water in December. These Yao minority kids need never fear Hepatitis A and other water carried diseases again.
    The electrolysis unit only needs salt and power to serve a whole village and school. One system costs $1,750. Even if you can't come to the party, you can give the Yao schools their own clean water.
 See more pictures at this link. 
View a movie of an installation
Clean Water Comes To Long Wang Primary
Clean Water Comes To Long Wang Primary
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