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Friday, March 09, 2012

Subject: Friendship Summer Camp

Blessing Hands
Summer Friendship Camp
We are getting excited about our Summer Friendship Camp in Yangshuo. We have been working on the schedule the last two days and have included four blocks of time including English Culture, Personal Development, Extra-Curricular activities, and Sports.
   The Extra- Curricular activities will include music, art, dance, drama and storytelling/public speaking. English culture includes American geography, history and heroes, American festivals and holidays, the American educational system, and American customs like weddings.

    Personal Development will have classes on physical and psychological health, future goals and career planning, living a successful life, social skills and problem management and finally communication and speech. We thinks any teenager would benefit from classes like these. 

    Our fun activities will include a bicycle field trip, scavenger hunt, service projects, zumba and tiaji exercises, a talent show, square dancing, an English movie, and story telling.  We can use 38 volunteers with half of them being translators. Some teachers could teach more than one class, but it would be great to have different teachers for each class. 
   We already have our high school campers, so we are now looking for our 30 volunteer teachers and 8 college counselors. Half of them need to know Chinese to translate for the other teachers and counselors.  If you want to apply, please contact us quickly. We will need to get tickets ordered for those coming from the USA. Plane fare might be as high as $1,700 and another $500 will be needed for visas, in-country fights and travel, food, and accommodations. Translators will be paid a small salary (a little over $100). 
      Our last three interns, Megan Mraz, Laura White, and Leanna Gilliam have been a great assets to Blessing Hands on the Morehead State University Campus. They has raised awareness about our Blessing Hands kids and spoken in the community and on campus about Blessing Hands. 

     Recently the college TV program, Morehead Today, included Blessing Hands as the feature in their segment. Crystal Zhao was the excellent hostess. She especially wanted the story of our internship and interviewed Leanna and myself.  I have included the link to the program on youtube.
    Leanne had so much fun last summer that she is going back to help with the camp this summer. China affects people that way. Kasey Towles and her son John Randall are returning also along with Eric Zhang. That is almost our whole team from last summer. 
Morehead Today 2-15-2012
Morehead Today 2-15-2012
Water purifier
Water Purifier
Final Sum Raised by Christina Zhang for Water Purifiers 
Cupcake party volunteer
Cupcake Party Volunteer
We have the final amount, $4,262.65, raised for the water purifiers by Christina Zhang and her family. This amount will buy and install two purifiers and also leave $703 for the HIV training seminar in Du'an this summer. We also have a pledge for the last purifier, which will finish our project for the eight rural schools. 
We thank you all very much. 
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands Director
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