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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grandmother Lai

Grandmother Lai Guizhen Receives Help for Her Family
Yaya Luo, our administrator in Yangshuo, has sent this report about Grandmother Lai. Blessing Hands is going to be supporting her two grandchildren who lost their father last year. We are also giving Grandmother Lai some supplemental help for her health and support since she is a widow. 
Dear Betty,
  I have given Grandmother Lai Guizhen the money yesterday afternoon. When I arrived at her family in the late afternoon, she was working in the field and planting some vegetables. She was excited and thankful when she was told she would get some money from an American Charity. She was moved to tears. She said a lot of thanks and a lot of words but I couldn’t really understand her because she spoke dialect. She said if you came to Yangshuo next month, she would like you to come to her family. She wants to thank you.
   You can see her eyes were full with tears and red from the pictures attached, she was bowing for thanks, even though I said she didn’t need to do that. She was showing her legs which are just parts of her body that were burned. 70% -80% of her body is covered by that scar.
 Thank you for all of you.
Love you and sincerely with regards,