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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wei Senbao needs your help

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Blessing HandsHappy New Year 
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Wei Senbao韦森宝
Wei Senbao韦森宝
Wei Senbao's Needs Your Help

Other organizations are joining us to help Wei Senbao get the care he needs in Shanghai this spring. If all goes well, his mother and Mandy Ma will be taking him for treatment of his cystic Lymphangioma sometime in last March or early April. His whole treatment for his birth defect may cost more than $32,051 (200,000 Yuan) depending on what is found.
We have the help of a volunteer in Shanghai, who is arranging his care and can even apply for funds from a Chinese foundation and an American charity. He may be able to stay in a foster Home, which serves children who come for treatment in Shanghai. 

We need to raise money for his initial tests, transportation, food, and other expenses. We presently have $6,152 reserved for this. We have been advised to bring him and start the process even if we don't know how much it will cost. Funds may be more available from other sources if he is already in treatment. He may also need therapy after the operation, and he may have to have a second operation even if the first one goes well.
His cystic lyphangiona is growing.
His Cystic Lymphangioma is Growing.

Wei Senbao needs your help. Please give to his fund at this  linkYou can see pictures of him and his village there also.
Blessing Hands is 501(c)(3) public 
charity, and any USA donations are tax deductible. You can send checks to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.
If you want to help with a fund raiser for him in Morehead, Lexington, or Kunming, please let us know
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Chinese New Year Celebration

Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013
Lexington Opera House 
401 West Short Street 
Lexington, KY 40507
Get your tickets now.

Tickets from $15 to $50, free for KYCAA members. Call the ticket office at  859-233-3535 for ticket information, and e-mail to kycaa@yahoo.com for qu

Blessing Hands will have a display at the   
Lexington Chinese New Year Celebration.
Look for us at the 4 to 6:45 pm Chinese Market  before the performance program begins at 7 pm. 
Chinese Zodiac Sign
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Holiday Thanks from a Former Student

Liang Shuangping 梁霜平
Liang Shuangping梁霜平
"Now, I am in a local university. Our family is very grateful for your help, and I have the opportunity to continue my studies.

Sincerely. I have had a very good life, and I will cherish this opportunity to work hard in study. Today starts a holiday, and we are very pleased. I want to do a part-time job during the holidays, to alleviate the burden of the parents.

Best  wishes  for  you!  ~!O(∩_∩)O~."
Liang  Shuangping
I get letters like this all the time from students, who are doing well and very grateful for the support we gave them while they were in school. It has been eight years since Blessing Hands started helping Chinese students stay in school. Over nine hundred and forty-eight students have passed through our programs.
You can Change a Life
Tuition only cost $180 a year for a high school student, and yet it changes their lives forever. Students must pay to go to high school in China. We just had a tuition gathering in Qinzhou, and we now have pictures of new students needing sponsors on our high school Website page. Just pick one out and email us your choice.

Zhu Guifeng 朱桂凤
Zhu Guifeng 朱桂凤
Wu Weibang 吴炜邦
Wu Weibang吴炜邦
Li Yu 李瑜
Li Yu 李瑜
These three are new students at No. 1 Middle School in Qinzhou. Each one has a family that can't afford to send them to school. Please help them and their families. 
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Fumin Primary School 富民 will get a water purifier this summer.
Fumin Primary School 富民 will get a water purifier this summer.
Water Purification Project
Our summer project this year is to install 8 water purifiers in two locations in China. East Oldham Middle School in Oldham, KY has been raising money for this project and will send four of their faculty members with me to China this summer. 
We will leave on June 24th for Yangshuo and then Anlong County. I will stay later after the purifiers team leaves and visit Yunnan Province where we have added more high school students of the Tibetan minority. 
Yaya Luo,  our administrator who grew up in Dewo, has arranged for the Dewo Township Water Department to help the Oldham team install 5 water purifiers. A construction company in Kunming has offered to send two of their workers and a van over to help with the work in the Dewo Town area.  The Yangshuo Department of Education is assisting us in their area. Many primary children will have pure water and no longer suffer form water borne diseases. 
Water Purifier installed in the fall of 2012 at Liushan Primary School
Water Purifier installed in the fall of 2012 at Liushan Primary School  六山村.
Yaya Luo has recently married an American and will be moving to Kentucky. We trust Yaya will still help us administer scholarships from Kentucky.  I will be interviewing applicants for college scholarships while I am in China. She has been a great help to us in China and now Kentucky. 
Betty Cutts
Director of Blessing Hands
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We wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that you will make our students happy this New Year also
 by giving the gift of a life changed.