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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Update on Wei Senbao

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Update on Wei Senbao
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Wei Senbao and his Mom standing in line for treatment.
Wei Senbao and his Mom standing in line for treatment
Wei Senbao 
and his family 
need your help. 

Updated News on Wei Senbao
 his MWei and his Mom at  No. 9  Hospital
Wei and his Mom at No. 9 Hospital

Wei will first undergo a sclerosing treatment, an injection to harden his  lymphangioma (malformed vessels).
Five-year-old Wei has a cystic lymphangioma, a mass formed before birth. It is a congenital malformation or hamartoma on 
the borderline between malformed lesions and a tumor
They will use general anesthesia for the treatment. Then they will send him home for 3 
months until June. They want the malformation to harden, so they can operate on him. I am glad he will not miss much more of kindergarten. School is important for him and his mother. 

When he returns to Shanghai, they will operate and remove the lymphangioma. Later it will require at least one more operation, so it will be a long drawn out treatment. He may have to come to Shanghai two or more times. 
Cost of Treatment
Wei and Mom at No. 9 Hospital In Shanghai
Wei and Mom at No. 9 Hospital In Shanghai

The operations will cost at least 40,000 ($6,420) and maybe 50,000 ($8,026) Yuan for the 2 operations. 

Mandy was required to put down 4,000 yuan ($642) as a deposit on Wei's first sclerosing treatment. He will travel home by train and wait until the 1st operation. Then there will be a second operation in the future. One operation will cost between 20,000 ($3,210) to 25,000 ($4,012) yuan. The two operations may require a total of 40,000 ($6,420) to 50,000 yuan ($8,026 USD). This does not include the travel and lodging for them. 

Now that Mandy knows the prognosis, time and expense required, she will fly home and await their return. The volunteer with Angel Mother Charity will look after Wei and his mom until they leave on the train later. A friend of Mandy's has bought clothes for them and paid two nights on Mandy's hotel bill. This friend has also spread the news about Wei and his plight to see if others will help him. 
Wei and his Mom in the hospital hallway
Wei and his Mom in
 the hospital hallway

So far the expenses of travel, tests, room and board, and down payment has come to $1,655 (10,308 Yuan).The Angel Mother volunteer told Mandy that right now there are so many poor children, who need help who don't have Blessing Hands' help, that their charity won't donate any money for 
Wei now, although she is helping with taking them places and giving advice. We really appreciate all of the people who are helping Wei. 
Since the last newsletter, his fund has grown to $7,062. Take away the expenses up to now, and we have  $5,407 left.  He will have travel expenses at least two more times and other expenses we might not know about now. 
Please help us get his fund up to at least $10,000 for now. You can give at this link on the Blessing Hands Website or send a check for Wei to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351.
 If you want to give on the Chinese website of "A Life at a Time" the link is here.   
Donate You can give $50 by Paypal here.  
Wei's Mom
Wei's Mom is devoted to him.
Wei's Mom is devoted to him.

Meng Qiuya 蒙 秋 亚 Supports 7 people

Perhaps you noticed in the pictures how tired and weak Wei's mother looks. As Mandy got to know her better, she learned that Meng supports a large family, including her elderly mother-in-law, and four children of Meng's husband's brothers who have died. The mothers of the children left after their husbands died. Meng's husband was the youngest and disappeared after going out to work when Wei was a baby. 

Meng can't give blood for Wei because she is anemic from not enough iron in her diet. She is a simple farmer with no other relatives to help with the burden of the family's support. As soon as I heard this, I asked Mandy about the other children. It seems that one is a junior 2 student and the other 3 are in 5th and 6th grades at Liushan Primary School. 

We want to take these other children to support. If any of you would like to sponsor this family or Wei's nutrition, let me know at this email address or give with the buttons below. Wei is already supported at $35 a semester  for school supplies by the Lexington Chinese Christian Church's youth group.
Donate $50 a month for a family member's nutrition and health.
Donate $50 a month for Wei's nutrition and health. 
Donate $50 a month for Meng Qiuya's nutrition and health 
Donate $35 a semester to sponsor school supplies for a primary child in this family 
Donate $75 a semester to sponsor school lunches for a middle school child in this family. 
Kentucky Gives
Wei took the subway for the first time.
Wei took the subway for the first time.

Blessing Hands is Participating in the Special Giving Day Called  
Kentucky Gives.    

"Ky charitable nonprofits have been encouraged to participate in a statewide day of online giving. 
Kentucky Gives Day begins at midnight EST on April 24 and continues until 11:59 pm EST. Kentuckians will go online to kygives.org, connect with causes they care about and make tax-deductible donations to support the important work of Kentucky charities".
Supporters will search for participating nonprofits and simply click to donate.  We ask you to pick Blessing Hands from the list and support our projects like Wei Senbao's medical care. We are right there at the top with the "B's". There is another great Morehead charity there - People's Clinic, which serves uninsured working people. 
We have a Blessing Hands team you can join to promote KY Gives for our students on Facebook, Skype, Google+ and other social media sites. Join our team at this site. We need to advertise the Kentucky Gives Day and not forget to come and donate on the site on the zero day! Our goal is $5,000, but if we go way over that we can add many more students to help. It is simple just spread the word to your internet friends and family. 

Blessing Hands is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and 
Betty Cutts, Director
Betty Cutts, Director
your gift is tax deductible in the USA. We have helped over 1,000 students in the last seven years. 

Join us in giving to kids who will
help themselves and others. 


Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

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