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Friday, July 26, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wei Senbao Comes Home

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Give $40 to Support a Primary Child. 
Good News: Sunny Rong will receive a scholarship to Nanning College of Vocational Technology.
"Sunny" Rong Shanni
Sunny has  gotten a scholarship to study computer art design. 
Two sponsors chose to
co-operate to give her 
a $650 scholarship. Sunny was born with cerebral palsy. These are her own words. 
My name is Rong Shanni. but you can call me Sunny. I am a girl disabled in body, but I have studied hard in school and like math and physics. I have chosen to learn computer design. I like cartoons and have many ideas. I plan to open a studio to engage in interior decoration design in the future using my design philosophy and style. 

I believe in God and I don't think he is prejudiced. My parents searched for a cure for me at birth but at last they realized that no drugs would help. Later in 2004, I had two operations to help my body be improved. Although my mother lost her job, my parents borrowed the operation fee. I am creative, but my body was hindered in its creation. 

I am kind and friendly and I respect nature and love life. I have a positive attitude. Thanks for helping me complete my college studies. 

 Wei Senbao is Home 
Wei Senbao is home.
Wei Senbao is home.

Over seventy people gave to Wei's medical fund. Thank you each and everyone. His medical fund will be reserved for another operation he will need when he is twelve years old. 

I didn't get to visit him in his home on July 14th, since he came home by train on the 20th. However, I did get to meet his family and eat a delicious meal with them.  His extended family served us a great lunch of tofu, chicken, pork, and rice. 
Five Long Months 
Wei Senbao and his mom are back from Shanghai
Wei Senbao and his mom are back from Shanghai.
Wei has come home to Longfu at last. I think he has grown taller in the last five months. He is fine now. He still has some swelling from three operations, but he is expected to recover fine.
Wei Senbao was much better after his third operation.
Dr. Dai met them at the train station in Nanning with the hospital van.
Dr. Dai met them at the train station in Nanning with the hospital van.
Dr. Dai, in the yellow shirt, has helped Wei to get medical care. Wei's mother stayed with Wei the whole time and helped other mothers at the Hope Foundation Love House. He was a favorite with the volunteers there. One went out of her way to help them, even buying Wei clothes.
Lunch with Wei's Family
Wei Senbao's GrandmotherThe Wei family hosted our group as we visited Ling Wang School and Village on July 14th. We enjoyed their warm welcome and special meal. 
We enjoyed the tofu and chicken soup lunch Wei's family served.
We enjoyed the tofu and chicken soup lunch Wei's family served.
Wei's grandmother is a sweet, nimble lady, who is the head of her family. I was able to give $85 to her for the support of the orphans in her family. She does not speak Chinese, so our words had to be translated by the Yao health assistant for the village. We will be giving this supplement to his grandmother monthly. It is for the four grandchildren living with her who are without parents. 
The Wei family home is a typical Yao home. 
The Wei family home 
Wei's home looks like it has been there a 100 years. This is a traditional design for Yao homes. The family lives on the second floor while the animals are on the first level.
Wei's extended family Include an aunt and uncle and four 1st cousins whose parents are dead or absent
Wei's extended family Includes an aunt and uncle and four 1st cousins.
Betty giving $85 to Wei's Grandmothe
Betty giving $85 to Wei's Grandmother. Mandy Ma helped to arrange everything. 
Gifts to the Ling Wang School Children
Eddy Wu from Hong Kong gave out art supplies.
Eddy Wu from Hong Kong gave out art supplies.
This is the third year that we have given school support to the Ling Wang one-room school in Wei Senbao's village. The first year our volunteers had to hike two hours to find the school, but now there is a new road.

Our team took them toys, ping pong balls, art supplies, and other items like jump ropes. They knew right what to do with everything.
Everyone enjoyed the toy give away.
Everyone enjoyed the toys given away.
Eddie Wu demonstrates a kick toy.
Eddie Wu demonstrates a kick toy.
Matthew Liu traveled with us this summer. He loves kids.
Matthew Liu traveled with us this summer. He helped give out toys also. 
College Scholarships Needed

We will soon be featuring students who need scholarships for college in the fall. I interviewed many of them when I was in China. When they get their college acceptance letters, I can share their stories with you. Below are some of the present students in college on scholarships and some alumni of Blessing Hands. You can see more pictures at this Pinterest site. 
Qinzhou Scholarship Dinner - 2013
We had many adventures during our summer China trip but that will have to wait for another newsletter. 
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands