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Friday, August 09, 2013

Volunteers are a Blessing

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Blessing Hands Volunteers in China
East Oldham Middle School's Water purifier team
Summer 2013
Helping people help themselves and others 
Volunteers Were Blessing Hands this Summer

     I was really pleased with all that was accomplished this summer by volunteers. Our team traveled from Hong Kong almost into Tibet to visit places where we have projects and children. Many Chinese and American friends and volunteers stepped forward to help us help children. Our motto is "Helping people help themselves and others".  I want to share the stories of these volunteers.  

East Oldham Water Purifier Team right to left: Jim Ross, Dennis Mangum, Tim Kelly, and  Josh McCurdy.
Water Purifier Team

    The blessings began with East Oldham Middle School, which sent four of their staff members to install water purifiers in Yangshuo primary schools.  The East Oldham students and staff raised $14,500 for three purifiers, three water tanks, plumbing tools, the water team's airfare and other project related expenses. The Yangshuo Education Department provided meals, transportation, and local expertise to help the water team working in Yangshuo schools.
    Blessing hands supporters contributed four more purifiers and tanks for the Buyi minority areas in Guizhou Province, where the East Oldham team also helped with installations. 

    Mr. Jian Gao, the owner of a construction company in Kunming, volunteered his
construction team to assist the American water purifier team in the Buyi areas.  He also provided transportation, piping and other fittings for the four Buyi schools and will help two more schools have pure water when we have more water purifiers donated. Mr. Gao said he never had so much fun or was so tired. He personally worked with the American team to put in purifiers.
Fuming Primary Students enjoy a drink of pure water. Click on pictures
 to see more pictures.
   Yaya Luo, our administrator who is Buyi herself, helped with interpretation and logistics in the Buyi schools. Christina Zhang, one of our American volunteers and daughter of our vice president, came with Mr. Gao, who is a childhood friend of her father. It was great to hear a Kentucky accent and work with Christina. She sponsored a cupcake fundraiser a year ago to finance one of the water purifiers. She also interpreted for us when we interviewed Anlong Blessing Hands students applying for college scholarships. 

      You can give a water purifier to a primary School. Just click on the donate button and give $627 for the water purifier itself. Mr. Gao says he will supply the tanks, transportation, labor, and fittings for two more water purifiers. 

You can see more pictures at this link. 

 Donate $627 for a water purifier for a Buyi minority school.
Mingyong and her mother received fall school aid.
Mingyong and her mother received fall school aid. Click to see more pictures. 
Ten New Students
Fumin Primary School
    In the Dewo Township of Guizhou Province, we gave Fumin Primary School a new water purifier and added ten new Buyi students to sponsor. They are mostly from single parent families. Most Buyi students do not go beyond middle school. We also visited Anlong where we gave Tuitions to twelve Buyi high school students and interviewed five students applying for college scholarships. 
Donate Give $180 to sponsor a Buyi high school student for a year.  
Donate Give $42 a semester to a primary Buyi student for school aid. 
Donate Give a $500 scholarship to a Buyi college scholarship student.  
You can also give by selecting your donation amount at this link. 
It saves the processing fee if you send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.
Zhou Jinchao
Zhou Jinchao "Joe" translator 
Translators Volunteered 
    We had the help of many Chinese translators and friends as volunteers. In Yangshuo, Jingchao Zhou, a former student at Morehead State University, joined our team at the airport and patiently translated for three days.  His translation assistance as priceless especially when we visited two high schools where we support students and interviewed students applying for college scholarships.  

     Tammy Wenji Hu, a UK student volunteer, came during her summer vacation to help the Yangshuo water purifier installations. We really needed her ability to translate in the Guilin dialect. Malan Cai, a MSU alumnus, expertly translated for an official dinner in Yangshuo. Angela Xiong traveled with us for twenty days, translating all the way. Matthew Liu drove his own car at his own expense to help us visit students in Guizhou, Yunnan, and Guangxi Provinces. 
Sponsor one of these Children for $42 a semester.
Sponsor one of these children. The girls already have a sponsor. Click on pictures to see more. 
New Primary Children  
Fujing  Primary School

  Shao Tongchong, a former visiting scholar at our local university, arranged for Blessing Hands to support twelve new students at Fujing Primary School in her husband's hometown area. She has volunteered to give the students their school aid each time and monitor them. You can see pictures of these new kids and their school on Pinterest at this link.
Donate $42 supports a Fujing student for a semester.  
Shangri-la students
Shangri-la students. Click on photo to see more.
Shangri-La High School Students
     In Shangri-la, we visited with the Kozo family, who monitor our students there. We met the five Tibetan high school students we have been sponsoring for a year. I saw my first yak and tasted Tibetan tea.  All of these students are sponsored.
Click on the photo to see more pictures of this area. 

Mingen and her Grandmother
Mingen and her Grandmother -
Click to see more pictures.
New Sponsored Students 
Kunming in Yunnan

     In Kunming in Yunnan Province, we visited with the Xu family, who has agreed to administer a program for disadvantaged city students. They are starting a family counseling center to help families who have various handicaps. I look forward to working closely with them to identify children in crisis in various Kunming schools. It is the first time we will be sponsoring students outside of a school setting.

 Give $42 to support a child in Kunming for a semester. 
Eddy Wu gave out  art supplies
Eddy Wu gave out art supplies. Click the picture to see more.
Ling Wang Primary School
Wei Senbao's School

      In the Du'an area, we visited Ling Wang Primary School to give out toys, candy and art supplies to the fifty students at the small one-room school we have adopted. This project is supported by the cash jars placed in our local Chinese restaurants and vacation school offerings. Eddy Wu, a sponsor from Hong Kong, joined us for the last part of our trip.

Ling Wang Children with toys
Ling Wang Children 
got new toys.
Ling Wang is the home village of Wei Senbao.  We were hosted for lunch by the gracious Wei extended family. With the help of Blessing Hands, Wei Senbao has received three operations to correct a birth defect in his lymphatic system. For now, he has finished his treatment for a cystic lymphangioma, a congenital malformation of the lymphatic system. He will need another operation when he is about twelve. 
Peipei attended the dinner in Qinzhou. She is studying to be a teacher.
Peipei attended the scholarship dinner in Qinzhou. She is studying to be a teacher. Click to see more.
Qinzhou High School Program and
Scholarship Dinners

    In Qinzhou City in Guangxi Province, we visited the sixty Blessing Hands students at No.1 Middle School. Anna Liu, a former visiting scholar in Morehead, administers our tuition program for 160 high school students in several area schools. We also interviewed students applying for college scholarships and had lovely dinners for our scholarship students and alumni in the Qinzhou and Nanning areas.
 Click pictures to see more. 

Many Qinzhou No.1 High School students were able to meet with us for a party.
Many Qinzhou No.1 High School students were able to
 meet with us for a party.
Teaching Hooky Pokey to the Qinzhou students at our party
Teaching Hokey Pokey to the Qinzhou students was fun. See more pictures by clicking.

    What a blessing all these volunteers were, but I was
Items collected by our student were given in the Ling Wang Village.
Items collected by our student were given away.
most blessed by one of our own scholarship students who gathered items to give away from her graduating classmates. When our own students become blessing hands to others, we have come full circle to fulfill our vision.
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Donations can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.


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