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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Heart Of Gold

Dasi Higher Middle School
Heart of Gold
May 2014

Interview a Success
One of our board members, Xiaomin Mai, and I were recently interviewed by Channel 37 in Lexington for a program called Heart of Gold.   Paul Chartier has been hosting this program that features non-profits for many years.  The sole purpose of the program is to have non-profits charities share their mission and invite people to get involved through volunteering. 

You can listen to it at this link or watch it right here. 

Heart of Gold Blessing Hands
Heart of Gold  Program about Blessing Hands

Tricycle type wheelchair
Tricycle type wheelchair
109 Happy People
I am thrilled to report that 109 wheelchairs have been ordered to leave the Chinese factory the 15th of Juneon their way to Du'an. Lexington Chinese Christian Church's final tally was 50 wheelchairs. They really got behind the project and brought its success. Twenty of the chairs will be tricycles for people who can peddle with their feet. Even if they can't walk,  they will be able to have mobility and even be independent again. 
Four people, who have given wheelchairs, will be present when the chairs are presented on the 3rd of July.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures for the rest of you.  We will also have a dental clinic in Du'an and give books collected by Xiaoling Mai's primary students to Chong Ye Primary School. We expect several Chinese volunteers to come to participate.  

We have recently heard that there are grants available for hearing aids and cochlear   implants for poor Chinese children from an Australian philanthropist. Mandy Ma, our administrator in Du'an has told the deaf school there about the opportunity, and the teachers hope to get help for their students.  If you know of hearing impaired Chinese children, the website is at this address> http://www.hearingkids.org.cn/
Faith Today
Our local paper has a insert, Faith Today, that appears quarterly.  Stephanie Ockerman, editor, asked me to come in for an interview.  It features stories of faith and overcoming and is very inspirational.  You can read the article on ourPinterest.com page.  Try blowing it up on your cell phone so you can read it. 

The statement I like the most is, "Cutts and her like minded volunteers and supporters also believe that anyone's hand can bless others with help." She really got the heart of Blessing Hands.  We indeed do hope that our students will become blessing hands to others and know that our volunteers are blesing hands. 

article page
Only One Painting Left!
Jackson Morning
Jackson Morning
Only the painting by Dongfeng Li of Jackson is still for sale.  Jackson is a small town that is a KY county seat. Dongfeng painted this scene as part of a series about towns in Kentucky. 

Dongfeng is a famous Chinese/Kentucky artist. He plans to lead an art workshop tour to Yangshuo to let people learn watercolor painting and experience outdoor painting in the beautiful mountains of Yangshuo, which attract many artists from all over the world. 
You can write to him about it at this link. 

You can buy this painting online for $600 by clicking on this link.   If you give a donation over the amount of $600,  it can be a deduction on your US income taxes.

Annie O'Brien
Annie O'Brien
Summer Plans
I am looking forward to our summer trip to China from June 20 to July 14th. Besides giving away wheelchairs in Du'an, we will be interviewing students who need scholarships for college.  We will have our college intern with us, Annie O'Brien.  She will be taking a course in Tianjin before she meets us in Guilin in late June.   Annie says, "Every student deserves a chance to change the world."  We sure agree with that. 

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and especially the scholarship lunches we set up for alumni and present students, who are receiving college scholarships. Our lunch in Nanning will be on Sunday, July 13th at the Xinhua Time Hotel, 100-1 Daxue East Rd. We will start in the lobby at11:30 am and go upstairs at 12:00 to a banquet room. 
The luncheon in Qinzhou will be on July 11th. We will meet in the lobby of the White Dolphin Hotel at 11:30 am and walk to a nearby restaurant for anoon lunch. 
In Yangshuo, we will meet at the Bamboo Resort Hotel, No.10 Chengzhong Road.  Come at 11:30 on June 27th, and we will walk to a nearby restaurant.  
I hope  new students and alumni will be able to come to one of those luncheons.  We may have a luncheon in Guilin on June 30 or 31st, so contact me if you can come to one there. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone. 
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands Director