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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letter from a Student

Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands
 Recently we got this letter and volunteer report from Li Dongyu, one of our Blessing Hands students. It so moved me that I asked him if I could use it for a newsletter. He agreed, so here it is with his own Chinese words and translation (with a few corrections in English from me). 

我在培训的地方拍的。在这里我学到了很多东西,我爱这个地方。 My training place. I learned a lot here. I love this place.
我在培训的地方拍的。在这里我学到了很多东西,我爱这个地方。 My training place. I learned a lot here. I love this place.
Dear Blessing hands:

你好!How are you!


I am a college senior next term. Time flies. I remember the first time to wrote to you, when I was in junior high school, and now it has been nearly eight years. At that time I did not use a computer, when I wrote to you. I used a pencil to write on the letterhead of the school with the teacher's encouragement. I was very curious, separated by vast oceans, whether you received my letter. In fact you did receive it. For eight years you have received my letters. For eight years you have given me help, let my academics progress, and let me have more opportunities to see and understand the world. Thank you very much.


 I have one last year to graduate from the university. I want to work in software development because this is my profession. I hope I will write software that can help people improve the efficiency of their work or bring life fun. You are my role model, I want to do like the works of Blessing Hands. 

这是我在学校的时候拍的照片,那时是2014年4月。School photograph in April 2014.

Now I'm in Nanning for training. I want to be a software engineer. Now I feel more and more close to my ideal. I learned a lot here. My classmates and I are going to develop a management system for a hospital. To achieve today's achievement is inseparable from your help. Thank you very much for your help. I'm looking forward to one day being able like you to help others.


We are going to develop a system to facilitate the hospital information management of the patient. The patient can get better treatment, making the doctor's work easier. I thought if I could make the system, it would be very meaningful.

 Volunteer Activities


 My classmate, Mo Su-fang, goes to Liuzhou Children's Welfare Home each semester to volunteer. After she told me about the orphanage children, I decided go with her to care for the welfare of the children on the weekend.


The Liuzhou child welfare address is No. 66 Air Silver Road. It's one hour from our school to there by bus. My classmates and I bought some small gifts for the children on this past Saturday. There were all kinds of pens, notebooks, and some snacks. When we first arrived, the children were afraid of us, because usually strangers come to see them. We gave gifts to each child. After they finished the games, the kids began to like us. Time passed very happily. Some children sang and danced for us or recited some poetry. I was very grateful for their performances. At noon when we ate together, my classmates and I were careful to feed the children rice. Some of them are disabled children, who cannot feed themselves. The meal we ate was happy.


Time was soon gone, since we had to go back at 4:00 pm. We were very loathe to leave. Because the institution did not allow pictures, we have no pictures.


 A recent volunteering activity I participated in this summer vacation concerned left-behind children. My classmates and I together planned a left-behind children's fundraising activity.

这是我们布置的会场,为留守儿童进行募捐。This is our arrangement of the venue, to raise money for the children left behind.
这是我的同学,他叫周天明,我们正在把气球挂到墙上。This is my classmate. He is called Zhou Tianmin. We were preparing balloons to hang on the wall.
这是我的同学,他叫周天明,我们正在把气球挂到墙上。This is my classmate. He is called Zhou Tianmin. We were preparing balloons to hang on the wall.

These are representatives of the left-behind children who get help. Many children's parents are migrant workers, who see their kids once a year. This is their rehearsal program for poetry readings.

We invited representatives of some of the entrepreneurs and educational institutions. There will be fundraising for the kids in the afternoon.

My classmates and I got to prepare in the morning. Although we did not directly help the children, but I think we did something really meaningful.
Great Nonprofits Award

What a wonderful letter Li Dongyu has written. I am attaching a photo of him when he first came into our program in 2006. This year is our 9th year serving students in China. 
Li  Dongyu at Puyi Middle School in 2006
Li Dongyu at Puyi Middle School in 2006

We get lovely letters like this when students are thanking sponsors. What a joy it is to see them grow up and want to become Blessing Hands. 

Each year Great Nonprofits Top-Rated List of Nonprofits comes out in October. To be listed for 1914, we need 10 positive reviews on our page on their website. Most of our students in China can't give a review on a computer, but you can.  Please take the time to tell people what you think of Blessing Hands - good or bad. 

Help us get a @GreatNonprofits 2014 Top-Rated Award by writing a review of your experience with us! All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It's easy and only takes 3 minutes! 

I will tell you a secret. These reviews encourage our hardworking volunteers to keep it up. Take time to say thank you like Li Dongyu did. Thanks is all the pay we get.  
I thank all you who have helped our Blessing Hands students. We have all of our college  scholarship students funded now thanks to you.

Blessings and thanks, 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

Friday, August 08, 2014

Exciting China trip

Exciting China Trip
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Dental Clinic at Chong Ye Primary School 崇业小学
Students Receive Dental Check-ups, Books, and Toys at Chong Ye School 

You can see more pictures by clicking on the photos. 
Kids line up for dental clinic
Kids line up for the dental clinic
Doctor demonstrates proper brushing.
Doctor and volunteers
demonstrate proper brushing.

Three Mai sisters made this whole day possible and handled the details. Xiaoyuan Mai, a doctor at the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Hospital in Nanning, encouraged her co-workers to bring their expertise and arranged the Chong Ye Primary School Dental Clinic.  

Xiaomin Mai, one of our board members, helped raise money at a USA yard sale for toothbrushes and paste for all the students.  Xiaoling Mai, vice-principal of Ming Yi Primary School in Nanning, arranged a book donation drive at her school which gave over 1000 books to the rural Yao minority school. BlessingHands gave four metal bookcases, so each classroom could protect the books. We also took them a water purifier. 

The Chong Ye kids were very excited to see all the books, visitors, gifts and candy. Volunteers were glad to help the kids, eat lunch at the school, and see the countryside homes and culture. 

The road to the school was narrow, under construction, and bumpy. One car carrying books had a flat tire, but at least it was not in a muddy place.  
Kids got to chose a gift after their checkup.
Kids got to choose a gift
 after their check-up.

Principal Lan accepted the donated books from Minyi Primary School.
Principal Lan Kegang 蓝克刚 (far left) accepted the books donated by Min Yi School.
Blessing Hands gave the school a water purifier so kids will be able to have safe drinking water.
Kids will soon be able to have
safe drinking water.
Blessing Hands gave the school a water purifier.
Blessing Hands gave
the school a water purifier.

Chong Ye Primary School  
will soon have a Blessing Hands water purifier installed. The water presently comes from a cistern since wells can't be dug in the limestone karst. The kids drink from one faucet with no thought of boiling water. 
Xiaomin Mai translated during the local TV interview.
Xiaomin Mai translated during the TV interview.

This 5 year old boy is mute like his mother.
This five-year-old boy 
is mute like his mother.
Yao Families

Some of our group hiked up to visit two of the Yao families that Blessing Hands is sponsoring. The traditional Yao house is at least two stories with the bottom being the barn for the animals. The rafters hold storage and sometimes drying crops. Corn planted by hand is the main cash crop. 

With a sponsor's help, this boy will be sent to a doctor in Nanning to see why he is mute. Most of his family of five is handicapped in some way, but his older sister is a good student in middle school. She walks miles to school everyday. 
The houses are open to the weather, so they sleep with mosquito nets.
The houses are open to the weather, so they sleep with mosquito nets.
Older Yao homes often have concrete additions with flat roofs to gather rainwater. Migrant works send money home to build the more modern homes.
Older Yao homes often have concrete additions with flat roofs to gather rainwater. Migrant workers send money home to build the more modern homes. The homes are high in karst mountains where water is precious. 
The hospitality of the families was shown by their gifts of corn, soybeans, and three live chickens to their Blessing Hands guests. The driver took the chicken to the market to be dressed, and we ate them the next day for lunch. It was a little hard for our group to eat chickens they knew, but they were delicious. 
Steps to the main floor were made out of logs.
Steps to the main floor were made out of logs.
Eric, son of Shanli Zhao, especially was interested in the chickens. We ate them the next day for lunch.
Eric, son of volunteer Shanli Zhao, with  the gift chickens. 
Sharing the path with a herd of goats
Sharing the path with a herd of goats
New Opportunities - New Students 

In summer, we went all the way from Zhuhai to Kunming helping students and engaging volunteers. We have begun a new children's programs in Zhuhai City, among the Miao minority peopleand at Shenfu Primary School in Quanzhou County near Guilin.  Yangshuo County is also selecting thirty-five new students for sponsorship.
Huizhong Wang  with his  father Lao Wang help us among the Miao. 

These are opportunities for you to sponsor a child for a longer time period since you can follow them as they grow up.  Beginning in the fall semester, these new programs will start small and increase as the students grow. Contact us if you want to sponsor a child. Each program has different costs. 

Sponsor New Students

undefined  Give $42 a semester for a primary student at Shenfu Primary School  or Fumin Primary School.

undefined Give $57 a semester for a Miao student.

undefined Give $65 a semester for a Zhuhai student.
Hokey Pokey Song
 Kids Singing
深福小学 Shenfu Primary School 


Shao and Jing, her husband, are our volunteers for Shenfu Primary School in Jing's hometown. We have enrolled 11 new students there, who need sponsors. You can see the story of our visit on our Pinterest pages. 

Zhenlong can be sponsored for $84 (510 yuan) a year
真龙 Zhenlong can be sponsored for $84 (510 yuan) a year

This school is in the Guilin Prefecture of Guangxi Province.  The teacher and kids walked an hour and a half to meet us at a larger school. Because the kids are from the same village, Jing and Shao think they can follow them as they grow into higher grades. Most of the kids have the same family name. This is an opportunity to sponsor a student from first grade on up.  When sponsorship starts this early, students raise their dreams and have more open doors available to them. You can see more photos of students and pick one out to sponsor on our 

Jiajia needs a sponsor.
家家Jiajia needs a sponsor.
Tao needs a sponsor.
涛Tao needs a sponsor.
Qiming can be sponsored individually for $42 a semester or $84 a year.
启明Qiming and other students can be sponsored for $42 a semester or $84 a year.
Wheelchair Dedication
Wheelchair Dedication
Dedication of 109 Wheelchairs

Our volunteers got to see some of the people who they helped to receive wheelchairs. I enjoyed talking personally to each one of them. We partnered with the Wheelchair Foundation to provide the chairs made in China for $90 each. The chairs even had our logo on the back. 

There were two different kinds of red chairs. One was a tricycle that could be used outside for travel and the other was for general use. I especially noticed one clever man, who had altered his old tricycle to have a windshield and covered top. When the dedication ceremony was cut short by rain, he scrambled to get his new wheelchair hooked up to his old one.                 

  Click on photos to see the whole story. 
Tricycle type wheelchair
Tricycle type wheelchair
This man used wooden blocks to protect his hands.
This man used wooden blocks 
to protect his hands.
With his new chair in tow, this fellow took off  in the rain.
With his new tricycle chair in 
tow, he took off.

  Members of Lexington Chinese Christian Church gave fifty of these wheelchairs.  The Handicapped Bureau of Du'an County helped plan the ceremony and arranged for the delivery of the chairs. 

Our many Blessing Hands volunteers made the day unforgettable.  马榕蔓 Mandy Ma, our volunteer administrator in Du'an, used her skills to coordinate everything.
Our wheelchairs at the Du'an  Handicapped School
Our wheelchairs in the disabled classroom
Du'an Handicapped School

We also toured Du'an County
Handicapped School, which is the biggest in Hechi Prefecture. The three year old school teaches 100 blind, deaf, disabled, and mentally challenged students until they graduate from ninth grade. 

We suggested to the principal that they should have computers to teach the students vocational skills. 
If you know of a donor, foundation, or international company willing to fund such a computer project,  
please contact us
They need to have new com
puters in every appropriate classroom as well as a lab to teach computer skills.

Students' dorm  at the school
Students' dorm at the school
These disabled kids could learn computer vocational skills.
These disabled kids could learn computer vocational skills.
We gave small gifts and candy to the students.
We gave small gifts and
candy to the students.
The students were learning Braille,
The students were learning Braille.
Xu Zongjie plans to study Engineering
Xu Zongjie (Mike) plans
 to study Engineering
College Scholarships

We have new students seeking college scholarships. Some already have sponsors from high school, but need extra from a second sponsor.徐 宗杰 Xu Zongjie has been accepted by Qinzhou University School of Electronic Information Engineering. His tuition is 4590 yuan a year. We hope sponsors will work together to give him a 4000 Yuan ($650) scholarship. Please help him. 

You can see other students needing sponsors on our Pinterest pages.
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