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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arts and Eats Festival in Morehead

Arts and Eats Festival
You are invited!
The Arts and Eats Festival will be this Saturday the 20th in Morehead, KY from 11
Our table in 2011
Our table in 2011
am to 4 pmBlessing Hands will have a tent in front of Stuckey's Beauty Shop on Main Street. We will be selling lemonade and snacks. Half of all we make will go to two local charities, who serve people in distress.

There will an entertainment schedule, merry-go-round, bouncy inflatables, and many booths selling food and art items. Bring the whole family for some fall fun. 

We welcome volunteers for the morning and afternoon and baked goods to sell.

Call 606 207 4785 to volunteer or offer food items to sell. 

                                        Zeng Qunhui Lost Most of her                                               Scholarship Sponsors
Zeng Qunhui 's brother and father have 7 people to support.
Zeng Qunhui 's brother and father have 7 people to support.

We have a sophomore scholarship student whose sponsors have not been able to sponsor her again. She is a good student with a 85.3 Grade Point Average. She is studying pharmacy engineering at Guangxi Normal University and will graduate in 2017. 


This is her volunteer report for her freshman year. 

I have participated in two volunteer activities in my spare time during last year. In the winter holiday, I went to a clinic, which is near my home, to be a volunteer. I explained prevention knowledge about AIDS to the rural
Zeng volunteered at a local clinic.
Zeng volunteered at
a rural clinic.
residents. If they asked me something about AIDS, I would explain it to them. I worked as a volunteer for a week. After a week, they knew something about AIDS.

In spring semester, I went to a deaf school with members of our school community. We took some gifts for deaf students, including pencils, books, and exercise books. At the beginning, we  could not understand each other. We communicated with body language. I taught them how to fold paper cranes, and we played games together too.

I went to work as a volunteer teacher in summer vacation. My students were rural children. I  taught them to recite poetry, and I asked them to write poetry by themselves. This activity lasted for 20 days.

Please help Zeng Gunhui with a scholarship for the rest of her 3 years of college. You can see that she is a blessing hand to many people. She has $165 from one sponsor toward her $650 Scholarship. Help her make up the difference. 

undefined Give $85 to renew Qunhui's college scholarship for three more years. 

undefined Give $100 

undefined Give $200 
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Arts and Eats Festival. We can be reached at 606 207 4785.
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