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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WeChat and Computers for Special Education School

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Change a Student's Life 
Blessing Hands
You Can Give a Special Student a Skill
Computers given to Du'an Special Education School
Computers Given to
 Du'an County Special Education School

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 Special Education School Gets 18 Computers

Computer Dedication Ceremony
Special Education Teachers in Du'an
Special Education Teachers at the Du'an Computer Dedication

Our China team gave away computers at the Du'an Special Education School this July. When we visited the school last year, we suggested the students needed three computers in each of their 14 classrooms. We felt the school needed computer learning programs, and their special students needed to learn skills that could support them in a job someday. 
Students unable to walk can compute.
Students unable to walk can use computers.

We were able to give 18 computers to the school and 2 more to Bai Wang Middle School during this visit. Now we just lack 24 more computers to meet our goal of 42. 

The school serves about 248 students in grades one through nine. There is presently no high school degree offered to students in special education schools in  China. Some are blind, deaf, or unable to walk. I saw one autistic child and one dwarf. 

These special students need an occupational skill to be able to support themselves someday. Computers can be their gateway to knowledge and the world. Two blind
programmers in Australia have created a free screen reader
Blind students can learn to make a living from computers.
Computers are faster than braille for blind students.
application for the blind. Deaf students already have no trouble using computers. They just need more of them.
Computers given to Bai Wang Middle School
Computers were also given to Bai Wang Middle School. Matthew Liu (on the left) found a online sale, making it possible to get many computers  at once. 

We have a volunteer in Shenzhen willing to bring computer specialists from her company to train students and teachers on the computers in the fall when school starts. The teachers also wanted office computers, but we plan to help the students first. 

I am asking you to help raise money to complete their computer project. What if your child was handicapped and needed job training or special learning software?
Classroom for the Blind
Classroom for the Blind

You can give $500 for one computer or give any amount to share in this project. 
Click here to Give Computers to a Special Education Classroom

Checks can be be mailed to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Blessings and Thanks,
Betty Cutts
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