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Sunday, October 04, 2015

School Supplies Given
School Supplies Surprise Students
Yao Minority Schools Receive School Supplies
While it is good weather, Dr. Dai and his volunteers have delivered new school supplies to the schools we have adopted in the Longfu County of Du'an. These schools that serve kindergarten - 2nd grade are very remote and hard to get to. We had to get out and walk this summer when our team tried to go up the steep road on the way to Lin Wang School. 
he teacher appreciates the exercise books.
The teacher appreciates the
 exercise books
These kids need exercise books, pencils, erasers, art supplies, and sports equipment such as hula hoops. basketballs, ping pong supplies, and other things. They can't hop in a car and go to town and even if they could, their families don't have the money to spend.Their teachers board at the schools, going home occasionally. They do have new schools, desks, and nutritious lunches now. 
We have cash jars in local Chinese restaurants that collect money for this program. Some students have sponsors and receive backpacks and other gifts like clothes or shoes. We also pay the salary of health assistants for 10 village schools in Du'an County. They are first responders when medical care is needed. Longfu Hospital works with Blessing Hands to help special families. Recently we helped get glasses for one high school girl.
Wei Senbao, his cousin and two other girls receive special sponsorship in this area.
Wei Senbao, his cousin Sencai and two other girls receive special sponsorship in this area. Click on the pictures to see more pictures.
If you would like to sponsor a primary school child in one of our programs, please contact us.
You can give any amount for our primary programs at this link.

New Jackets for Students
New Jackets for Students
Students Receive Clothing Gifts from Chery.cn
New coats and clothes given to our Qinzhou Program

An automobile businessman has given new jackets and other clothes to our 160 high school students in Qinzhou. Volunteers will take the clothes to the high schools when they go to give the students their semester's tuition.  
Volunteers will take these new clothes out to the high schools we serve.

Arts and Eats Festival
Students Need Sponsors
We featured our students who need sponsors at the Arts and Eats Festival in Morehead and the Moon Festival in Lexington. Several Chinese students volunteered to write people's names in Chinese for a donation.  $133 was donated, and we collected contacts to send our email newsletter. We also made $36 from selling lemonade. Another volunteer team leaded by Christina Zhang and our board member, Erting Pan, manned a table at the Lexington Moon Festival on the same day. 
School has started and many students still need sponsors. It is very rewarding to see students grow and fulfill their dreams of education. You can take a student to sponsor. See our students featured on Pinterest.com. 
Yangshuo Primary Students   a $25 monthly gift will support a child     
Yangshuo Lower Middle School Students  a $30 monthly gift will change a life 

Qinzhou High School Student  Sponsor an older student for only $180 a year

Wuxuan County Sponsored Child
Wuxuan County Sponsored Child
Shopping online? 
I was buying a book on Amazon today when I remembered their charity program to give .5% of my purchase to Blessing Hands. Put a smile on the face of a child.
Just think you can give twice. Putsmile.Amazon.com into your browser bar, and you can give to the charity of your choice. We hope you will choose Blessing Hands.  
Kroger Community Rewards®
Eric Zhang with Miao Students. Eric suggested we help students in his home province, Yunnan.
Eric Zhang with Miao Students. Eric suggested we help students in his home province, Yunnan.
Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Blessing Hands has received $663.88 from the Kroger program since we registered last September. Kroger Community Rewards® makes fund-raising easy...all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
Once signed in, you can enroll or update your Community Rewards choice of Blessing Hands under your account settings. If you did it last year, you still have to enroll again each August. If you live in Kentucky, sign up now and choose Blessing Hands. If you are in another state, choose a good charity that also helps children. 
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