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Monday, January 04, 2016

The Good Giving Challenge was Successful

The Good Giving Challenge is Finished
The Good Giving Challenge 
was Successful!
Blessing Hands received a $5,000 endowment award from the Blue Grass Community Foundation for raising $10,000 in the three last days of the Challenge. 

We also exceeded our goal of $13,000 to buy classroom computers for the Du'an Special Education School. $15,282 was given to us from 38 unique donors making us 12th in rank for all 100 nonprofits. The most "unique" donor was the children's group at Lexington Chinese Christian Church which gave $270.  We were fourth in rank for all the small nonprofits in money given. 

Money given off line for the computers was $1,178 making the grand total $16,460. The extra money will go to our general fund that sponsors students without sponsors. 

This girl will learn computer skills as well as Braille.

This girl will learn computer skills 
as well as braille.

We also received off line an unexpected $5,000 grant from the Founding Family Charitable Foundation with the comment that it could be spent anyway needed. It was this foundation that gave us our first grant to start the Qinzhou program in 2006. They actually stimulated us to become an official nonprofit with the US Government, so I call them the midwife of Blessing Hands. It was great to hear from them unexpectedly after 10 years. 

Thanks For Your Support
Kingsley - A Scholarship student thanks Blessing Hands
A scholarship student gives thanks 
Phillip Oney with the two girls he sponsors at Lin Wang School
Phillip Oney & the two girls they sponsor at Lin Wang School
Lin Wang School

Phillip Oney and his wife Xiaomin visited Lin Wang School in Du'an this December. They sponsor two girls at the school, but they took presents and books collected by Xiaomin's family for all the kids at the school. 
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photos for each article & pictures of Wei Senbao at Lin Wang.
Anlong Students got new coats and pants.
Anlong students got new coats and pants.
Anlong Students Receive New Clothes

The 12 students we sponsor in Anlong recently received clothes in their sizes. Many of them need sponsors, who will give $190 a year in support.  
These students need sponsors._who will give _190 a year for their tuition.
These students need sponsors. who will give $190 a year for their tuition.
to receive
more information about

 $190 to sponsor an Anlong Student for one year. 

Fumin Students 2015 -2016
Fumin Primary Students 

We have been helping Fumin Primary School for several years. The children there are from the Buyi minority.  We recently got their picture for this school year.  The 11 students shown here with their parents all have sponsors. 

Founder and Director_ Betty Cutts

We at Blessing Hands thank you for all of your support for our students through the years. 
Betty Cutts, Founder and Director

Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351 
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