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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mother's Day

Our goal of $2,000 for shoes for the Longfu Students was exceeded. We can buy shoes for 250 students. Thank you generous helpers. 

Happy Mother's Day
We have some lovely children for you to mother if you 
have more love to go around. 
These students are in Gansu Province_ Baiying Prefecture_ Jingyuan County. Only two of them have sponsors. Contact us to sponsor one of them. _

These students are in Gansu Province, Baiying Prefecture, Jingyuan County. Eight of them do not have sponsors. Contact us to sponsor one of them monthly or by the year. 

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Longfu Children Receive School Supplies
Longfu Primary children received school supplies
see more pictures if you click on the pictures.

Ping Pong is a favorite sport.

The three primary school we help in Longfu Township in Du'an County of Guangxi Province received their spring supplies from Blessing Hands recently. Ping pong is a favorite sport, so sports equipment included ping pong balls as well as basketballs, badminton rackets, hula hoops, and jump ropes. We collect money by cash jars in Chinese restaurants to support this program. 

While Dr. Dai was visiting the three schools he took foot measurements so all the students can have new shoes for spring thanks to you wonderful sponsors. 
Blessing Hands Anlong student who will be at the camp.

Blessing Hands' Anlong students who will be at the camp
Anlong Summer Camp

We are excited about our Friendship Summer Camp from June 20 through June 25th.  We will be teaching in the regular English classes of Anlong No.1 High School for the first three mornings of the camp. In the afternoons, we will teach the school's English teachers. For the last two days of the camp, we will teach our own Blessing Hands students and 50 students supported by Community Roots China, a NGO located in Shanghai.

We will be sharing about US education, medicine, customs, holidays, music, art, government, and national parks. We have four volunteer American teachers and four volunteer translators. I am looking forward to having more time with our Chinese students and their teachers to share the values of Blessing Hands. 

You can help us by donating just for this camp. 

Thanks and Blessings, 
Betty Cutts, Director of Blessing Hands

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Monday, April 18, 2016

$1,000 Challenge
Great News about the Shoe Campaign. 
A long-time donor saw our newsletter about the Easter Shoes. He said he would give $1,000 if we could find donors to match his gift. I immediately said I would take his challenge. How about it? Will you give to help kids have shoes in Longfu Township. We already have $50 from a facebook donor. Help the kids have new shoes. 

The kids need socks too.

The Lin Wang kids had such old, dirty, ill-fitting
Kids need new shoes
Kids need new shoes
shoes when we visited in 2014. Our volunteers decided on the spot to measure the kids for new shoes and get them to them as soon as
possible. We have been giving shoes there since then.

There are two more schools we want to have shoes this spring.
Sores from  bad fitting shoes
Sores from bad fitting shoes

New shoes in 2015
New shoes in 2015

Thanks and Blessings, 

Betty Cutts
Founder/Director of Blessing Hands