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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

GoodGiving Challenge

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

We want to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a supporter. As Blessing Hands enters into our #GoodGiving Challenge, we invite you to support our new project to sponsor ten Filipino children's tuition in school.  By giving online to Blessing Hands during the #GoodGiving Challenge from Tuesday, November 28th until December 31st, you can change the world of ten students. 

With your help, we can spread our sponsorship program to the Philippines to help ten primary students in Riversprings School and extend our feeding program to more kids in the slums of Manila. 

Steve Hill with Riversprings School Children

Filipino kids love to play basketball.
Filipino kids love to play basketball.
Hoops for Children

Blessing Hands is hosting a fundraiser, Hoops for Children, to help kids in the Philippines go to school. Sign up your friends and neighbors to pledge donations for feats or dares you do such as running laps, making basketball hoops, jumping rope, sit-ups, walking, hula-hoops, etc. 

You can do them anytime, but for more fun come to the Morehead United Methodist Church or Lexington Chinese Christian Church on Saturday, December 2nd from 11am to 3pm. There will be concessions and feats to do. Kids helping kids is our theme.

 #GoodGiving Challenge. #BlessingHandsPhilippines.
Making bean bags for the basket toss
Calling all volunteers

We need volunteers for our Hoops for Children events on Saturday, December 2nd both in Lexington and Morehead. A lot can be done ahead of time so volunteer even if you can't come on that day. We need signs made for our feat centers, door prizes, food purchased in bulk (hot dogs, chips, and cookies), and people promoting our event on their facebook pages, in youth groups, and clubs. Ambassadors can sign up for their own fundraising pages right on our giving page. The more the merrier.  This is an offline part of our #GoodGiving Challenge. 

Ambassador pages are like Go Fund Me pages that promote donations to the children in the Philippines among your circle of friends. 

About 30 volunteers are needed per event, so give us a email to tell us what you want to do.  I am no good at hula hoops, but I can sew the bean bags for the basket toss. You can help too, even if you don't come to our event, by getting your children to do feats at home for pledges from your friends and neighbors and give the money online through our giving page or send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351. 

Remember the giving page is not active until Giving Tuesday on November 28th. 
We are legal in China

After a 10 months of paperwork, meetings, notaries, and waiting, we are legal finally as a Foreign Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) in China! This is our 12th year of helping kids in China. 

The government offices have been very helpful and informative. They have helped us find a way to fund our projects in five Provinces of China. 385 students will be sponsored this school year.  Help us spread to the Philippines and help even more children during our #GoodGiving Challenge this holiday season. 

Our giving page will be open to receive donations on November 28th for Giving Tuesday and stay ready to give until December 31st. Help a child this giving season.  

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Make Blessing Hands your favorite charity on eBay.

Favorite Blessing Hands on Ebay.

Personalize your Ebay experience by selecting Blessing Hands!  You can give us a portion of your selling or purchase prices or even sell items for us with the entire selling price going to Blessing Hands.

This Link  will connect us as your favorite charity. Just do a search for Blessing Hands. 

eBay is the only online marketplace that allows charities to keep 100% of funds raised.

Blessing Hands  | www.blessing-hands.org | Bdcutts@blessing-hands.org

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Do you have a Blessing Hands story?

Share Your Stories and Experiences
Contributors? Sponsors? Students? Volunteers? Teachers?  Blessing Hands needs simple comments or stories of your experiences with us. 
We need your stories to share during our #
GoodGiving Campaign starting on "Giving Tuesday, November 28 - December 31st.  This online challenge involves over a 100 Kentucky charities that can receive awards for raising the most contributions or having the most unique contributors during the challenge. 
All you need to do is tell your story or experiences with Blessing Hands on the GreatNonprofits website link. Nine positive reviews before October 31st will earn us a GreatNonprofits seal. We will also have all those great stories to share during the #GoodGiving Challenge. 

Liang Peipei and Betty Cutts
Liang Peipei and Betty Cutts
Peipei's Story
Peipei was a #BlessingHandsChina student from high school through college. These are her words with a little editing from me.
Hello, everyone,
I am Liang Peipei, one of the Blessing Hands students. I have been a Blessing Hands student for 7 years. I still remember when I was a senior 1 student. My sisters and brothers all went to school at the same time. My parents nearly couldn't send us all to school. 
Luckily, I met Ms. Liu, Betty, and Blessing Hands. Ms. Liu was my English teacher. She helped me a lot. Blessing Hands supported me until I graduated from college last year. Now I am teaching English in a school in Qinzhou Prefecture. I am so lucky to be a Blessing Hands student. Thank you, Blessing Hands and all the kind people. It is you who spread love in our world. Now, I can help others who need help. Let's make the world better.
Someday, I may tell my own story. Thanks again for your continued help and support for our students.

Blessings and thanks,                                                                                                    
Betty Cutts

Founder and Director of Blessing Hands  
Give any amount to sponsor a student.

Filipino kids at our  feeding event in 2015
Filipino kids at our feeding event in 2015 
10 Kids in Manila
Steve Hill and his son leave soon for the Philippines. They will take pictures and make movies of the 10 students we are sponsoring at the RiverSprings School in Manila. All the money we raise this year with the GoodGiving Challenge will be given to our Filipino program. Steve will be organizing a feeding street outreach and a basketball event. These kids don't usually get meat but once a week.
Filipino street outreach
Filipino street outreach
outreach in Valenzuela
Outreach in Valenzuela
Kroger will donate 4% of what you buy
We have 15 households that have selected Blessing Hands as their charity through Kroger Community Rewards. We have received $1,433 since 2014. Once you enroll, all you have to do is shop at Kroger with your Plus Card!  
If you live in the Louisville Marketing Area - which includes most of Kentucky, southern Illinois and southern Indiana, go to this Kroger link to enroll. Click on the "Register" tab at the top right and fill out your information. Be sure to include your Kroger Plus card number. 
Scroll over the "Community tab" and click on "Community Rewards". Click on "Enroll" and enter Blessing Hands in the search area or put in our number 75706.
Then go shopping and feed our children as well as yours.