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Monday, September 18, 2017

Lots of Good News!
Ms. Liu is the Officer in blue who has been handling our case in Guangxi
Ms. Liu, in blue, is the officer who has been handling our case in Guangxi. Matthew Liu, our chief agent in China, and Anna Liu, our administrator in Qinzhou, are also with me in the picture. 
Ms. Liu at the Security Bureau of Guangxi Province will get our papers from the internet soon and process them as soon as possible. The papers have cleared the Education Department inspection and their lawyers. If there are no problems with the papers at the Security Bureau, maybe we will get certified before the end of this month rather than waiting until next month.
WOW that door is swinging open. Now I can plan my November trip to China. It will be a busy time while we try to get permission to help kids in Hubei Province also. We will get an official seal that is required everywhere in China, a bank account in our name, and assistance with records. We have found a volunteer accountant who will work with a volunteer (but required) auditor of our Guangxi Province books. Things are coming together. I am excited. Now we can help more students if sponsors step up to help.

You can help with the expenses of this registration by giving any amount at this link

Thank for your help, support and concern for 11 years,
Betty Cutts
Founder and Director of Blessings Hands

Updated Map of Blessing Hands in China

We have updated our map of China that shows where Blessing Hands has programs. We have 10 programs now in 5 provinces of China. Once we have our certification in Guangxi, we can present our seal for approval in other provinces and go through their requirements to register there. We will first start with Hubei this fall when I go to China again. We already have an open door with the government of Chibi City.
All of Our New Scholarship Students 
are Sponsored Now 
Nine new students are heading off to college this fall because
He Xingping in 2006
He Xingping in 2006
He Xingping_s sponsor has been helping her for years and now she will send her to college.
2017 - He Xingping has a sponsor 
of you. You have changed the life of a student, family, village, and nation, because you sponsored Blessing Hands and our students. The two featured in our last newsletter are now sponsored.                                                    
We also have older students, who are sending their grades and applications in now. Some of them have lost sponsors or need a little more to top off their scholarships.  You can give any amount on this page for our older scholarship students.

We will also be contacting you who sponsor our primary, middle school, and high school students to remind you to send in your sponsorship again. It is that time of year.

A lovely lady in Lexington has given us Chinese painting to help Blessing Hands. We will be glad to give them away for a $100 donation that will help our students. I am featuring them here. 





Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jielan Li wants to go to college

Education Changes a Life Forever  
Calling all sponsors 

Now begins the busy season of asking sponsors for support for their students who are going back to schools this fall. We will be reporting to you concerning the progress of your students and asking you to help them again for the coming year. 

If you would like to sponsor a student in college, we have many applying for the first time this year.  

Jielan Li 李 洁兰
Jielan Li has been accepted at Hannan University. She is working this summer to save money for college, so she had to interview online through WeChat, a Chinese social media platform. Her college entrance score is good at 503. She is from Xinzhou High School in Lingshan County, Qinzhou Prefecture and Guangxi Province.

Her father died four years ago, so her mother supports the family by farming and picking up waste to recycle. One older sister and her 14-year-old brother left school because of the heavy costs and are working in Guangdong Province. She could not convince her brother to stay in school. They can only support themselves, however. Another older
Jielan Li
Jielan Li 李 洁兰 2017
sister is in a technology school in Nanning. Jielan is a good student and dreams of learning about economic statistics. She hopes to work in a bank or security agency after graduation. She works a long day now - getting off at 10:00 pm
Give her a college scholarship for $650 for just $54 a month. Follow this link
Any amount,however, would be welcomed. 

You can sponsor a high school student for $397 a year or you can also give $33 monthly. For just $33 a month you could change a student's life and future. Give at this link.

These Huangmei No. 2  High School students need sponsors.
These Huangmei No. 2 High School students need sponsors.
Shopping and giving can go together. 
Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards 
both help us all the time.

Hello all!
There has been a change to 
Kroger Community Rewards. 
Effective immediately all participants will roll over without an August re-enrollment requirement and stay enrolled to support 
Blessing Hands each year. 
If you did not know about this, you can sign up at www.kroger.com or call 1-800-KROGERS, option 3.

Last year we received $418 from Kroger Rewards customers, who designated us as their favorite charity and associated their Kroger Reward cards with Blessing Hands in their communities. 

This works in Kentucky Krogers. In other states another local community charity can be chosen. When you shop in Kroger with your rewards card, charities receive a percentage of what you spend. 

Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy... all you have to do is associate your card with Blessing Hands and then shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!

Go to "Community" on the Kroger.com site and get started giving and shopping. 
Shop and Give!
Amazon Smile 

When you shop Amazon for anything, type in smile first and a % of your purchase will be given to Blessing Hands.  Choose us as your favorite charity. We hope to enroll more supporters from all over the world. Help us raise funds internationally by telling a friend about this program. 

Ebay for Charity
Ebay for Charity is a program that helps sellers list items on ebay to benefit nonprofit organizations. Any ebay seller with an account in good standing can create an Ebay for Charity listing. The program is administered by PayPal Giving Fund, ebay's nonprofit partner. The program allows you to give any amount you sell online to a charity. You can find out more about this by going to this ebay link.

Blessing Hands | www.Blessing-Hands.org 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Unusual Summer Trip

Our team's recent trip to China was unlike any other trip in the past. Our chief purpose was to register Blessing Hands as a Foreign Non-Governmental Organization (FNGO). We were very successful in applying, but it will still be perhaps a month or two before the seal and approval is granted as our application makes it way to the highest levels. We had been working on this since January 2017 when the new law concerning all foreign NGOs was implemented.
Mr. Wu of the Security Department interviewed us.
Mr. Wu of the Security Department interviewed us. Anna Liu interpreted and Matthew Liu brought the official sealed papers from Beijing, arriving at just the right time for our official interview. 

Mr. Wu met with our team and answered many questions. He told us that Blessing Hands has a very good reputation in Guangxi, especially in Yangshuo where Blessing Hands began during a Sister Cities Summer English Camp in 2005. He said we should ask the Department of Public Security for help if we had any problems. 

We generated 16 different documents to show that we are a legally incorporated organization in the United States that has been helping students in China for eleven years. Our proof of the number of students we have helped (1,500) and our financial health needed to be given online and in person to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of Education and finally to the Department of Public Security. 
Official US State Department seals were needed on 8 documents.
Official US State Department seals were needed on 8 documents that finally were certified by the Chinese Embassy.

Because we were still in the process of registration, we could not legally visit our students or their schools. We also had to cancel a summer camp planned in Anlong, Guizhou, when the registration went slower than we expected. Later flooding in Guilin Prefecture cancelled a second camp we had planned with the invitation of the Tourism Bureau in Ziyuan. 

With the permission of the Guangxi Provincial Education Department, we were able to interview four of our Qinzhou graduates for college scholarships. This video is of He Wenjiao who wants to study Chemistry at Suzhou University. You can sponsor her for $650 or give any amount. 

We ask for $650 (4420 RMB) for our scholarship students. undefined or give any amount at this link

Eric Zhang, one of our board members, visited our Miao students in Yunnan in July.

A mountain Miao Village - Click to see more pictures.

The students are various ages.
The students are various ages.
Miao Student_s Welcome
Miao Students welcome Eric Zhang.
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