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Friday, April 21, 2006

Yangdi Primary School

Yangdi welcomed us with a red banner saying thanks to Blessing Hands. 11 children there are receiving books and supplies this semester. Primary children need only $10 a semester for books and supplies, since their tuition is now being paid by the government. Six of these children are orphans. We had the pleasure of naming them English names.

Left to right- first row. Tang Yu-ping (Elizabeth), Mo Xiu-juan (Mary), Tang Yu-feng (Hannah), Mo Renjiao (Sarah), Mo Gui-yu (Rachel), Mo Bi-Xing (Martha),Mo Jian-fu(Mark) (Sarah’s brother). Back row left to right children only. Zhou Pin-Zhong, Tang Cun Jian (Nathan), Dong Xian Fang (Phillip), and Tang Ji-ming (Samuel).