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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Tim Liao Visits Dandelion Families


Tim Liao Visits More Families Under the Care of the Dandelion Children's Foundation. 

Tim Liao, our Blessing Hands administrator in Nanning, China recently went to Yulin to visit the students of Blessing Hands that are in the care of the Dandelion Children's Foundation. We are giving sponsorships for 84 of their students who live at Dandelion House or in family foster care. Ms. Wei Meihua and Dandelion Director Qiu Lin went with Tim Liao.

You can read a report of their visit in Chinese here. 

The Chen sisters and their younger brother are looked after by their uncle and aunt since their parents are not able to. They receive government subsistence allowances.

 You can sponsor each of the girls for $22 a month or $268 a year. Give on our website



Hello, everyone! My name is Guangfeng. I am ten years old. I’m a student in grade three. I come from Guangxi, Yulin City. There are three people in my family - my sister Qing who is nine, my little brother Guo, and me.

I had a sad childhood. My dad died because of illness seven years ago. Since then mom tried her best to take care of us. Although it was a difficult life, we were very happy.

Unfortunately, my dear mom couldn’t stand the pain and suffering. She left us in the world three years ago. My elder uncle, who is 70 years old has raised us for years There are eight people in his family. He can’t afford to pay for us. Now my sister and I are raised at Dandelion Children’s Center, where there are many children like us. How I wish someone can help us! 

You can sponsor each of them for $22 a month or $268 a year at this link. 

Tim Liao is with the Liang Sisters.

Guangkun has a sponsor, but Xueping needs one. 


Xueping also needs a sponsor. Her father has no education and works as a farmer and a construction handyman at home. Her mother suffers from mental illness and has a first-degree disability, Her parents are divorced. Her stepmother suffers from mental retardation and belongs to the second level of disability. Her older sister, Guangkun is studying at Xinfeng Town Junior High School in Beiliu City. There is also a younger brother, Xianghai, who is frail and sickly. Now her grandfather is paralyzed and hospitalized. Someone has to take care of him, so the family has no source of income.

Xueping is a second-year student in High School. She is a child full of positive energy. She faces the changes in the family positively. At the same time, she is an ideal girl. Her goal is to be admitted to Chongqing University. She needs $403 in sponsorship each year since high school is more expensive. Will you sponsor her? You can give on our website

The Yulin Daily paper ran this report on our activities with the Dandelion Foundation. Mr. Qui, the Director of Dandelion, is also a famous reporter at the local newspaper. He did this interesting human interest story about Blessing Hands (祝福之手). We are getting to be known in Yulin.


Hello everyone! My name is Xiaoping, and I am a girl. I am 12 years old. I come from Guangxi, Yulin City. I am the only person in my family. My dear dad died because of illness when I was a little baby, and my mom has gone since then. So I was raised by my elder uncle and his wife - my aunt. They are farmers. There are already three children in my elder uncle’s family. It’s so difficult for my elder uncle to raise four children. Now I am living in Yulin City Dandelion Children Center, where there are many children like me.  

Xiaoping is in the 6th grade at Fumian Shuiling Primary School. Her sponsorship is $268 a year or $22 a month. You can sponsor her by giving on our Website, or sending a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351.

Jessica Mansfield recently presented this video to the Lexington Chinese Christian Church Bible School. Perhaps you will enjoy it.

Blessing Hands was recently awarded a Platinum Seal of Transparency for 2022. This is the highest seal that is given by Candid. This website is often used to evaluate the transparency of American Nonprofits. 

You can see our Charity Report for yourself at this link. 

You can give the student's yearly support on our Website link. 

En Hui School Needs Motorcycles


Aug 19, 2022, 11:22 AM (1 day ago)

Immediate Funds Are Needed in Thailand

For En Hui School

Hi all, my name is Mavis Lai Pui Fun (right), and my teaching partner’s name is Loke Su Han (left). We’re Malaysian. We are volunteers at En Hui School in Thailand. We have been in North Thailand, Chiang Mai, at Arunothai Chinese Village since January 2016, almost 7 years.

Our volunteer work is not only teaching English in En Hui School, but we are also teaching Sunday School in Arunothai Church. On the weekends, we have to take care and concern for the older people and poverty families too.

In En Hui School, we aim to let them know why English is important. Since we encourage students to enjoy reading English, we conduct an English Reading Competition. 

En Hui School had to lock down four times last year, so we had to delay the English Reading Competition. Since students are back in school this year, we hope that Blessing Hands can encourage students who love to join the English Reading Competition by giving funds for awards.

The total sum needed for awards is 4,500 THB = $127.31

If you want to help fund the English Reading Competition give at this link. 

English Reading Competition Winners

Motorcycle Funds Needed

We are facing another financial problem. We hope we can raise motorcycle funds for our volunteer work. We want to help some poor families by picking up their children, so students and school teachers can go to En Hui School and Arunothai Church easier. They are too far away to attend our extra lessons or join any activities.

We just have 1 motorcycle to take turns picking up the Sunday School teachers, and children. It is very difficult to catch the exact time. Sometimes, the activities have to use 3 – 4 hours to finish because of problems with transportation. We have play practice and other fun activities that some people have to miss since they have no transportation.

En Hui Students Watching the English Competition

We hope Blessing Hands can help us to raise money for two more Motorcycles.

A petrol motorcycle we want is shown in the picture below. It has three wheels and is used here by many people. It would be easy to maintain. Road tax has to be paid every 3 months and the petrol bill. This gasoline model can carry 3 people and be faster, saving time. One is $927 (32,900 Baht), but if we bought two, it would cost $1,854 (65,800 Baht).

Thank you for listening to our sharing. 

Mavis Lai Pui Fun

You can use this link to give. We already have $800 pledged. 

Will you help En Hui School have a better way to get students and teachers to school and church?  The giving Link is here. 

Would you like to sponsor a student at En Hui School?  

Yang Haiwei participates in the English competition. He wants to go to college someday. He is in the 8th grade this year. He is the youngest from a large, poor family. You can sponsor him for $139 a year.  The link is here. 

Luo  Hualan is in the 4th grade. Her father died when she was two and her mother is a poor farmer who insists her 3 children stay in school.  Hualan's sponsorship is  $111 a year.

Give for Hualan at this link

Ma Baozhu is in the 3rd grade. Her father died, and her mother goes out to work while her children live with an uncle who has 4 children of his own. She has two younger siblings. Her support is $111 a year. The Link is here to give.

Monday, July 11, 2022


 Blessing Hands Sponsorships distributed by Dandelion Children's Foundation in Yulin, China.

Tim Liao Visits Wei Yufen and His Family 

Group photo of the first secretary (first from left), Party Secretary Wei of Liurong Village (first from right), Sister Wei, Auntie Lin Fangru, Dandelion Director Qiu Lin, Blessing Hands' Director Tim Liao, and Wei Yufen's family on the front row. Their grandmother is in the plaid shirt.

Blessing Hands sponsors 84 students at the Dandelion Children's Foundation in Yulin. Recently Tim Liao, our administrator in Nanning in Guangxi Province, traveled to Yulin to visit families we support. The Dandelion administrator, Qiu Lin, and various party officials over the areas they visited escorted Tim on the home visits. The Wei family was one of the families they visited. You can read all about their visit in Chinese at this link. 

Wei Yufen, in the yellow shirt, has a sponsor that sends $268 (1,800 yuan) a year for his support in school. He was in the first grade last year. In the photo, he is signing a receipt for his support with his name and red fingerprint. The family of seven has only one person working, Wei Yufen's father. His sponsor gives $25 monthly for his support. 

There are other students at Dandelion who need sponsors. The assistance standard is $268 (1,800 yuan) a year for primary school, $336 (2,250 yuan) a year for junior high school, and $403 (2,700 yuan) for senior high school (including secondary vocational education). You can give on our Website. 

Liurong Village Party Secretary Wei (left), Tim Liao from Blessing Hands (middle), and Qiu Lin (right) Dandelion's Director are visiting the Wei home.

Many students in China, Myanmar, Thailand,

and the Philippines need sponsors.

You can change their lives. 

These students need sponsors in Khin Phong Village in the Chin State of Myanmar. 

They are both in middle school and need $150 a year for their educational needs. Tun Aung (above) says, "My father is over 60, and he cannot work well now. Also, my mother is not very well. I have a financial need for my education. I am so thankful for your support. May God bless you all and may you have a long life!" 

Yom (below) says, "My father passed away, and my mother is a farmer. As a farmer, my mother does not have sufficient income for my education. I need financial help. I am so thankful for your generous support. May God bless you. 

You can give their yearly support on our Website link. 

These three children are in Longsheng, China near Guilin.

Yuanjie (the girl above) is in the 1st. grade. We have started a new program to help Dong minority students. There are five primary students now, but we will be adding 10 more soon. Mr. Hong, the volunteer there, insisted that we add more students because of the poverty in the area. We are glad to have volunteers like him who advocate for the community's students. Zixin (in the yellow dress) is in kindergarten. 

Give $268 (1800 Yuan) on our website to sponsor one of them for a year or $25 a month. Wenkai below is in 1st grade.

Blessing Hands recently completed our 17th year serving children in China. It has been a pleasure, and we hope the door will stay open for a long time in the future. 

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