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Friday, April 14, 2023

New Board Member

Ahru Village and School in Myanmar

You can Sponsor a School

Notice the homemade "blackboard" and petitions between classrooms.

Ahru already has a road and a well built church.

Blessing Hands has been helping rural schools in the Chin State of Myanmar since 2019. We have helped 20 schools so far with 44 Mara schools still to go. We are budgeting 10 a year until all 64 Maraland village schools get the equipment they need. We estimate it will take us four more years. Ahru Primary School pictured here is in Maraland, a Christian area of Myanmar.

Blessing Hands' contributors recently gave funds to Ahru School so they can improve their classrooms and offer their students whiteboards and 25 wooden desks and 25 wooden chairs made in their village. There are 97 students in the school.  The budget for this school was $1,200. We are thankful for the donors who came together to fund equipment for this school. We have also been helping Khinphong School in another tribal area in the Mindat Township.

You can help a whole school get equipment and change a community! Click the giving link.

Matthew Kanneberg, Blessing Hands' New Board Member, with Founder Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands is pleased to introduce Matt Kanneberg, our new board member. When Matt asked what experience he could bring to the board to meet our needs, I immediately thought of our need for vision, planning, and financial know-how. 

Matthew is a businessman who has been on four boards in his lifetime and been chairman of three of those boards. He works for WestRock Company where he is Director of Medical, Ergonomics, and Home Office Health and Safety COE. A center of excellence (COE) creates a structure through which members can measure, experiment, and drive each other towards excellence. A COE's sole purpose is to drive innovation and improvement. Blessing Hands needs some planning and organization.

WestRock is a worldwide paper company.  www.westrock.com is their website. I think he will bring a businessman's experience to our board. He is a Christian and has a soft heart for children and the needs of others. Matt is married and has a twelve-year-old son. The family lives just north of Savannah, Georgia in the US.

Chinese Daxu Student Named Yujia

These students at Daxu Middle School need sponsors.

Select a Chinese student and give on this

link on our Website.

You Shop and Blessing Hands Gets Money for Free. 

Blessing Hands no longer gets donations from Amazon Smile, but IGive is another way to shop and give at the same time. Check out their website and sign up to give to our charity. You can sign up for Walmart online offers and many other brands like Clarks shoes, Ace HardwareStaples, and Wireless from AT&T. 1007 stores are registered with IGive. Blessing Hands gets $5 when you are a new member making your first purchase.

We invite you to visit our website to see all the projects we are supporting in China, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Friday, April 07, 2023


An Opportunity to help a Widow and Orphan in Myanmar

Paw Hla lost her husband in the civil unrest in Myanmar in 2021. Maung Lai and Paw Hla were married in August 2017 with the agreement of both their parents. Their son, Vabie Hlaotlei, was born 03/29/2019 in Old Taubu Village, Matupi Township in the Chin State of Myanmar. Maung Lai died in 2021 when Vabie was two years old.

Blessing Hands is looking for a sponsor who can help them with their financial problems. Their monthly need is for $85 to cover their rent, food, and all other expenses in Yangon City. Their total need for a year is $1,020.

Vabie Hlaotlei

Paw Hla and Vabie

There are many widows and orphans in Myanmar because of the civil unrest there. You can help this family for $1,020 a year. We cannot help them all, but we can help Vabie and his mom.

Will you help this mother and son? Send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351 and we will do the rest. You can also give it online.

Give on our Website.

En Hui School Sponsors Needed

We sponsor sixty-two students at En Hui School in Thailand. They are learning Chinese and English in after school classes. Forty-nine of them need sponsorship for their school expenses. We have two wonderful volunteers there that help us keep up with our kids and their needs. Mavis Lai Pui Fun and Loke Su Han are Malaysian volunteers who teach English at En Hui School. Some of the students live in a special shelter house since they need support their families cannot give.

Loke Su Han (L) and Mavis Lai Pui Fun (R) teach English.

Select a student and message us.

You can sponsor one of these primary students for $110 a year. Give on our Website or send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351.

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新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year




Please join us in welcoming the year of the Rabbit! Blessing Hands has sponsored 2,281 students in China, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines since 2005. We are coming up on 18 years of helping students with their education. 187 college students have received help over the years with 32 still in college this year. We could not have done it without your help. We are thankful for all the open doors we have gone through with our sponsors and supporters.


Betty Cutts



Blessing Hands wants to thank all the wonderful supporters that helped us get so many unique donors during the GoodGiving Challenge. We could not have done it without your help.

We reached our $25,000 goal and exceeded it by $2,003 for a total of $27,003. The match for the Lexington Chinese Christian Church was $3,571.14 making a total of $30,574.14! Thank you all.

Daw Ling Village will get some of our GoodGiving donations. There are two schools there with a total of 284 students from primary to high school and 13 volunteer teachers. They are asking us for school supplies for both the students and the school. Unfortunately, funding from foreign countries to non-governmental organisations in Myanmar had been cut due to financial sanctions towards the military coup. Teachers and health workers are on strike against the military government, so these teachers are working as volunteers. None of the students have uniforms.

This is the old school in the village. Many new students have come home to their villages from the larger towns because of martial law. They are still using this school also. The village is asking for notebooks, small playground equipment, teacher supplies, a printer, and a laptop.

Daw Ling Village is located along a mountaintop in Matupi Township. in the Chin State of Myanmar. Martial law is still in force in Matupi Town.

These are the students lined up before class in front of the new school . The 13 teachers are working in this unofficial school without government approval or salary.

The Power of Dreams! Eight students in Longsheng, China were sponsored during the GoodGiving Challenge, but there are still many left. You can sponsor a primary student for $250 a year (1800 yuan). Pengyu is in kindergarten. His parents are migrant workers making him a left behind child.

Message us if you want to sponsor a child in Longsheng.

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