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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Li (James) Needs Money to go to College

Li is from Guangxi Province. He wants to study hydrology and needs $650 US in university tuition. He already has two sponsors who have pledged $100 each for the fall semester and another has given $66. Late breaking news is that James now has his fall semester. He still needs another $325 for spring. Blessing Hands usually only gives $500 in scholarships to each student, but if someone wants to especially donate the extra amount for James, I am sure he would appreciate it. I have pasted his application letter below.

Dear Blessing Hands members,

How are you? I am glad to receive your sponsorship, so that I can complete high school and live happily and healthily with your care and love. I passed my high school examination this summer, but my family cannot afford the expensive tuition fee for the university. However, I heard that Blessing Hands has a scholarship, and I am writing to apply for it. I feel very honored and blessed to have such an opportunity to apply for it, because I know there are still many kind and nice people who would like to help people in need like me.

Here, I truly thank Blessing Hands, which can give me an opportunity to apply for the scholarship. I hope it can help me to complete university studies and learn skills and knowledge, so that I can accomplish my dreams and bear my own responsibilities and duties. Also I can help people in the future and let those people in need be helped so that they won’t have to suffer. I will spread love to those people around me and let the love fill society.

James needs scholarship help immediately to get to school on time. If you want to donate, just use the button at the top of the blog and send us e-mail at blessinghands@gmail.com.