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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anna Tells How Blessed It is to Give

Anna is one of the first students who received our scholarships in 2006. She is in her second year of college now.

Dear Betty,

I forgot to tell you a significant thing in my last mail. That is, about a week ago, one of my roommates found an appalling article when she surfed the internet. The writer uses many pictures to present the extremely hardness lives of some children in the poor family. They even have not enough clothes worn in so cold winter. She was so moved and told our whole room members. The next day we picked up our clothes which we seldom wear and collected them together. We even asked our professors to help us. Finally we posted those clothes according to the address gave in that article. When we finished this all, so blessedness we are!

Although our ability is not strong enough to do more, we did what we can do. Helping others really makes one feel contented. I am so happy that I can do something for them. Then, I spent some time to think of my own life. Apparently, I am not the most unfortunate one, I have a beatific family and all of us are healthy. So, I should not complain all the time but ought to endeavor for myself, for my family, also, for others! This is my honorable duty! I will try. All along.