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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ava's letter


I am a Blessing Hands student, who studies in grade 3 of Qinzhou No.1 High School, China.My name is Lu Zhitao, Ava is my English name.

I enjoy learning, but when I was a senior 2 student, my family fell into trouble. My grandpa was too old to work. My mother was ill and had no job. My young brother and two younger sisters all needed money to pay our tuitions. My father can't find a good job to support the cost of learning and living. When I would have to leave school and give up my dream, Blessing Hands gave me a warm hand. I appreciate what you have done very much. Thank you.

Now, my family has gotten better. My father does a good job, which can support the cost of learning and living. So I'm happy that I have given my chance to others who need help more imperatively. Although I will study in university and will need more money, I think I can do a job after school for earning more money. So I don't plan to apply for the Blessing Hands scholarship.

Fortunately, I can grow up with Blessing Hands. It gives me many things. Thank you for teaching me to make my will stronger and braver to face difficulties, then settle it. Thank you for giving me a blessing hand. I will pass blessing because I am a Blessing Hands' student. Best wishes to you.




一封来自Ava 的感谢信

我是蒙祝福之手恩典的学生。 我在中国广西省钦州第一中学读高中三年级。

我的名字叫吕志涛,Ava是 我的英文名字。我非常热爱学习,但是在我读高中二年级的时候,我的家庭陷入了困境。我的爷爷年迈不能工作。我的母亲因为重病也没有工作。我的弟弟和两个妹 妹也都需要学费完成学业。我的父亲没有找到一个好的工作维持家庭开支和供给我们读书。当我不得已决定离开学校,暂时放弃自己的梦想的时候,祝福之手给予我 热情的帮助。 我非常感谢你们给我的所有帮助。谢谢你们。