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Friday, May 16, 2008

Daolin is Safe- Earthquake News

A Chinese friend in Lexington sent a brochure of how to help. It contained these pictures from the New York Times.

The first two pictures are
aerial views of Wenchuan City before and after the earthquake. Wenchuan County is where James knows children he taught. He suggests donations to Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org) and World Vision (http://www.worldvision.org)

Another Chinese friend in Louisville intends to collect money there to help. Many hearts are moved for China.

I am relieved to get news of Daolin and again from James. They are safe. The internet is a wonderful way to keep up with everyone. Various of our students have been writing me from their schools all over. All are united to help the victims of the earthquake. James'letter is below.

Daolin is safe now. Today we began to attend classes. This weekend I will go to be a volunteer. Many articles have been transported to Chengdu. The army and strong people have been to Wenchuan and Beichuan. They need a lot of people to unload cargo.


Daolin himself wrote to thank us for our concern.

We are very well now. From the 12th of May until now, there have been 4 days. On the night of the 13th I got in touch with James. Even though there are aftershocks, so far we are safe. Thank you for your concern.


Joy wrote from Yulin Normal University in Northern Guangxi Province.

Thank you for your news, I was scared deeply when I heard the earthquake news that day when it took place. I'm terrible sorrowful about it. There are a great many people who lose their homes, their family, their relatives, and even their lives. I'm also worry about our Blessing Hands students who are in Sichuan Province. Let's pray for them. Best wishes for them and all the Blessing Hands students.

Joy (Yuexiang)

Bamboo wrote a complete article for our newsletter. It is quoted below. I think she has a journalist in her.

Earthquake registered 7.8 on the Richter scale - We are together.

An Earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter scale happened in Sichuan Province, China, on 12th of May. It was reported that more than 23000 people have died and about 30,000 people were still missing till this morning. Our heats hurt a lot these days. It is time for Chinese to show patriotism.

After the earthquake, the government assigned soldiers to rescue people. With tears, the soldier told the leaders that roads had been ruined in, and they couldn't move on them. Then the government assigned two helicopters to the earthquake center. With tears, the rescuer told their leader that they could see a lot of people, but few moved.

The whole nation has taken action. Here, I want to tell you our actions. The second day of the earthquake, our school organized students to donate money. The third day, our class organized donations, and we stood in silent tribute after class. Today, you can see a lot of pictures and news about the earthquake on our campus, and we are going to donate blood. In response to the proposal of the university student union, we will stand in silent tribute with students of other universities tonight. Then we'll turn off the lamps of our dormitories. We hope our actions can encourage the victims, and they will stand up.

Our love will go on.

Bamboo – from Nanning