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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yangshou Flood is Receding

The waters are receding in Yangshuo, and we can now show you more pictures of the flood sent by Gloria Wei, our administrator there. It was a massive flood not seen in over fifty years. Tourists were evacuated on rafts and got around on bicycles in the flood water.

Gloria Wei, who is over all the primary schools in Yangshuo as well as our Blessing Hands administrator, is traveling to the schools in rural Yangshuo County to access flood damage.

We hope the 10 schools that are Sister Schools with our local Rowan County Schools are unaffected, but some of them are in river bottoms. We hope to know soon what needs to be done with our Flood Fund.

Gloria Wei has visited Zhang Lufei’s family to extend sympathy. Lufei’s mother left the family when she was very young. The family seemed to be coping with her death. Gloria will visit again to access their needs now that she know we have a fund set up.

A Guangxi friend tells me that the rice crop will have to be replanted if it is not too wet before the planting time passes. They usually get two rice crops a year. The cold weather in January
wasn’t good for the winter citrus harvest and now there is this flood. I can imagine what the water might have done to the dirt roads in the rural areas. It will take a long time for Yangshuo County to recover.