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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yangshuo Flooded

Yangshuo Town is under water! I was amazed to see a photo of a flood not experienced in 54 years in Yangshuo, the area where most of our primary and lower middle school children live. Yangshuo is a river town where bamboo rafts are often used for transportation.  As you can see from the photo rafts are floating down the main street now.  The Li River, which is their livelihood, has outdone itself.

      Our usual hotel is only a block over from this flood scene.  Our administrator lives on an upper floor not far from this street. I hope I hear from her soon. Electricity must be out because it was James in Sichuan who told me about the flood.  He was concerned about the flooding in Iowa and mentioned the flooding in Yangshuo. The world is getting to be a small place. 

      Many rivers in Southern China are in flood stage.  Guilin, a tourist town where we have two students, is also flooded. Emina sent me some photos she took of her college. She is studying at a tourism institute.    Downtown Guilin, where we have one middle school student who moved from Yangshuo, is also flooded.  First came the earthquake and now floods. China is hurting.