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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yard Sale Success

Blessing Hands' Yard Sale last Saturday was a great success. We sold about $600 worth of treasures that we gathered up from our closets and garages. Russ Brengelman contributed a lawn mower that sold within the first 30 minutes.   

It was a real treasure hunt to get the items together for the sale. I had not cleaned out my closets and drawers for 20 years. I found things I didn't recognize and others I had been hunting.  Some things were just too specialized to sale. Anyone need a transformer that changes 120 electric voltage to 240?
I was very glad to find good homes for items that I could never have thrown away, but didn't really need anymore. I had fun  giving some things away to kids. Bargains were everywhere and most people enjoyed getting us to lower the price a little just like in a Chinese open market.

Yard sales are strange to the Chinese visiting scholars who come to Morehead. It seems to be against feng shui to use something others have owned. Some bad luck or disease might be transferred according to Chinese custom. Antiques would not be as valued in China. In Taiwan possessions of the deceased are often burned at the funeral.  In the same vein, most used items cannot be imported into China. 

Small pox was spread through used bedding in Chinese history, so I can see why they might feel that way.   As long as things are washed, Americans love a bargain sale and think recycling is a good thing for the environment. When they get over the idea, the Chinese scholars usually enjoy driving around to yard sales and finding bargains too. 

Thanks are due to Doris Wells, Carol Karwatka, Missionary Missions, and others for the loan of tables and cars to transport all the boxes. Carolyn Franzini and Phyllis Nickel were our cashiers. It took two hours to unpack everything and almost as long to pack up the leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers. We plan to have another yard sale after we recover from this one. If you live in our area and have anything to donate to a sale let us know. We have the loan of a nice, shady lot along the interstate connector road.