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Friday, September 12, 2008

Blessing Hands' Sponsors are Blessing Many!

"Thank you" from our Blessing Hands Students!
They appreciate your Scholarship gifts.
  Sponsors like you are making lives change.

The day after tomorrow, I will go to college to check in. If there is not your help, I can't get to the college. So I know I must work hard, and return you and all the people helping me.



I KNOW the news today. Blessing hands give me the great help. It let me see the spring of my future. It give me the bless. I thank blessing hands so much, and after finishing my study, I WILL try my best to help others,making blessing hands spread everywhere,making the world full of bless.
    I will remember blessing hands forever. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I will go to school on the next day. Believe me ,I will try my best to reach my dream!! Only with your help ,I can fly in my sky. I will move my dream of flying. I know that, give me a blue sky.  I can fly very high. I so thank you for you and blessing hands。 I will use my efforts to repay all the people who love me and care about me 。 I will always pass on the love。
Your sincerely, 

I am very luck to hear that I have been picked for a $500 scholarship. Thank you for you help! With your help I can continue my further study. My family are all very happy to hear the news. My parents' pressure will be less. I don't know how to show my thankness to all the friends who have helped me. I will do my best to help more people! And I will study more hard at college! I will go to college to start my college life tomorrow, I am very, very happy now!  I'd like to share my happyness with you! Thank you again!

* The student's English is corrected with a spell checker, but we leave some mistakes when they don't interfere with clarity.

Deng' Letter.

 Alice Deng is already at her new school and has somehow paid 1500 yuan ($219 US). Perhaps she borrowed it. She needs another 1000 yuan ($145 US) by October 1st to stay in school.  Really she needs a full $500 scholarship since her vocational school is more expensive than colleges.


Keep her in school  by giving with this button or sending a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Huang is accepted into college.

 I've been accepted by Guilin Teacher's college, and my school will open on September 15. But I have not got enough money to school. I 'm so want to college .......Betty,please best wish to me ,and I 'm thinking some how to help myself now .  
Good luck!


Huang and I have been anxiously waiting for her college letter, and finally she has been accepted almost last of all. She wants to be a teacher. She has $300 toward her college tuition and only needs $200 more. An opportunity is a terrible thing to waste. Please help her.

Huang's Scholarship Essay

    I am Huang.  In my family there are my parents, my brother, four sisters, and me. But my older sister married two years ago, so I have seven people in my family now as is the custom of China. My parents and my brother are farmers, and they are all poor in education. Four children are all in school in my family. My parents have to work hard but make little money to support our family. In other words, their labor force is low priced. They overwork to pay all our life and school expenses. When I see them so tired, I really want to grow up more quickly qlnhmhuangheng07.JPGso that I can help them more.

I have been a blessing Hands student for two years. In these two years, I received lots of help and love being in the Blessing Hands family. These gains let me know more new things. There must be difficulty in life. We should face it strongly and bravely and live a full life with a heart of love and thanks. I love life and the world. I hope I can do more for the world in the future, like helping the poor as you do. All these need more pay, and I need more of a chance to make more progress.  So I hope I can receive more help from Blessing Hands, so I can go to the university.

Well, I know it is very important to give a hand to others. Telling you some good news, I also can help others in life as well as study. Please believe me that I will do it better and better. After I graduate from senior school, I think I can go to the university. Then I need your help.  I want to apply for the help which can afford my expenditure for my university.

Now I here sincerely apply for help. If I can receive the help, I will study harder to return it to Blessing Hands and society in the future. At last, no matter what the results of my application, I will respect Blessing Hand's decision.  Thank you all the same.

Best wishes,


Student ID: 200
National score :435 

Major: Education

Please help Huang finish out her scholarship. Google Checkout
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Henry Huang's Letter

Hao  are you,
          Expect your help.  Thank your help always to me. Wish that you are in the mid-autumn happy , every day joyful,
Henry Huang.

Henry starts school on the 15th and has not received any support yet. He wants to go to Guilin University of Technology in Electronic and Information Engineering. Please help this worthwhile young man. by clicking on our donate page.

I received the letter below from Joy, one of the scholarship students funded last year. I am so pleased that she is being a blessing hand to new students arriving on her campus.  She knows what it is like to have no money to go to school.

I want to share my feeling with all the Blessing members.

The 6th and 7th of August was the time the new arrivals registered. Many of us are responsible to greet and guide them to report for duty. I warmly greeted a new arrival and her father who came from Hechi, Guangxi province.

When I guided her to report, I knew her lack of money; she wanted to go to school by the "Green Access" which is set by the Government. Through this way poverty students can access college successfully but provide a loan. Something warm and distressed floated in my heart immediately that was not only because the situation of her family, but also something same exist in us. The most important reason was her father recalled me my dear father.

Last year, before I went to school, what my father said and did all came back to my mind. In my opinion, parents can't take their children away from their heart, in their eyes children are only children whatever how old they are, where they went, and what they did.

But I didn't want myself to be so worried, I wanted to be a understanding girl. So I helped her finish to report and led her to the dormitory to put away all the luggage. When all to be finished I led them to buy daily articles and have supper.

I talked with them. I knew her father worked in a factory. Her mother and brother work outside, and her little brother is now in middle school. I promised to the uncle I would care and help his daughter in later. They thanked me a lot.  I only said, "It's my pleasure!"

Because it was late and dark, uncle couldn't go home, so I helped him find a hotel to live a night, and the next day he would go home by train. I called the train station to know the time of the last train and left my telephone number. I had to leave when I accepted a call. It was rainy in that time. On my way to dormitory, I bought a bucket as a present to sent to her. It spent my 12 yuan, but I felt happy and successfully. It was dark deeply when I got to dormitory.

The next day, it was a pity, because I had to greet another three new arrivals, so I couldn't send her father to the train station.

Totally speaking, it was a special day, and I had a special feeling.


Hong Joy

Thank you so much for being the blessing hands that you are to our students.

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Betty Cutts
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