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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid- Autumn Moon Festival

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Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Dear Friends and Supporters of Blessing Hands,

I want to wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival as it is called in other parts of the world. I heard that it is celebrated even in Thailand and Korea. I have been getting lovely cards from Chinese students who are delighted to get a three day holiday.
The highlight of my day was a picnic sponsored by the Kentucky Chinese American Association in Lexington. My son Ross and his very pregnant wife Rachel came too. Michael Anthony Howard and my husband, David Cutts, enjoyed the great food and fellowship as well.
We were able to put up a table to introduce our Blessing Hands kids to the Chinese families who came for the festival. 23 people signed up for our newsletter and many more took brochures and information.
Eric Zhang, who is one of our board members, arranged for me to have a display and introduced Blessing Hands to people who stopped at the table. He could tell them all about our kids in Chinese, while I answered any questions they had. We had such a warm welcome. Many were enthusiastic about our cause, and I hope to hear from some of our new contacts soon.
One person will do some translation for us and others wanted to study our website and Blog to see if they want to support a college scholarship student. You can see our students still needing scholarships at this link.
I was excited to get another $500 scholarship in the mail today unexpectedly. That makes 19 students getting scholarships now. I hope all of them get scholarships. They are working very hard to fulfill their dreams. Let's help them.
You can give with this Google Checkout link
or send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351
Thank you from our students.
I almost do not have the money and facing the possibility of dropping out of school. Only because of your help, I can go to my college. My specialty is Chinese, I study in the literature college of arts.
Sunday Liu

Thank you so much ! I hear the news today. I'm so happy and so thanks you. Thanks the other people who willing to help me. Yes, I know the God is equal. I'll treasure this chance which is so hard-won. I 'll remember the words, "No gains without pains'. I'll go to my school on Sept. 15. Now when I 'm thinking that I really can go to college, I'm in the great happiness. I would have the better chance to make more progress that I can have more abilities to help the other people ...........
Best wishes!
Huang Heng
I told our administrator in Yangshuo to go ahead and fund Huang for a $500 Scholarship even though only $300 had come. Another check came today for $50 more than I expected. I am out on a limb with this scholarship. Please help me get off this limb by giving the rest of the money she needs - $150.
Visiting Scholars
Our college is a sister college to Guangxi University and every year visiting scholars come for 9 months. We have two delightful Chinese English teachers that have just arrived. All the scholars tell the new scholars to look for me, so I have no trouble making friends with them. Two of our administrators in China are former visiting scholars that I got to know when they were at Morehead State University.
The new scholars are already helping me with Chinese translation. Debby Wang has given her voice to a 30 second commercial for our kids that I hope to place in Hong Kong either by Internet news or TV. Johnathan Thornsberry has worked hard on our public service announcements and is learning a lot in the process. You can see the English version on Youtube at this link. Debby is reading it in Mandarin in the photo here. They went to the Mid-Autumn Picnic today too.
I leave for China on the 23rd of September for 17 days. All you students and friends in China, I am looking forward to seeing you. I will have a dinner with the college scholarship students in Nanning on the 27th and lunch with the ones in Guilin on October 8th. We will have two gatherings of older high school and middle school students to give out tuitions.
The students are also being asked to do some drawings or calligraphy that we can feature in a silent auction in Lexington, Kentucky for Chinese New Year in 2009. Some of the college students are writing famous people for autographs to auction. I will be carrying a lot of things home this time. Some professional artists in Yangshuo will also donate paintings for us to auction.
I will be telling you all about this trip in newsletters and taking a lot of film for Johnathan's projects.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
606 784 4785
Autumn in Morehead
The leaves will be falling here soon. Don't let our kids fall with them. Help them grab their opportunity for college before it is gone. Donate here