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Monday, September 01, 2008

Harvest a student

Blessing Hands
Scholarship Students

Our students are ripe,

Pick one now.
Zhang has been picked for a $500 scholarship
Sunday Liu has been picked for a $500 scholarship.
Cheng's video on Youtube can be seen by clicking on this link.
Students are leaving for college now. There are still a few colleges that start later, but the harvest is ripe in China.
Pick your student. Several students are still hoping for complete sponsorships. All will get whatever you give, even if it is only a little.
Chen needs $135 more.

logo Pan needs $250 more.


Liang needs $485 more.
You can see all the students by clicking here. Pick one!

Cheng's Scholarship Essay

My name is Cheng. I live in a poor country which lies in Pubei, Qingzhou, Guangxi. I was borlogon into a family that lives by farming, but I am afraid of being poor, because I have a dream - a dream that I can go to university to learn more knowledge, which is a foundation for me.
After I graduate, I think I can achieve it. By going to the university I can not only can get rid of poverty but also make a contribution to society. Only in this way can I make my dream. This is another way which I can spread blessing hands.

logoI have a very poor family. I have 5 brothers, and they are all at school. Last year we had a heavy snow. All the bananas were destroyed, so we lost a lot of money. My father had an accident last year, and he stayed at the hospital for nearly four months. It took a lot of money. After that he cannot work normally. I need help. Thank you very much.

ID: 261
National Score: 503
Blessing Hands
Shen's Scholarship Essay
I was born and raised in the countryside. My aged parents are at home. I have an elder brother who is now studying in Xinxiang Medical College in Henan Province, and I have a younger sister who is in the 3rd grade in primary school.

My hometown has very poor economic conditions. Our family's income mainly comes from growing crops. However, it is very difficult to pay the living expenses and tuition of three children based on their limited income. It makes my heart ache seeing my parents getting older day by day. It is such a great burden for my parents to support me to continue my education, but I am really eager to learn knowledge. I believe that learning can change one's destiny. I do not want to repeat the life of my ancestors, whose life only depended on agriculture. I want to learn and work hard for my ideals. Also, I will work hard continuously for changing my destiny by education.

In a few days, I will participate in the 2008 National College Entrance Examination, and now I am studying very hard and busy preparing for it. I will take the exam with all my confidence. I believe that I will go to my ideal university. In the past, I was worried about the college tuition, but now, if I am awarded a Blessing Hands scholarship, I know this is my hope, and my hope will be fulfilled. Also I can make an effort to continue my study in college. I hope I can get the support and help from Blessing Hands to finish my study in college. I will work hard. Please trust me. Now, I really appreciate the support and help from the Blessing Hands during these two years. I believe that if everyone is willing to share love, more and more children will fulfill their dreams.
ID: 281
National Score: 337
Major: Chemistry/Environment
Blessing Hands
Zeng's Scholarship Essay

This is my application for a Blessing Hands Scholarship for the fall of 2008. I was born into a rural family near Qinzhou. I have a family of five members with less than three mu arable land. We earn merely 2000 yuan ($293 US) a year. Therefore, my mother, though in poor health, has to do small business as a vendor with no fixed income.
My father works as an immigrant worker outside, but the factory he works in is often suspended due to various reasons such as lack of raw materials, manufacturing or sales difficulties. His average monthly income is less than 1,000 yuan ($146 US). We are in a poor economic situation, and it is hard to make ends meet.
logoIn my family, three of us are in school: my elder brother studies in senior grade three in Qinzhou with excellent grades, and my younger brother studies in an agriculture technical school. This year, my brother is going to enter college. His tuition, room and board and other costs will be at least 10,000 yuan ($1,463 US). If I also enter college, it will cost us at least 7,000 yuan ($1,024 US). Therefore, what my family has earned will definitely not cover what we will spend on our studies. Ourlogo family's economic problem is really my serious burden.
I am an optimistic person with strong capacities of communication and organization. I have been a class cadre ever since I was in primary school, and I was elected as student union cadre and the school CYL cadre. I am enthusiastic in meaningful social practices. I am eager to enter a university, so I need a scholarship to fulfill my university dream. If I can finish my study in a university, I would like to help others and serve our society with my heart and soul just like others help me. Owing to Blessing Hands, I have gone though my high school study. Thank you very much, and many thanks to Mr. Liu, a teacher of my high school.

By the way, I want to major in international trade at Guilin Institute of Technology. Please consider my application for a scholarship.

Sincerely yours,
ID: 173
National Score: 287
International Trade
Blessing Hands
Fu's Scholarship Essay
logoMy name is Fu. I am a student of diligence and thrift, willing to study hard. Due to your great help, I am preparing to graduate from high school. I believe in the ideals of the University Examination, because I have a belief from childhood that through efforts, we change our fate and change our living conditions. God is fair.
I am sure I will be successful, but due to the high cost of the university and the present economic situation in my home, it cannot be paid. I very much hope that you will continue to subsidize me in college. I want to successfully complete my education and achieve my dream.
If you help me, I will use my real actions to prove that you made the right decision. Your help is an ideal, resulting in much thanksgiving in the hearts of the students. I will bless the hands of others to convey love to everyone around me, love passed on. Love is the desert oasis of health to bring hope to travelers. Blessing Hands brings us out of darkness to the bright light, who were before in a trip of difficulties without hope.

I thank you for the help of the past, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to spread your love, and help me successfully complete the university.

Fu Zhenfeng
ID: 65
National Test Score: 504

Blessing Hands
Some of you might be waiting to see all the essays before you make up your mind. Three are yet to come, but more students may be accepted as the second and third group of colleges send out their acceptance letters.

A friend said tonight that he had returned from a trip and was trying to read my 10,000 e-mails. This harvest is only going to last a few weeks, and we must gather up scholarships while the sun shines. Please forgive the many posts. We have many deserving students to feature.

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