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Friday, September 05, 2008

Vocational School Scholarships

Blessing Hands Newsletter September 2008

Kingsley Mo has received $267 toward her $500 scholarship. She hopes to go to college soon and still needs the rest of her scholarship. Below are the words of one of her sponsors. Melissa has recently moved and didn't think she could give, but she was touched by Mo's essay. You can donate any amount also.

I just want to tell you that I read Kingsley Mo's scholarship application. I was really touched by her words about love. If she is one of the students in need,, I would like to donate $17 dollars. Melissa

Pan only lacks $124. The physics teachers at our local college havegiven $126 for his cause. He major is physics.
Two students, who have recently been accepted by three year
vocational colleges, are being featured in this newsletter. The tuitions for these colleges are much more than for four year colleges, but we still give $500. More of our students may be accepted by vocational schools during this month.

There are many such colleges that send out their letters in September after the reglular colleges have sent their letters of acceptance. These schools serve students who didn't make the higher scores that qualify them for key colleges.

China colleges are quiet different from American colleges. They have to pay their complete year all in the fall rather than a semester at a time. At least that is the way a lot of colleges do it. I am still learning the differences. They can't always change their majors or get exactly what they want to study.


David Yu's Scholarship Essay

My family name is Yu. My English name is David. My family has six people - my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, and me. Now my sister and I are studying in school. My grandfather and grandmother are in their eighties. They don't have a healthy body. My father and mother are farmers. They work hard but get too little. My parent's income is about 300 yuan ($44 US) every month, so we are living a difficult life.
Although my life is difficult, during my high school years, I worked very hard. Every one of us is talking about the future. What is mine? I have decided to change my home. I have decided to work very hard. I will try my best to get better results and go to a good college.

David Yu
ID: 513
National Exam:354
Die Design and Manufacturing

Jeff Li's Scholarship Essay

My name is J
eff Li. I'm very sorry that I failed my last entrance exam. But I never give up, so I decided to have a try again at Li River School (He repeated the last year of high school.). At first, I found all was very difficult, but now I have made some progress with the help of my teachers and classmates.

My mother died when I was two years old. Now I only live with my father. My father is forty-five. We are living in a mountain area. We lead a hard life, because my father has to offer me to go to school. He expects me to go to a university. I must work hard, so that I can realize my dream and don't make my father disappointed.
Best wishes!
ID: 437
National Score:387
Aircraft Maintance

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You have been so generous to help the students with high grades. Please consider these vocational school students equally. I would if they were my kids. You can give any amount to these students, but we suggest $500 per scholarship.

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