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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kentucky Chinese American Association Gives to the Zhang Family

Visit to the Zhang Family

While I was in Yangshuo, China recently, I visited the home of Zhang Lufei and personally gave her family the $300 donated by the Kentucky Chinese American Association to comfort them in the death of Lufei.

They were still grieving over her death in the flood last spring. Her grandmother told me how Lufei went to buy pencils near the creek. Lufei loved school and was a very good student her grandmother said. She was excited about going to school the next day and needed pencils.

Friends were with her when she slipped on the bank of the creek and fell. The frightened girls immediately ran for help, but it was too late by the time she was pulled from the swollen creek.

Her father and grandmother live with Lufei's uncle. Lufei's mother left home when she was an infant, so her grandmother raised her and was very close to her. She cried through almost our entire visit.

Her father was able to meet us also, and I gave them gifts. The best gift was the $547 donated by KYCAA and our donors. The family really appreciated the gift and seemed to need it. They gave us some delicious tangerines that the hotel made into juice for our breakfast.

We are planning a Chinese New Year fund raising auction for our Lufei's Children's Fund. Many other children will be able to go to school with the proceeds from the silent auction in her name. Since she loved school so much, I think she would be pleased with that.

Join Our Charity Auction on Line and in Person

The Lufei Children's Fund Charity Auction will be during a Chinese New Year event sponsored by KYCAA on January 24, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky. KYCAA has arranged for Chinese dancers to perform at the Singletary Center on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Our silent auction will be in the Singletary lobby at the same time.

There are 39 professional paintings and calligraphy scrolls donated by artists in Yangshuo and Pubei, China that are for sale.  School children in Yangshuo have also sent many paintings for the sale. American artists have also given paintings for the auction. 

The children's painting were so wonderful that we have made post cards that you can purchase for $1, and a children's book of them will also be for sale. 

On-Line Bidding - Bid on our Blog by Clicking the Side Show Pictures to the Right.

Bid on the paintings online by clicking on the pictures in the three slide shows at the right top of this blog.  You will be redirected to the picture you clicked. Next scroll down to the bottom of the picture's page to the comment box. You can enter your bid there by putting your name, bid, and e-mail address. Then click the post comment button, and presto your bid is recorded, and we are alerted that you have made a bid. 

For example: Betty Cutts, $25 bid, bdcutts@gmail.com, is entered in the comment box for the professional painting shown here. If you add your own higher bid, you will outbid me on the same painting online. You can check your bid from time to time by going again to the link and checking the comment box to see if another bid has been placed. We will also alert you when you have been outbid.

We will close the online bidding on January 23th and open the live bidding at the event the next day. If no one outbids your bid, which will be marked on the painting auction form as the starting auction bid, the art is yours for your bid price + shipping. If someone bids higher at the evening silent auction, you have lost out and should have made a higher bid.

We are accepting Auction Items

You can also send items to the auction for us to sell. We will also be selling things like jewelry, items donated by merchants, and gift cards to events and restaurants.

You can contact us at blessinghands@gmail.com. We will accept new items and valuable used items like antiques, jewelry, or paintings. Please don't give yard sale type items for this particular sale. You will get a tax receipt for the value of the donation. 

Of course we also invite you to come to the program and celebrate the New Year of the Ox with the Chinese community of Lexington.  January 24, 2009 is the date to put on your calendar. We will open the auction at 6:00 p.m before the 7:30 program begins. 

Betty Cutts for the Blessing Hands Kids

Saturday, October 18, 2008

China Trip Report

Fantastic China Trip 
We give thanks for the Harvest
22 New Scholarships
We give thanks for all you sponsors who have given scholarships. We got four more new scholarships recently, which makes over 22 new students receiving $500 college scholarships this fall. There are 11 new scholarships in the Yangshuo area and 11 hopefully in Qinzhou. (Two there are pledges).  More students only got small amounts.
We had 21 scholarship students from last year return, so totally there are 43 of our students in school on $500  scholarships.  I was so pleased and proud to meet the scholarship students in three cities and share meals with them. They are an impressive group with much promise.
You great sponsors made this all possible. We had no  money to give new college scholarships this year. When sponsors stepped up to pick students to support, miracles began to happen. You can still pick a new student to support at this link. The first 15 students pictured still need scholarships.
After our travels in China, I feel like someone who has eaten a big Thanksgiving dinner and has to digest it all for awhile before they can do anything more. I am still uploading photos and trying to get information recorded from new students and sponsors. Thank you all for your support that makes so many families and students secure and happy.

I give thanks that Missy Peace and I got to see so many students and friends this China trip. They are going to college, excited about learning, being creative, and growing like flowers. 
Qinzhou Area Schools Came to Our Tuition Gathering 
Anna Liu and Gavin Qin did a wonderful job of the tuition gathering in Qinzhou. Gavin is a  volunteer who helps Anna with  the details of our program there.  Their school, Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School, recently moved to a new million dollar  campus, so they have really had a lot to do this September. 
The students loved Missy and treated her like a movie star. 

 We took pictures of all the school groups. The students will want to see their pictures so the links to the schools are below.

Yangshuo Artists
 Gave 27 Paintings for the Auction
Yangshuo's Mayor Li is a famous artist and calligrapher. A professional video has been done of his work. The hills of Yangshuo draw many artists because of the beautiful scenery there. These artists  have given 27 juried painting to our Chinese New Year Auction. They invited us to a dinner the first night we were in Yangshuo. You can see the paintings and some of the aritsts at this link.   

 Here is an example of one of the paintings of the beautiful hillls of Yangshuo. These 27 painting will be on sale in January. You can see them now on line at this link. The artists only asked that we print an auction catalog of their paintings.
There are also many professional paintings given from Pubei for the auction
Student Paintings
Yangshuo Children Also Gave Paintings 

The students of Yangshuo are wonderful painters too as you can see from these pictures.
They wanted to send paintings for the auction. Students  of all ages contributed. I had to buy another suitcase to hold them. 
Yangshuo Experimental Middle School of Foreign Languages sent a lot of impressionist paintings in a free western style.

This painting is one of the children's painting given from Yangshuo. 

Elaine Yeh
Paintings for Sale for Benefit of Our Kids

Elaine has sent pictures of two paintings that she is willing to sell for the benefit of Blessing Hands students. Elaine will have a one-man show in Radford, Virginia where she is a graduate studentin art.  If you would like to buy any  of these paintings contact Elaine at this e-mail address.

 Jeff Fannin's Prayer Altars
    A local minister has found a good way to help families and charities. He is selling  solid wood, handmade prayer altars. He has a web site at this 

Craftsmen make them in colonial, Shaker, and mission styles in just about any hard wood. Someone ordered one for a wedding and then gave the altar to the new family. 

Jeff has been with me to Yangshuo and wants to help our Blessing Hands kids. He has adopted Chinese twin girls.  If you put Blessing Hands or BH on your order, he will give the profit of that altar to Blessing Hands. 

They would be good for Christmas gifts. The different styles cost from $99 to $179 depending on the wood used. Shipping is extra.

Please Help Our Kids
   Lots of people want to help. A family in Hong Kong is planning to sell things in a street market and send the support to our kids in China.  Perhaps you want to send an item for the January auction. Jewelry would be a good item to sell then.

 If you want to donate any amount to the students, you can use the Google Checkout button on our web page or on this blog

  I am thankful for your heart for Chinese students.
Betty Cutts
Checks can be sent to :
Blessing Hands
106 Timber Lane
Morehead, KY 40351 


Monday, October 13, 2008

Pubei Welcome

Blessing Hands
Tuition Gathering in Pubei China
Greeting Students  in Pubei  September 2008
Dear Friends and Sponsors of Blessing Hands, 
Pubei is one of my favorite place to visit. We have over 35 students there in several schools. One volunteer teacher there, Jenny, is my old student and is always concerned for the Blessing Hands students.  
There are over 6,000 students at Pubei Middle School. Students and teachers live right at the boarding school.
Pictures of the ceremony and friends in Pubei are online. The students in Pubei don't many sponsors. You can see their pictures at this link. Pick a special student that you can write and support in school. Their tuition is $160 a year or $80 a semester. What a difference education makes in their lives.
Two $500 Scholarships Donated in Pubei 
The students in Pubei have many friends in their city. One of them is Mr. Huang who owns a construction and cement company in Pubei. He donated two $500 college scholarships this year. We hope he will make scholarships a habit. When our administrator in that area, Anna Liu, met him, they realized that they had gone to high school together.
Silent Auction Paintings
Pubei Party Secretary Luo Xianxin is also a fast friend of Blessing Hands. I first met him when he was mayor, but he has recently been promoted to a higher office.  He graciously invited us to lunch and sent a car to take us to Pubei.

This year he gathered paintings from local artists for our silent auction at Chinese New Year. You can bid on them yourself at the auction next January.

Journalists Interviews
Student journalist wanted to interview us for their school newspaper. Missy really impressed the student journalists.

Helen Tan, a journalist with China News, accompanied us on the trip. You can see her article 
online at this link. It is written in Chinese. You can use the Google machine translator  to get the main idea in English and enjoy the photos she took. Her husband Kevin has been a visiting scholar at Morehead State University.

Chinese Hospitality to Sponsors

We have been so warmly received. Several gifts have been given to my new 
grandson. We have barely paid for our own meals since we have arrived. Missy is enjoying the food and new experiences. I am enjoying old friends and new ones. You should all come to China and see for yourselves. Missy is here to visit the 
student she supports at Jinbao Middle School.
We are still hearing from students accepted into colleges. We need more scholarship for these 
newly accepted students.  
Please become a sponsor for one of our students. They are so excited to see us. They would be just as excited to have your friendship.
Sponsor a high school student for $180 a year.
Sponsor a middle school student for $50 a year.
Give a college scholarship for $500 a year.
Thanks for your support and care for our students. You all make their lives in school possible.
Betty Cutts

Sunday, October 12, 2008

China Trip

China Trip
Visiting Friends and Blessing Hands Students in China 
September 2008
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Quick Links
Dear Sponsors and Friends of Blessing Hands, 

Through the wonder of Internet, I hope to include you all on our China trip from September 23 through October 8th. Missy Peace, a friends from the US, and I are visiting five different cities and many Blessing Hands schools and programs. We hope you enjoy the pictures that we are storing on line at the links given.
Betty Cutts
Dragon Heart Foundation 
Jackie Chan has done a lot of charity work with children in China especially after the earthquake this year. He is building schools.  While we were in Hong Kong, we stopped by his foundation Dragon Heart to ask for an item for our charity auction in February. Jackie wasn't there, but we posed with him staff member Maggie and his cardboard image. They will consider our request. Missy Peace, who traveled with me on this trip is to the right.
Missy has a degree in nonprofit management and has been giving me good ideas on this trip. She works with an organization that helps handicapped adults stay in group homes in her community in Pennsylvania. Missy has a student that she sponsors in Yangshuo that we will visit this trip. I have know Missy and her mother, Betty Peace, since she was a little girl.
Crossroads Foundation
I am always sitting next to interesting people on the airplane. This trip I met two lovely ladies interested in charity work. One was Spanish and volunteers with a  charity in Hong Kong called Crossroads. Their webpage can be found at this link. Mr. Wu, a friend in Hong Kong that I met on a plane two years ago, was kind enough to take us to visit Crossroads. Missy and I are standing in front of a sample of the containers that Crossroads sends all over the world.
This charity collects goods from stores and individuals in Hong Kong and sends them in containers all over the world. Getting things into China right next door is harder, however. We applied to be recognized as a cooperating charity and hope to be able to pick up items to hand carry into China in the future. Freight companies give free freight and many volunteers from many nations live in the compound and volunteer their time to the world wide relief organization. It was an inspiring visit.
Nanning China
 Missy and I have enjoyed wonderful Chinese banquets in the last two days. The Blessing Hands scholarship students in the Nanning area gathered on September 27th to have a time of sharing and eating together. You can see the photos at this link. We had a fun time singing together everything from Peking Opera to children's songs. Eleven scholarship students were able to come. One came three hours from a distant city. It is our sponsors who have made these scholarship possible. Thank you.
I also got to meet the Guangxi University students who do volunteer translations for us. They have translated this newsletter. Their teacher is Hongyu Mai. She was a visiting scholar at Morehead State University.
Lu Hanbin, a professor at Guangxi University, asked us to talk to his English class, so we got into a lot of photo taking there too. The link for those photos is here. The student used their cell phone cameras to take a lot of pictures too. Missy and I sang a vacation Bible School song with repeating words that was easy for them to learn.
Check the next newsletter for news about our Blessing Hands students in Pubei. Many of them don't have sponsors. You can choose one to support for $160 a year. They are all high school students.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands