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Saturday, October 18, 2008

China Trip Report

Fantastic China Trip 
We give thanks for the Harvest
22 New Scholarships
We give thanks for all you sponsors who have given scholarships. We got four more new scholarships recently, which makes over 22 new students receiving $500 college scholarships this fall. There are 11 new scholarships in the Yangshuo area and 11 hopefully in Qinzhou. (Two there are pledges).  More students only got small amounts.
We had 21 scholarship students from last year return, so totally there are 43 of our students in school on $500  scholarships.  I was so pleased and proud to meet the scholarship students in three cities and share meals with them. They are an impressive group with much promise.
You great sponsors made this all possible. We had no  money to give new college scholarships this year. When sponsors stepped up to pick students to support, miracles began to happen. You can still pick a new student to support at this link. The first 15 students pictured still need scholarships.
After our travels in China, I feel like someone who has eaten a big Thanksgiving dinner and has to digest it all for awhile before they can do anything more. I am still uploading photos and trying to get information recorded from new students and sponsors. Thank you all for your support that makes so many families and students secure and happy.

I give thanks that Missy Peace and I got to see so many students and friends this China trip. They are going to college, excited about learning, being creative, and growing like flowers. 
Qinzhou Area Schools Came to Our Tuition Gathering 
Anna Liu and Gavin Qin did a wonderful job of the tuition gathering in Qinzhou. Gavin is a  volunteer who helps Anna with  the details of our program there.  Their school, Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School, recently moved to a new million dollar  campus, so they have really had a lot to do this September. 
The students loved Missy and treated her like a movie star. 

 We took pictures of all the school groups. The students will want to see their pictures so the links to the schools are below.

Yangshuo Artists
 Gave 27 Paintings for the Auction
Yangshuo's Mayor Li is a famous artist and calligrapher. A professional video has been done of his work. The hills of Yangshuo draw many artists because of the beautiful scenery there. These artists  have given 27 juried painting to our Chinese New Year Auction. They invited us to a dinner the first night we were in Yangshuo. You can see the paintings and some of the aritsts at this link.   

 Here is an example of one of the paintings of the beautiful hillls of Yangshuo. These 27 painting will be on sale in January. You can see them now on line at this link. The artists only asked that we print an auction catalog of their paintings.
There are also many professional paintings given from Pubei for the auction
Student Paintings
Yangshuo Children Also Gave Paintings 

The students of Yangshuo are wonderful painters too as you can see from these pictures.
They wanted to send paintings for the auction. Students  of all ages contributed. I had to buy another suitcase to hold them. 
Yangshuo Experimental Middle School of Foreign Languages sent a lot of impressionist paintings in a free western style.

This painting is one of the children's painting given from Yangshuo. 

Elaine Yeh
Paintings for Sale for Benefit of Our Kids

Elaine has sent pictures of two paintings that she is willing to sell for the benefit of Blessing Hands students. Elaine will have a one-man show in Radford, Virginia where she is a graduate studentin art.  If you would like to buy any  of these paintings contact Elaine at this e-mail address.

 Jeff Fannin's Prayer Altars
    A local minister has found a good way to help families and charities. He is selling  solid wood, handmade prayer altars. He has a web site at this 

Craftsmen make them in colonial, Shaker, and mission styles in just about any hard wood. Someone ordered one for a wedding and then gave the altar to the new family. 

Jeff has been with me to Yangshuo and wants to help our Blessing Hands kids. He has adopted Chinese twin girls.  If you put Blessing Hands or BH on your order, he will give the profit of that altar to Blessing Hands. 

They would be good for Christmas gifts. The different styles cost from $99 to $179 depending on the wood used. Shipping is extra.

Please Help Our Kids
   Lots of people want to help. A family in Hong Kong is planning to sell things in a street market and send the support to our kids in China.  Perhaps you want to send an item for the January auction. Jewelry would be a good item to sell then.

 If you want to donate any amount to the students, you can use the Google Checkout button on our web page or on this blog

  I am thankful for your heart for Chinese students.
Betty Cutts
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