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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wonderful Chinese Trip

Blessing Hands
Fabulous China Trip
Newsletter: August, 2009

Blessings Overflowed in Yangshuo and Qinzhou, China
Our team is back from China and ready to report about a great trip.

Gifts Received by Mayor Zhou, Subprefect Zhu, Friends, Teachers and Students

Before going to China, Doris Wells collected many McDonalds' learning DVDs and also basketballs and other items donated by Pikeville College and Morehead State University. She had a great time giving them away to teachers and students, especially
her student, Zhuge Dehai, who loves basketball.

Abbie Oney brought Beanie Babies, and MSU Pubic Radio sent over a hundred music CDs of Americana Crossroads. We gave them to government officials, scholarship students,
visiting scholars, and other friends of Blessing Hands.They especially like country music in China.

The lovely new subprefect mayor of Yangshuo, Zhu Juanping, enjoyed looking at the scrapbook that Carolyn Franzini sent from Sister Cities. I invited her to visit Morehead, Yangshuo's Sister City. She is studying English and interested in coming to the USA.
Meals with our Scholarship Students

It is time for college sponsors to give for the fall 2009.

We set up four scholarship meals in Guilin, Y
angshuo, Nanning, and Qinzhou. I love
getting to see our present scholarship students, especially now that they know more English. We had a great time together sharing volunteer activities and college progress. We made movies of them thanking their sponsors. You can see some of the movies and photos at the addresses below.

Guilin Dinner
Yangshuo Dinner
Lunch in Qinzhou

James, Joy, Sunday, Alice, Sally, Bamboo,
and Hua are shown having fun at our meals.

It is time for sponsors to renew their scholarships for the fall. We hope that you all support your special students again. We ask them to keep a 75 grade point average and do three hours of volunteer work a semester. We want them to be blessing Hands.
It is Scholarship Sponsorship Time Again

The scholarship committee is selecting the first students to feature online and in our newsletter for $500 scholarships. We interviewed 9 students in Yangshuo and 12 in Qinzhou. If it was up to me I would give them all scholarships, but really it is up to you, our sponsors.

Listening to their stories of hope and need, I cried along them when the pressure of nerves, grades, and family bore down on them during the interviews.

They have worked so hard to get into college. Some are on their second try, having repeated their senior year to try to get a better national score and so qualify for their dream, key college.

You can see their photos and some videos at these two addresses. We will feature their essays and videos in future e-mails.

Yangshuo Students Needing Scholarships

Qinzhou Students Applying for Scholarships

GIve $500 for a College Scholarship with PayPal

Give $500 by Google Checkout

Blessing Hands on Video

Our China trip was well documented this visit. Abbie Oney took a lot of videos of students and schools.
One of our own college students, Bamboo Chen, took videos to make a
movie, and YSTV in Yangshuo sent Yang Yonyguan with us for a day to record Blessing Hands' activities for the Yangshuo evening news.

Malan Cai (in red) was our faithful volunteer interpreter for the time we spent in Yangshuo
The camera followed us to Yangdi Middle School where we gave gifts from Crossroads Charity in Hong Kong, We were also able to see the students sponsored by special sponsors, who sent gifts for their children.

We even visited the Mo home where I again met Grandmother Mo, who is raising her two orphaned grandchildren,Her devotion
to her grandchildren had touched me three years ago, inspiring me to hel

Thanks for all your support for our kids. We hope you will send in your support for the fall semester for your special child now or select a student to sponsor for college. Checks can be sent to the address below.

The Lexington Chinese Christian Church Vacation Bible School raised $200 toward our food fund for lower middle school students. The kids were great and got Blessing Hands postcards for their efforts.

Thanks to all of you,

Blessing Hands
Betty Cutts
106 Timber Lane,
Morehead, KY, 40351, USA
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