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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Zhang Shixin wants to major in Aquaculture

Kindness is what I call Zhang Shixin

Shixin's e-mail address has kindness in it, so I call him kindness. I have found out one thing about Shixin. He only asks for help when he really needs it. Once, he asked that his Blessing Hands tuition be given to someone who needed it more, because his brother had a job then. After a semester, he again asked for tuition help, because the family's situation has changed again. We made room for him again in the program.

Now after a repeat year in high school to make a better national score, he has been admitted to Huanan Agriculture University. His college's tuition is higher than most other colleges. He really needs a scholarship, or he would not be asking for help. His father is in bad health, and his 23 year old brother can't find work. They are farmers. His mother and sister died of disease.

He tells his own story in his Youtube video.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
219 232 8887

I am majoring in aquaculture, because I grew up by the river.
Water surrounds my country. My country is poor.

I want to use my knowledge to help people change their lives. People will be rich. People will help each other, especially those that need help.

Nowadays, our society is full of fierce competition. High pressure forces people to pursue a better education to ensure a better life. Going to a university is one of the best ways to get a better education, so I want to go to college.

First, attending college can help me acquire new knowledge and communication skills. Technology plays an important role in our lives. College is the ideal place for me to learn such knowledge.

Second, studying in college can help a person improve time management. In our society, people live in a busy environment. Research has shown that the more pressure there is, the faster lives people live. So, time is valuable. I must learn how to manage time efficiently. In college I can improve this ability, which will make things convenient.

Third, a college education can build a good future. In some countries, graduating from college is a basic step towards getting a good job. If I am an illiterate, who will employ me? It is obvious that being well-educated is often a key to success. I want to go to college because I want to become a useful man. I know an ignorant man will become a failure, and knowledge will change a man's life.

My elders' lives are hard because they are ignorant, so they hope I will go to college and want me to become a good man. If I go to college, I will study harder than before, and I can help people who need help. I want to pass the spirit of Blessing Hands on forever. I believe the world will be more beautiful, and people will feel the world is warm.

Zhang Shixin

National Score 515

Help Zhang Shixin Help Others

Make a huge difference in a life. Give Shixin a $500 scholarship. Help him go to Huanan Agriculture University.

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Good News

Luo Piaoling's story has touched a sponsor. He is challenging someone to match his $250 gift to make her full $500
scholarship. I am so glad. I hope you will answer his challenge and send her to college by giving $250. This link leads to a

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where you can give to complete her scholarship.

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