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Friday, September 18, 2009

Huang Jiayan has started school

Good News! Huang Jiayan wrote me from her college. She has received her loan and started school. It was touch and go there for awhile since our administrator in Qinzhou, Anna Liu, landed in the hospital with inner ear problems that made her feel like she was sea sick. She could not go to the bank to wire the needed scholarships for this semester.

Another teacher, Gavin, stepped in to help Anna and the essential wires got sent, but others are still waiting to be sent. In China people don't use checks but bank transfers and cards to pay for things. At this season there are long lines at the banks because parents are sending college money all at one time. Gavin has very little time to stand in line since he is teaching full time.

Another problem is that Anna is too sick to come to her office to show him where the information on each student's bank is filed. I have sent those files by internet, but even I don't have some bank information if the student didn't put it on their application form.

At least Jiayan has started her semester with joy. I am happy too because the loan I gave her is being repaid by people who have sent in money in honor of my 64th birthday. I think we will get the full $500 eventually from people who know me and want to support my efforts to help the kids in China. I was born on 9/11, but it is a joyful day for me still. I tell people I had it first before the terrorist.

In case you did not see her video, I have put it here.