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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Liang Fangyu Wants to Learn a Skill

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I Want to Learn a Useful Skill.
Liang Fangyu

I gave Fangyu the English name John the first time I met him when he volunteered at our Yangshuo
eyeglass clinic. He retook his last year of high school to get a better score and brought his national score from 360 to 400 this year. He is still very disappointed, because his dream of taking a more advanced course of study at a university has not been possible.

His older sister just graduated from a university owing many school loans but has not found a job. He has been admitted to Guangxi Mechanical Electrical College and wants to study practical subjects and learn electronic or mechanic skills.

You can see his Youtube video at this link.

Give John a future.

Betty Cutts

I am from a farm family

My name is Liang Fangyu. My parents are not in a good, healthy condition. In 2000, my mother was in the hospital because of years of hard work. My father also suffers from chronic laryngitis and depends long term on medicine. My Father often does some manual work to maintain our life, and my Mother stays at home and does farm work. My parents have a heavy burden. They have to save every penny to support us.
I want to take a more advanced course of study in a university, but my parent's health is poor and my sister needs a job. So I can't bear the expensive tuition fee of a university. My sister graduated from a university in 2008, but has not found a job. I wanted to find a job to help my family, but I can't find one.
I am applying for college aid from you. I really need your help to realize my dream. If I get the aid, I will study hard to repay your kindheartedness.

Liang Fangyu

Wang Bao

Wang Bao has been accepted by Chang Chun Industrial University with a national score of 527. He repeated his last year of high school to make a better national score. He wants to major in Biological Engineering. He is from Pubei County in the Qinzhou area of Guangxi Province.

There are three students in school in his family. His parents are farmers, but his father is in poor health. He hopes that he can get support from a Blessing Hands sponsor. He was unable to submit an essay in his own words, so watching his video is especially important.

You can see his video at this link.

Give a $500 Scholarship to Wang Bao.

Thanks Wonderful Sponsors

We thank you for all your support. We have 7 new scholarships from many sponsors this year. What a difference you have made in six lives!

One sponsor added an extra scholarship this year to support a needy girl. Maybe you can add another one also or know someone you can forward this to that might want to invest in lives and dreams.

Of course we want all our students to have a chance to go to college. We still have four more to feature and hope that two more will be accepted into colleges so we can feature them too.

Betty Cutts
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