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Friday, September 18, 2009

We Made a Deal with Qin Yuqiong

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Doris Wells: "Our Blessing Hands students come from the rural areas of China, and they and their parents know that the only chance they have of improving their economic situation is to get an education.

It is almost impossible for many of these rural students whose parents may be sick, dead, not have many fields to farm, or have no family to borrow school money from to attend school. Blessing Hands is able to find supporters to help these students enter the schools they have tested into.

While I was in China,
I was blessed to meet the young man my husband and I support. His father has died, so his mother is a single parent. His scholarship enables him to attend a good high school. "

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Qin Yuqiong Dreams of Being an Accountant or Manager

I Want to Change My Life.

My Name is Qin Yuqiong. The reason I want to go to college is I want to change my life. My English name is Shirley. I was born into a poor family. I am nineteen now. There are five persons in my family; Father, Mother, two sisters and me. My father's health is not good. He can't do much work, especially heavy work. My mother has to work for others to earn some money to support the family. My two younger sisters are students too. One is 15 and the other is 17.

There are few fields in my family, so life is very hard and poor. My family situation is not good. Every beginning semester while I was in school, my parents had to borrow money for me to go to school from family and neighbors. Then in my first year in high school Blessing Hands began to help me. Because of your help a heavy burden was released from my family.

Now that I have graduated I want to enter college, but I am afraid that my family doesn't have enough money to let me finish my college. I sincerely hope that you can continue helping me. I would appreciate it if you can give me college aid. I will continue to work hard in my studies.What I want to say most is thank you, thank you so much for your help.
Qin Yuqiong

We Made a Deal

When Qin Yuqiong interviewed for a college scholarship in Yangshuo, she was troubled. She thought that if she went to college, she would take money that her younger sisters needed for their high school education.

Students is China must pay for their own last three years of education. It cost about $500 for a year of high school. She had almost decided to go to work to support her sisters in school, and her parents wanted her to do that also. But her dream of college brought her to the college interview.

When we heard her story, we were touched. Doris, one of the Americans interviewing her, puzzled about how to help her. Finally Doris suggested a plan. If Blessing Hands enrolled her two younger sisters in our high school tuition program, would she feel free to go on to college?

Finally we made a deal with her. If she tried to go to college, we would sponsor her two sisters for $160 a year in high school. This deal is good even if no sponsor like you picks QinYuqiong to sponsor in college. We could not assure her that a sponsor would pick her.

So Blessing Hands has added two new high school students from the Qin family. Would you would like to sponsor one of them or give Yuqiong a $500 scholarship.

You can see her scholarship Youtube Video at this link.

Help her dreams come true.

Make College Possible
for Qin Yuqiong

Give $500 at this link on our web page. Or give any amount to help.

Sponsor one of her sisters at $80 a semester. Use Google Checkout on our blog.

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