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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Make a Difference in a Life

Yangshuo College Scholarship Students
These students have been accepted into three year colleges, which are more expensive than other colleges, because they do not receive money from the government.
Even with loans they need help to pay for their complete tuition. Li Duanyan wants to be an accountant. She thinks she will find a job easier with this training
Jimmy is interested in learning about auto mechanics. They need $500 USD scholarships to help them enter college. I will let them explain in their own words.
Thanks for reading and caring about our students.  
Betty Cutts for Blessing Hands.
My Family is Really Poor. 

                             I am Li Duanyan. 
Li Duanyan (Laura)
I live in a remote village. My mother was diagnosed with split of spirit disease in 2005. In an effort to treat mother, we not only sold all our our beasts, but also ran out of our whole savings and borrowed plenty of money from relatives and friends. So we became needy and need to pay heavy debts.
It's difficult in agriculture for we have no tools and money.  Furthermore our land is so scanty, and we have hardly any money-making trees. Sometimes natural disasters lead to bad harvests, and father is the only one working. The earnings of one year are meager.
Mother felt terrible again five months ago. After a series of treatments, finally she was diagnosed with asthma. The split of spirit disease hasn't been cured, but the asthma came! Mother is very weak all the time, so she needs to take medicine to treat the diseases.
What is worse my brother is studying in high school and needs tuition, and my grandma is over 80 years old. Thanks to relatives, friends, schools, teachers, and the charity of others who helped me, I was able to finish my studies in high school. They are my forever benefactors.
After I graduated from school, I started to do odd jobs to earn money to pay for my tuition. I hope hat I can ease my father's burden. My family is really poor, so I am eager to apply for a Blessing Hands college aid application.  
Rice Field Photograph
by Li Duanyan
Liu Duanyan (Laura)
You can give Laura any amount of scholarshp money by sending a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber lane, Morehead, KY 40351 or clicking on this giving link. 
 See Laura's Scholarship movie at this link. 
Jimmy Zhao
Zhao Jianxue

Hello, my name is Jimmy. The man who has made up his mind will never say
"impossible". I want to enter higher school.  
My father supports my education dreams,but 
only my father supports the family by growing corn and fruit trees.
My mother and grandmother are sick and take medicine. My grandmother has only one eye, but she can cook for the family. My mother was in a car accident and has trouble with her heart. Their treatment increases the expenses of our family, and we still owe others much money.
It is hard for my family to provide the money that I need to be in college. I want to be an auto mechanic. I like cars and am interested in the mechanics of automobiles.
I need a scholarship to make my studies smooth, so I can become a more useful person and ease the burden of my family.
Zhao Jianxue
Give any amount to Jimmy at this  giving link. 
See Jimmy's Scholarship
Movie at this link.
Progress Report  
Seven students now have full scholarships but Li Zhaochun (Lee) and Liang Lianyu (Laura) need more gifts to complete their scholarships. 
Alice lacks $300
Lee Zhaochun is already at his college to enroll and is determined to go to school
Lee lacks $425.
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