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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Van is Paid For Now!

Thank you from Blessing Hands!

The Van Is Completely Covered and Debit Free!

Donors like you find giving a real pleasure.

Good News!

The Medical  Van is now paid for with even some extra to put on gas. Dr. Tang is so excited. They are using it  now, and it will surely come in handy when we come for the Health Workshop. 

The New Van of Longfu Hospital
I was excited myself at Long Ridge Baptist Church recently.  Kasey Towles, who is going to China with us, and Pastor Roger Alford, hosted us  there.  I got to talk about Blessing Hand's projects and kids for the whole service. They were touched by some of my Chinese friends, who also shared. 

One lovely man gave his whole recent work bonus. I am going to apply most of it for the drugs that we will have to buy in China for the Health Assistant's Workshop. Now we only need $200 more to cover that workshop expense.

The next expense we face for the Health assistants is their room and board for the 11-day workshop. That expense is estimated by Dr. Tang to be $1,100. That is $5 a day for 20 people. Not expensive, but it adds up.  They have to stay in the town, since walking home each day would take hours. 

Liushan Primary Orphans
School Dorm
Dorms for primary kids who can't walk home each day. 

Three new sponsors have signed up for high school students. We still have 160 older students who need support. 

 Recently, our board voted to begin to sponsor  orphan primary kids at Liushan Primary School. When I was there last  summer, one of the teachers kept pushing the orphan kids forward first to get the clothes we were giving out. They wore the oldest clothes.

Each class seemed to have a few orphans. I got her e-mail address, and I have written to ask her to send me the names and information about those orphan children, so we can begin to promote for their extra needs and care. 

Orphans often live at the school. The dorms for the kids who have to live at the school (half the students) are in the oldest, darkest part of the school. They don't have pillows or mats, and it is damp and cold with only blankets that they bring from home and take home on weekends.  What a difference it would make if we could buy warm coats and blankets for the orphans and give them better food than daily rice. 

We are asking $30 a semester for these orphans. In fact the board suggests that all our primary kids 
Ms. Wei
Ms. Wei, who helped the orphans get clothes first
get $30 a semester now instead of $15. We will be asking new donors to give the increased amount. 

This is one of the Liushan Primary kids, but I don't know if he is an orphan. I have pictures of all the kids, so I only need Ms. Wei to tell me which ones we need to support. 

Click this link to support a Liushan orphan for $60 a year. 

Cindy Mai and Leslie Yang
Cindy Mai and Leslie Yang

Cindy Mai Joins Our Board

We have a new treasurer and board member, Cindy Mai. She is an English teacher from Guilin, China, who is getting a Master's degree at our local college. She has helped us for a year with translation and advice, so it was natural to ask her to be on the board.

In the picture she is collecting money from the Blessing Hands donation jar at China Cafe. Leslie Yang watches over the cash collection for us. Leslie often puts her own tips into the jar, so kids in China can have lunches. It is people like Leslie and Cindy who make it a pleasure to help our Chinese students. 

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