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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Medical Shower for Health Assistants

Showers of Medical Blessings 

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Medical Shower
Help an Orphan
Give a Water Purifier
College Volunteers
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Vacation Bible School
Visit to a Yao Village School in Longfu Township of Du'an Co
 Yao Village School
Your Vacation Bible School can help remote  Yao schools with school lunch donations.

We can send you this video to show your classes.

Please send us an email for more information.  

Dear Madhava Rao, 
Drug Supply Room at Longfu Hospital
Drug Supply Room at
Longfu Hospital

A great opportunity is here for you to 
gift medical supplies to Longfu 
Hospital for our Health Assistant Workshop. Kasey Towles and the Owenton, KY Long Ridge Baptist Church are giving Blessing Hands' health assistants a medical shower on Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm.
Todd Toole, a pharmacist at Morgan and Thomas RX, has ordered medical supplies we 
Drug storage
Drug Storage

need to take from the US. To pay for these items, Kasey  and Pastor Roger Alford  have planned a medical shower. Folks will buy the supplies and give them to Blessing Hands in person at a shower party. We have bridal and baby showers. Why not a medical shower? 

Nurses' Station Drugs
Drugs at the Nurses' Station
Cindy Mai, Leanna Gilliam, and I plan to share in the fun. Maybe you can't make it, but you can still give the money needed to buy medical supplies in China.  We are going to be needing  about $1,500 to pay for  medicines bought in China. 

You can see more of the hospital by clicking on the pictures.  

Good News
Liushan Primary student
Liushan Primary Student with Donated Clothes
11 Orphans Supported at Liushan Primary School

Our last newsletter told of our new project to aid orphans at Liushan Primary School. A generous donor pledged support for ten orphans and another donor is supporting another one. Their teacher,
Wei Huifang, wrote with delight upon hearing the good news.  Click on the pictures to see the Liushan School. 

Hello. The students and the teachers of Liushan Elementary School and Lin Wang School are glad that they have gotten help from you and other lovely people. Here, I am on their behalf to express how much they appreciated you all.
Wei Huifang 
We hope to help more Yao primary orphans with blankets for their school dorm, extra food, and more clothes. We plan to give them $100 USD each a year. 

To give to this project, click this link

 Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

  Write for wiring information in China. 
Liushan Children
Liushan Primary School Students
Water purifier storage tank
Stainless Steel Storage 
Tank  with Purifier

Campaign to Buy a 4th 
Water Purifier   

Long Ridge Baptist Church Raising Money
Kasey Towles also tells me that her church is raising money for a fourth water purifier.  Our second one, which was donated by a US charity that works in China, has been installed at Longfu Primary School this winter.  Mandy Ma, our Du'an administrator, and Mr. Wei from the Du'an government have work very hard to get the government
School Cistern
Liushan Primary School Cistern Tank
receipts necessary for the second water purifier to be given through
the government's official charity portal.

We will carry the third and fourth purifiers when we go June 18th. A Morehead State University teacher traveling to Nanning this summer has agreed to take another purifier. All we need is for that one to be donated now.

A purifier cost $1000, and the installation of a stainless steel tank, piping and faucets brings the total to about $1,700, depending on the school.  

College Scholarship Students
Volunteer Reports
On January 24-31, 2011, college students all over China volunteered during the Spring Festival Holidays to survey Community needs and activities of older citizens. Two of our students sent in reports of their participation in these activities. We encourage our college students to become blessing hands to others by doing three hours of volunteer work every semester. These two students went way beyond that. 

Carol Feng Xi gave this volunteer report:

I was determined to be an active volunteer in 2011 with hundreds of
College students
College students with an "orphan" elderly person who has no family
thousands of college students. Even though the winter rains were scarce,
I could not suppress my heart's
excitement. I decided to go and searched my computer repeatedly to confirmed plans of activities and event processes. Our hearts were full-time in looking forward to the future activities. 
      After an uncomfortable winter, our regiment had already divided into many groups. Each group was also assigned a task. I was eager to go home and await the 24th. Our members could not wait to meet old friends and do something together for our home, while also enhancing the ability of our social practice. 
Students cleaning
Students help clean
 an elder's home
On the morning of the 24th, we obviously were very excited. College students from different institutions together with young-at-heart seniors would soon be familiar with each other. I had not seen members of our area for a long time, so to see a lot of old school friends was a rare reunion. We were excited.
In addition, we went to training, so I listened carefully, since I saw everyone was so serious in mind. I had an irrepressible sense of pride in the hearts of our volunteer corps. Our Shangxi service showed excellence in how it was organized into a disciplined team. 

Winter Volunteer Activities
 My name is Qin Xiumei. My English name is Linda.

I participated on January 24-31, 2011 in volunteer activities.

Qin Xiumei
Qin Xiumei
 We just focused on meeting some leaders of the town by making a visit. We gave encouragement to the activities of elderly people from the town, who came near the students to participate.  Our group interviewed owners of the town cultural center. We asked a number of questions about our town's cultural and agricultural development, and several of our classmates' division of labor.  This event made me feel the enthusiasm of the students and leadership alike. I believe that such activities will continue to be done better.
I will continue to seize the opportunity to participate in many volunteer activities.
                                                 Read the Chinese Account  
Qin Xiumei with Other Volunteers

Leanna Gilliam, Blessing Hands Intern
Leanna Gilliam, Blessing Hands Intern will assist at the Health Assistant Workshop
Summer China Travel

Our group will travel to China on June 18 and return on July 8, 2011. We have five in our group. We will visit Yangshuo to see our Blessing Hands students there and interview graduating students applying for college scholarships.

We also plan to have two scholarship dinners for present college scholarship students. I realize that most of our college students will be too far away to come to a dinner, since the summer vacation has not started. 

If you are a Blessing Hands University Scholarship student who can come to a dinner on June 22nd in Guilin or Thursday, June 30th in Nanning, please contact Yaya Luo at this email. 

Janet Gross
Janet Gross will Teach the Health Assistants
From Yangshuo we will travel on June 24th to Du'an County for a Yao annual festival and begin our Health Assistant Workshop on June 25th. It will run for 10 days. Janet Gross will be teaching the course. She is presently teaching in Africa. 

On June 28-29th, I hope to interview college scholarship students in Qinzhou and meet with students in that area. I also plan to visit former Morehead State visiting scholars at Guangxi University perhaps on the 30th or July 4th. We have many friends there who have visited our local university for months at a time. Some I taught to drive. 

We have plans to visit the remote Yao schools to give out $200 USD in tooth
Betty Cutts
Betty Cutts
brushes donated by a local dentist and clothes and books (if they are donated in China as expected). Kasey Towles and her son John Randall plan to teach and sing songs to the rural primary students in Longfu.

Sincerely with thanks,

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands