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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 2011

Health Assistant Workshop
Longfu Township
Longest Serving Village Doctor
Longest Serving Village Doctor

    We had a very successful Health Assistant Workshop in Longfu. Eighteen village doctors and health assistants participated with many others dropping in for special sessions. Janet Gross was our lead teacher, assisted by Blessing Hands intern, Leanna Gilliam.   
  Letters the students read on the last day showed their gratitude and respect for Janet Gross. Janet came from Africa without any pause to teach the class to the eager students. She is a Ph.D. trained nurse with cross cultural experience. She will be in Haiti next. 

Janet Gross and Meng Jinzhi
Janet Gross with Liushan Village (六山村)  Health Assistant, Meng Jinzhi 蒙金志 .
Health assistant
Younger Health Assistants included four women.
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See a video of the workshop at this link.
Health Assistant Workshop in Longfu Township
Health Assistant Workshop in Longfu Township

Medical Donations
Doctors and supplies from the US. Click on picture to see more pictures.
Doctors at the Longfu Hospital were glad to receive supplies
Doctors Receive Medical Supplies

  Many items were donated from the US and carried in by our group and others from Morehead State University who visited Nanning in June.
TV interview
TV Interview with
Mandy Ma Translating
   Hard work by our team and donations from St. Claire Medical Center, Rowan County Health Department, People's Clinic, Jeff Fannin, Long Ridge Baptist Fellowship, and others were much appreciated by hospital and village doctors. Health assistants trained in our recent workshop in Guangxi Province received backpacks of supplies to carry back to their villages.   
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Team Members Will Never Forget Their Experiences
Kasey Towles giving out gifts to children
Kasey Towles gave gifts to children everywhere she went.

     Kasey Towles and her son John Randall Towles have a special reason to love the kids of China. Their family adopted daughter Jubilee there six years ago. They sang at schools and hugged kids for three weeks. John Randall bought a guitar to assist in the performances. He was a perfect traveler, never complaining and always helpful to everyone.  

     Leanna Gilliam had never been abroad before and had many new experiences. She hiked up to the Ling Wang School with the group from Lexington Chinese Christian Fellowship. 

     Hong Lin and her family came from Lexington to see the children that their Vacation Bible School supports with extra food.  She brought two friends, who are researchers with doctor's degrees, Dr. Zunji Ke and Dr. Siying Wang, who also brought his daughter.
Dr. Zunji Ke with Student
Dr. Zunji Ke, of the Shanghai Chinese Academy, helped give out items to 11 single parent students
Wei Senbao with Long Lin and her family
韦森宝 Wei Senbao with Hong Lin's Family

Group read to go up the mountain
Dr. Siying Wang, Anhui Medical School in China, (center)
Janet Gross
Janet Gross Preparing to Teach
Leanna Gilliam and Friend
Leanna Gilliam and a special friend at Ling Wang School
Kasey and John Randall Towles singing at Gaotian National School
Kasey and John Randall Towles Singing at Gaotian National School

China Volunteers and Staff
Pan Lan translated from local dialects.
Pan Lan, translator of local dialects

     We could never have done so much without the aid of great volunteer translators and our staff members there. Pan Lan, Shi Huaping, Yaya Luo and many others helped translate.
Mandy Ma with Water Purifier
Mandy Ma with Long Wang Primary School Water Purifier
     Mandy Ma is the Blessing Hands director in Longfu, and was very effective as translator, coordinator, and tour guide. She arranged for local officials to meet us and cleared the way for the installation of a water purifier at Long Wang Primary School. 

Yaya Luo gave out toothbrushes at Liushan Primary
Yaya Luo gave out toothbrushes at Liushan Primary
     Yaya Luo, our director in Yangshuo, helped us for the whole trip, even taking three of us to Guizhou Province to visit her family and begin a tuition program for Buyi students from her old high school.
Mr. Liang
Mr. Liang, Health Inspector of Du'an County, helped install the water purifier at Long Wang Primary School.
    This newsletter is only about our Health Assistant Workshop, water purifier, and school support projects in Longfu Township. We will tell about our experiences in Yangshuo, Qinzhou, and An Long in other newsletters. We also interviewed college scholarship applicants, so we will be talking about our trip for several more newsletters.  
Lin Wang Primary
Ling Wang Primary kids received gifts and milk.
   I wish I could take you all along to see what your support is doing in China. Just today, I checked on all our business donation jars, which accumulated $50 to feed primary kids while I was in China. Seeing the kids get that food is something I wish all of you could do. 

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Betty Cutts
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